In depth Preview and Prediction for Arsenal v Swansea

There is quite a bit riding on tonight´s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Swansea City, for both of the clubs involved. The Gunners need to keep winning to make sure that we finish the season higher than our usual fourth place and thereby build confidence and avoid two extra games at the start of next season.

The Swans, meanwhile, have already beaten their record EPL points tally but they still need to keep going in order to get into the Europa League tournament again, which they got a taste of after winning the league cup under Michael Laudrup.

So we can expe4ct a good and well contested game tonight, with both teams in good recent form, although Arsenal´s record is the better. We also have the small matter of getting some revenge on the Welsh for beating us earlier in the season.

The winger Montero was the main man in that game but he will hopefully find things much harder against Hector Bellerin than he did against Chambers. They will have Gomis available again to give our defenders a problem and they are a good technical team but as long as Arsenal are on our toes; even with a few injury problems like Ramsey, Welbeck, Arteta, Debuchy and the Oz, then we should be too strong for them.

So I am going for a 3-1 win to Arsenal.

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  1. Just want Giroud to score with the win…need an in-form team for OT and FA Cup game too..

    1. Can’t forget that game: Chambers got badly roasted.

      I hope we beat them this time around.

    2. I hope giroud nets a couple tonight, my prediction 3-1 to us, Sanchez,boss and giroud to score

    1. Almost, except Walcott won’t start and Ramsey will instead. Walcott will play more games as striker than he will in midfield now – AW always prefers one winger/one midfielder on the flanks, and Sanchez has the left covered.

      1. I’m not sure what happened with Wenger & Walcott. He just fell out of use for some reason. Would love to see him start in such games. He needs a run of games to be in a better shape. Hope we don’t sell him in the summer.

  2. I don’t know, what is always we (arsenal fans) problem… I think we are not Patience enough for Wenger to do his job….bcos many people have shout here … Sell Ramsey…concuelin… Monreal.. Etc. Plz look at what they turn out to be… Now is walkot to go. I beg pls leave Wenger alone.. NCOs he always prove us wrong

      1. @kissassfan… In this life nobody is above mistake…. D fact I don’t have time to read my comment b4 I posted it.doesn’t mean anything… I c u as BIG fool to be making fun of ur fellow GUNNER

      2. @kissassfan… In this life nobody is above mistake…. D fact I don’t have time to read my comment b4 I posted it.doesn’t mean anything… I c u as BIG fool to be making fun of ur fellow GUNNER….u suppose to b doing this to spurs fans not ur fellow gunner

  3. All I want is for them to be handed a heavy defeat for dare beating us in the reverse game. How I wish our players will annoyed about that defeat. But how many of those that played in that game will play today? Arsenal is a changed team. The we did not trust Hector, so Chambers played. Today that their winger that tormented us will know who Hector B. is.

  4. Arsenal 2 vs. Swansea 1

    It would be good if Wenger gave Theo a start tonight. Adding one new player to the first 11 wont change the dynamics so much. Am sure his hungry and wants to prove a point, through him in and see what he does in his first 45minz.

    1. Yeah, it was damn cool. Reminded me of those days when I took playing very seriously.

  5. Just hand me the three points. That would do it. I really don’t care now when season is almost over what football we play. Grab 6 points to make sure we will be third then focus and see if 2nd place is still possible. I would say yes.

  6. Arsenal 7 – Swansea 0

    Sanchez – 13, 18, 43, 61, 66, 72, 75*

    * At this point Sanchez was substituted so could not score anymore.

  7. all I want is revenge for what Montero did to Chambers confidence and I won’t lie that defeat hurt me. I wouldn’t mind a heavy scoreline and we need to win to increase the gap between us and manure.

  8. Pls fellow gunners I sincerely need someone to explain to me who hafiz rahman really is! He needs to be converted to spurs fan he is so annoying with his useless comments
    As per the match today 3-0 to gunners

  9. Beside the issue of Walcot’s contract, Wenger loves his midfielders and in fairness to him, when we play Ramsey on the right, we don’t have a lot of movement behind the opposition’s defence and we are not as fast as we are when playing walcot. But what we get in return is solidity, massive creativity and ball retention. Walcot as a striker takes more risks and loses the ball more. So with him, we stand the chance of scoring more but conceding more as well. But with Ramsey, we will win with 2-0 or 3-0 or even 3-1 but never with high margins like the 5-0 we hammered Aston Villa at the emirates, which featured Walcot on the flanks. That game was like football porn. We made villa look like a high school football team. Anyways, the boss knows best. But I will like to see Theo get more minutes. It will be good for his confidence and help him sign that contract too.

  10. I really hope Wenger uses his substitution around 60mins to give some players some playing time!

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