In depth look at Arsenal’s Champions League chances – No worries?

Even Arsene Wenger admitted that his Arsenal side are in danger of missing out on our usual Champions League place and having to play in the dreaded Europa League next season, after the Gunners terrible second half of the season continued with the bore draw against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

So just how desperate is the situation for Arsenal? Well first of all we should look at our chances of finishing in the top three, something the boss said just last week was very important in order to avoid the lottery and nuisance of a play off. The point at the weekend left us level on points but behind third placed Man City because of goal difference and with theirs being eight better than ours you would think that we need to take more points than City over the final three games to finish above them.

We have Norwich at home before traveling to Man City and finishing off with Aston Villa at the Emirates and obviously we need to win the first and third and not lose the middle match, but will that be enough and what chance of drawing at the Etihad do Arsenal have? That depends on how the two Champions League semi-final games affect City.

The first leg is in Manchester tonight and as long as they head to Madrid with a chance I can see them dropping points in Southampton at the weekend. Whether or not they go through, I reckon City will give Arsenal a good chance the following weekend but it is anyone’s guess how we perform. In general this season we have performed better against the bigger sides and we have already beat City at home. Hopefully that will continue.

If we cannot finish above City then we are looking over the shoulder at a Man United side boosted by gaining a place in the FA cup final. Their remaining games are at home to Leicester, away to Norwich and West Ham and at home to Bournemouth. Three of those teams have a lot to play for and despite United’s FA cup success I reckon they will drop points.

So in my opinion, two wins and a draw will be enough to see us finish first while two wins and a loss at Man City or even a win, a draw and a loss should be enough for a Champions League place. Do you think we will do it and in which position will Arsenal finish?

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    1. Neymar?
      The one from Brazil? Plays for Barcelona?
      Or the 7 year old wonder boy from Timbuktu?

      Awesome lineup though.

  1. a lot of arsenal fan are not going to agree with me but.i am watching tot game. our players are so much overrated.i can name four tot players that are better than ozil an sanchez.people are going to say they play for bar an Madrid.

    1. LOOOL!!!! Wake up mate! You’re overreacting to the levels of butt-hurt that you’ve been subjected to so far this season! Better than Ozil/Sanchez LOL okkkk

    2. Tottenham have been the 2nd best team is a very very poor season (quality wise)
      Stop overrating tottenham… they will be back where they belong next season

  2. Simeone, Mourinho, Loew, De Boer and BIlic are available. Stan get one from this list next season.

  3. arsenal fan ask yourself this question have you ever see ozil running dribbling.takeing on defender allowing is teammate to get behind the defender he is making our team stagnated just look at tot

    1. OZIL is a Maestro, in American terms much closer to you he is our Quarterback, he is not here to tackle, make runs or anything else, he is there to create and that he has done to perfection… hold your horses and focus on our real problems and you know who I mean…

  4. I think your last paragraph has got a bit confused , but I gather you mean that 2 wins and a draw may get us into third ( not first ).

    Arsenal cannot finish higher than 3rd.

    In spite of the Wengwrites protestations , 4th is not Champions League it is the playoffs ( where you actually have 2 extra games receipts ….hmm mm funny about that )

    Arsenal are quite likely to end up outside the top four this year. I think it will be very, very close and will go down to the wire.

    And guess what….who gives a flying f@#k !!
    So what if we get into the playoffs and get through ?
    So what if we get into a decent group and into the last 16 ?
    It will be the same old boring sh#te we have been watching for years. We won’t get anywhere ,will fail in the EPL and even if we pick up a FA CUP consolation prize …who cares.
    We are crap.
    We play like crap. We are boring , have no excitement , are predictable, arguably a joke and are simply embarrassing. It would be different if we were Southampton ( no disrespect ) but I was a fan long before Wenger.
    Who the F@#know is Wenger?
    Who was he before Arsenal ?
    Get rid of him and let’s get back to being a trophy winning club.

  5. Well, if there is anything to salvage from this dreaded season, it’s finishing above Spurs.

    Put 5 past Norwich and watch Chelsea win Spurs. Hopefully United losing points against Leicester and possibly City against Southampton.

    After that we can start the talk of resignation Mr Wenger.

  6. Look how Kane and Spurs are at finishing ( technology ) second.!!!!
    He should transfer to Arsenal and then would be delighted

  7. lol, Leicester are at the top, thinking of achieving 2 more points to have the league, Spud are close thinking of matching Leicester to the title and mighty arsenal are thinking of making a disastrous top 4. If loosing the top 4 would make Wenger resign, then let’s slip out of the top four. #WengerBackOff#

  8. Well at least the Spuds won’t be winning the league! ?
    And it’s a shame that we have been Consistently ? when the pressure was on.

    Let’s face it, We will only qualify for the champions league,
    If the teams around us, mess up more than we do!

  9. Spurs drop two points
    at home to WBA.
    Spurs will struggle now
    losing all their remaining games.
    Arsenal will surge into 2nd place and because we beat Leicester
    home and away Arsenal will be awarded the EPL title.
    This will prove once and for all that Wenger is the master
    and must be given a 23 year extension plus an honourary
    knighthood for services to European football.

  10. It isn’t that easy, we have to get rid of Kroenke, he is like a lead weight around AFC’s ankles. The spending situation has nothing to do with Wenger, although he takes the blame for it all. Look at Wenger’s recruitment before Kroenke arrived, Arshavin was a top player, and he payed top price for him and Nasri, the stinginess only started after Kroenke arrived. Besides Gazidis is in control of the money, not Wenger. No other EPL club owner takes as much money out of their own club as Kroenke does. All Kroenke’s American clubs are mid-table non-entities.

    Kroenke himself knows it is impossible to get rid of Wenger, as there is not the footballing nous on the board to be able to do so, as he wants no one on the board to stand against his yearly raid on the club. He will have to rely on Wenger to help replace himself, I doubt if he will allow Wenger on the board, and it is going to be extremely difficult to find another Wenger, which is what he will want. The only way we are going to get out of our current rut is if Kroenke sells his shares, otherwise Wenger will stay as long as he wants, even if we drop outside the top four. Unless Kroenke has a major change in his thinking, which doesn’t seem likely.

    1. GMV8, I take your point about Kroenke, he has said he is not “involved” to win championships. However this season with the demise of manu, manc and chelsea we have enough quality to win the PL. Unfortunately we have thrown too many chances away and this has to be down to Wenger. I think that wenger at Arsenal cannot take us any further forward, in fact we are going backwards. So I think we need a new manager, but do not expect to beat a rejuvenated manu, manc and chelsea with Kroenke holding the purse strings.

      1. The problem is that any new manager will want to make their own signings to fit their own style like Pochettino did at our friends down the road, but I doubt if Kroenke will make the funds available for that, plus other staff will need to be brought in, ideally at board level, to fill the other roles that Wenger does, like a director of football and / or technical director. Ideally this would be an ex Arsenal player / figurehead, but I think Kroenke would feel uncomfortable with that, as they are much more likely to care about the club, rather than his bank balance.

    2. Please, much as I liked Arshavin.. he wasnt world class and we paid too much for him. what did he do for us? Why do all AKB’s claim that Kroenke is the block in the transfer market? Ozil..Sanchez anyone??? When he came in , our nonsense of Sanago, Bendtner AND good ole Kallstrom and so on stopped.

      I understand but dislike the business aspect in him in our club, he is here to make money …can’t blame him …blame the American greed philosophy. I blame the other shareholders who sold out our club.

      Instead of Kroenke out, the businessman in him will realise a winning team stands a better chance of getting new fans so there should really be only 1 focus – after 20 over years, the manager has gone stale, devoid of answers tactically and emotionally. Look at many of the other top managers (Pellegrini excepted- he’s gone so…) they are on the sidelines, yelling, exorting etc. Mister Tactics?.. nothing 70th minute subs when he should be doing it at half time, favourites in the team, not adjusting for your opponents. How in heavens did Leicester put 4 past Swansea without Vardy AND we lost? TIME TO GO Mr Wenger

      1. What you are saying is crazy. I wasn’t debating whether Arshavin was good or not, but the fact that Wenger was ready to spend money. While Arsenal fans can’t see that Kroenke is our main problem, nothing will change.

        You CANNOT get rid of Wenger without replacing him with a dictator like him, who is ready to run all aspects of the club, because Kroenke doesn’t want anyone on the board ready to take our club forward, he much prefers no opposition on the board to him raiding our club funds.

        It was under Kroenke that Sanago, Bendtner AND good ole Kallstrom came into the club!!!!! And Sanogo is still on the books. Ozil and Alexis were definitely bought for below market price and would make a big profit if sold now, and they were bought with Arsenal and fan’s money, not one penny of Kroenke’s money.

        Kroenke realise a winning team? Are you having a laugh? Kroenke is the one responsible for Wenger being there, because he makes him MONEY. Nothing will change while Kroenke is there, Wenger will sign a new contract after next year, if he wants, and Kroenke will want him to.

        I am not AKB or AOB or anything else. I want the best for Arsenal, and not having Kroenke raiding our club of it’s money is a good start. If you read my mail, you will realise that it is impossible to bring in a new radical manager because it will require new staff on the board and new players that Kroenke simply won’t allow.

        I agree with you about other shareholders selling out our club. I’m not 100% sure why they did that, it appears that there was a consensus that we needed a big owner, and for some reason they went for Kroenke.

        You will not get rid of Wenger without getting rid of Kroenke first, it is nonsense to believe this, as Wenger underlies Kroenke’s entire business philosophy, and he really doesn’t care what goes on, on the field as long as he can take out his 3.5 million each year out of the club.

  11. Leicester beating manu would be good for our CL aspirations. Vardy is banned for the manu game so that is a blow

  12. Giroud as our main striker next season is scary. I hope Giroud doesn’t score any goals this season and completely flops in Euros.

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