In-Depth Analysis of the Arsenal squad – Part 1 Goalkeepers


Hello there, still basking in the Cech-abration I’m guessing!

Well, the season is nearly upon us as it is and I thought we’d take just a little time to rate all our squad members just to see how ready we are for next season.

We’ll be using a four point matrix; World class, Great player, Potential to be world class, and just Okay. Therefore, if there’s anyone that is below that, then I’m guessing I don’t think they should be at the club. Please note, this article is a personal opinion and doesn’t reflect the opinion of the club or other Arsenal fans in any way. I just like to see a good debate! Also, this article is not meant to determine who should be bought, sold, replaced, killed, mutilated, or any of that other stuff. Let’s dive into it then …

We have 3 great goal keepers, each with a good and bad side, we’ll break up the analysis into the requirements for this position.

REFLEXES; David Ospina is pretty good at close range saves .He can also stop a certain goal from going in. His showing for Columbia against Argentina shows that he’s got pretty good reflexes. His rivals are Szczesny and Cech – both very fast and big. Now I’ve seen the Pole pull of double saves like Ospina’s before, and he is pretty good at it. The Czech is a little better at stopping from range. We’ve not seen him in close combat so often before because of how deep Chelsea sit.
Verdict; Ospina wins this round, Szczesny comes second, Cech third..

DISTRIBUTION; With his feet, Ospina is pretty accurate at variable distances. With his arm I’ve not seen much of that. With his feet Szczesny sucks! With the arm, he is average and can bowl out a pretty good distance. Cech is perfect with both. He was a major part of Chelsea’s success with the long ball during Mourinho’s first era and even in the recent change from route one to counter attack, we’ve seen him start counters with his arms.
VERDICT; Cech wins this one, Ospina comes second, the Pole tails the two.

POSITIONING; This is a tricky one. Of all the three, Cech and Ospina attain a similar starting position. What they do afterwards tends to differ so we’ll start with Szczesny.

The Pole has a high propensity to come out and meet the ball, which in periods when he’s on form and confident is just what a team that plays a highline would require. In backs to the wall periods, he still tends to come and meet the ball which when he’s off form looks really stupid – as we’ve all seen recently. But however he looks really brave and bold when it comes off.

On the contrary, in a backs-to-the-wall situation, Cech tends to assume a similar position to Szczesny. However , the few times I’ve seen Cech left for dead with Chelsea playing a highline, he takes a long time to get off his line, and still isn’t great when he does. His catching though is really great when he comes for a cross. Ospina starts deep, stays deep and relies on his reflexes to save the day. Not a good one though when the opposing team means to cross. And the few times he comes out, I don’t feel confident.

VERDICT; The Pole tops this one because at his best, he’s reliable off his line, Cech comes second , because he might not be that good with a striker rushing in on him, but he is great at catching crosses. Ospina …. Well, he comes third..

HANDLING; This one is easy and goes hand in hand with the above , we all know Petr is less likely to fumble. Ospina, he doesn’t really drop the ball ………uhm need I say anything about Mr Wojciech Butterfingers?
VERDICT; It was pretty obvious from my arguments – Cech, Ospina, Szczesny.

All three goalkeepers are great. I didn’t add Damian because I haven’t watched so much of him. I think Cech is world class, Ospina is great, and Szczesny has the potential to be world class.

Do you agree?


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  1. Cech. Was world class.
    Now? Time will tell.
    Szczesny. Has potential
    to be world class but needs to
    tighten his technique
    needs more discipline and application.
    Ospina. Very steady although is a little short.

  2. Agree. For 3 to 4 years at least we do not need to worry about this situation.
    Now Wenger has to do what Mourinho did last season when he brought Thibaut Coutous, he has kept Peter Chez as as reserve keeper. When his no1 keeper got injured against us he called Czec.
    Same we must do with Ospina. We must keep him for one more season.
    If Czeck settles then we can sell him next season if he wants
    Esle 2nd choice . For this season at least. Win the league and then sell

  3. Im afraid! Where are we getting a big bus ? Remeber cech used to play with a well packed Bus.Anyway i trust wenger he gonna borrow from chelshit

  4. Ospina is a good keeper. Less mistakes and he looks calm. He is the shortest of the three goalies but He uses his hands pretty well. The major problem is sometimes He punches the ball back in the 18yard box allowing the opponent to rebound. Szcenzy was/is good’ We remember His saves few seasons back. The problem was He is ‘error prone’ (needs to work on this) and His number one spot got to his head and he start to loose concentration

    Cech is world class. From what we see during His days at Chelsea. Goalies improve with age (remember Van da sar, friedel, Chilavert (paraguay former goalie), and even Buffon). Hopefully, Cech performs even better with His new team.

    I want Wenger to keep all goalies but doubt it’ll happen…Cech is definitely the no.1 goalie. Let’s see what happens to Ospina and Szcenzy…

  5. The problem with that analysis is that Szczesny is the least consistent. His decision making is up there with the worst in the league. While naturally talented, he is primarily a shot-stopper and very poor at the reading of the game. Crosses being one of the most obvious examples of his inability to read the game; rarely making the right decision. On positioning, while i have little problem with his positioning from set-pieces or edge of the box, on the break he is is inadequate and while that in some part speaks to his inability to change from a high line keeper he often relies on his defence to cover for his poor decision making to get him out of trouble on those occasions. Ospina has done very well this year both at shot-stopping and in his general decision making however i would say his distribution leaves a lot to be desired, rarely does a long goal kick reach its intended target. However, he is defiantly more consistent and has a better all round game than Szczesny.

    Cech is however, in his reading of the game, natural attributes, and decision making is not just superior but tried and tested which is verified by his champions league medal and premier league titles. Not to say he does everything better but his knowledge and passion for goalkeeping which is evident gives him an edge. While I think it will be a shame to heard that Ospina will leave i do believe this is an upgrade. Its just unfortunate that Ospina is older than Szczesny and is not classified a homegrown player. Szczesny can develop into a great keeper and hopefully Cech will be able to improve his reading of the game by increasing his knowledge, however he is far to inconsistent and makes basic mistakes to even compete for 1st choice at the moment.

    1. I think youve just spelled out exactly why our choice should be simple. The home grown holds no weight as we have large supply.

      Walcott Ox Jack were said to have suiters especially because of home grown rule. Strangely none have come in for Szcz even though they could offer him raise to sit on there bench. Mour could have tried getting him in deal to help fill his quota but he didnt even bother.

    1. 2 people thought this article ‘poop’.
      Not very nice that. Not very nice at all.

  6. Oh, the “Verdict” guy!!! What’s your verdict on our chances of winning the league in the coming season?

  7. We have a wordy – 1 sorted.
    We have one of the best no 2s in world, or could have – should be sorted.
    We have a young International GK who need to go on loan for development – Should be sorted.

    Che are getting themselves a solid no 2 who would be a solid no1 for allot of clubs. This is why our choice should be simple. Your no1 gets injured and now your no2 becomes your no1.

  8. Cech is best in literally any category you care to mention, I wish people would stop acting like he’s a marginal upgrade on Ospina…..that’s just embarrassing.

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