In depth preview, team news and prediction for Monaco v Arsenal

It is nice to hear that Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal players have travelled to France in confident mood, because we will need all the help that we can get if we are to become the first club in the Champions League to overturn a two goal deficit away from home.

And while it will not be easy to score three goals against Monaco with their brilliant defensive record, the Gunners showed that we can create chances against them despite our poor performance in the first leg, we just need to make sure that we finish our chances this time.

Wenger has a tough decision to make in central midfield after Ramsey played so well against West Ham but I think he will give the nod to Santi Cazorla instead to increase our attacking potential and give us the best possible chance of scoring.

Arsenal have to take risks and that will mean that Coquelin and the defence will need to be strong and alert. Gabriel has recovered and travelled with the squad and for his extra pace if nothing else I think he will start tonight.

If Arsenal are pushing forward as expected we will be at risk from a quick counter attack and so will want our quickest defenders, including Bellerin at right back. Gibbs or Monreal is a tough one but just for his pace and attacking threat I would go for Gibbs.

Wenger will want as strong a front line as possible and assuming that Ozil plays the number 10 role I think it will be Giroud through the middle with Alexis and Welbeck on either side. Theo Walcott could be the perfect impact sub against tired Monaco legs.

I think Arsenal will play a lot better and win the game but I think we might just come up short and exit the competition, possibly on away goals after a 2-0 win.

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  1. Its definitely going to be hard to overturn a 3-1 deficit but with d right line-up i believe we can do it. Coyg

    1. It’s never going to be easy, but i just feel like tonight would be the time we do it. I just feel like there’s nothing to lose. We have technical ability, pace and we have good headers in the squad. Let’s try it all. Any sort of goals we can score in the first half will be good. I’d like to see more shots from outside the box. We need clinical finishing. Overall we have a big squad. If the reuslt doesn’t suit us, we can completely change our game style at half time. Above all i’d like to see spirit. I want to see those words of desire shown on the pitch. If we can do that, we have a chance. As slim as it is, fortunes turn. A little bit of luck and playing our A game is all i want to see! Let’s give it a shot and win this one!

    2. I think there is a chance of Ramsey starting as with our last game we were out muscled in midfield. He could have Ozil out left Sanchez right and in the centre Coq Ram and Caz.

    3. If we need to attack would it not make sense to pair Ramsey and Cazorla?
      Maybe start Coq but bring Ramsey in early 2nd half if needed.

      1. Ospina
        Bellerin Gab Kos Mon
        Ramsey Caz
        Welbeck Ozil Sanchez

        Press and tire them, no time on ball.

          1. @craigzwe, reason why i think its plausible is because we know from with every match the midfield battle is crucial and whoever wins said battle usually goes on to win game. Attacking is a must most certainly but there will be times when we need to win possession in order to attack. Im not saying Ram will play im just saying that if he does well i can see the reasons for that call.

  2. I say stay realistic and accept the fact that we start this second leg as massive underdogs. Will Arsenal pull this out once more? Hard to say because we are facing a team more disciplined than Chelsea. This is the moment where some tactical genius is needed. If Wenger still has it then we will probably dominate the game. Unfortunately dominating the game will not be enough. The one thing we need is focus and patience. It is not hard to break an overcrowded defense with our style of play. I wait to see what tactic is Wenger going to employ : trying to stretch them by fully using the wings or give them the ball and counter on the break. Either way, the last man must be sharp, sharp, sharp! Team selection will answer this question. There’s not much to say. Tonight we will see if we have resources for finishing the season in full force. I know we have something ready for this game, I just can’t put my finger on it but I am sure this game is a huge test for our squad. Win or lose important thing to know is that we did not lost the qualification tonight. What we did is done, no turning back now. Look ahead gunners and give us some nice memories at least. COYG!

    1. well said. remember people
      Win or lose important thing to know is that we did not lost the qualification tonight

      1. We have to press but I would pack the midfield and dominate there using good wing play (not wing backs).

        If we let them have the ball they can run down the clock by sit ting on it for 90 mins.

        I say start with 4-5-1 and try get the early goal. If that doesn’t happen go 3-5-2 with further support from wingers (L: sanchez R: Walcott)

        We must force the issue while being aware not to get caught on the counter (AGAIN).

        We must fight them on the beaches..

  3. we could send the youth team for experience..why tire the 1st team n destroy their morale for nothing?? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. wtf for experience? this aint the carling cup this is 2nd leg knockout of champions league

      i wouldnt let u manage a cup of coffee let alone our team selection

      1. @pi, i dont agree with what you said but at the same time the away tie at newc does become more difficult owing to our away in Europe tonight.

  4. Why should we be afraid… There’s nothing to lose today..Play your heart out guys.Give your best..Defend the Badge upto the last second.. I dont see us going out..We could easily go to the quarters.. Rock the Stadium.. Common Arsenal..Common Arsenal..Common Arsenal…

  5. Monaco won’t bring the game to us…they don’t ve to, this is an all or none situation, we must attack them all day ….I remember wen porto won 2 1 in porto and lost 5 0 in emirate…..I can c the same pattern 2day…I believe. Maybe not 5 0 but we ll go through

  6. We can do it. We need a goal early and an overall dedicated performance. COYG!!! Nothing to lose tonight!!!

    1. Two quick goals at some point in the first half would also startle them if we don’t get the early goal. But the early goal will increase confidence and belief.

  7. Gibbs should NOT start, he offers much less defensively than Monreal and every goal against us will be a mountain to climb.

    1. Spot on. Defenders should be mainly focused on that and therefore Monreal is the only choice. We don’t want Gibbs up the other end of the pitch after a failed forray when they are bearing down on our goal.

      Let our midfield/wingers cause the problems.

      1. Never mind Gibbs sure i have a feeling well be seeing Kos rampaging at times, and also his partner.. even if its Per. When dire circumstance calls etc etc.

  8. I think if we hit 1 out of every 2 shots on target we will win. So as long as 6 of them are on target I see us scoring 3, and 3 being saved. Because at home the only time the Keeper was tested with a shot on target was Sanchez stinger (which Giroud then hit over the bar on the rebound from), Welbeck blocked shot from Walcott, after Keeper comes out to intervene Walcott and the Chamberlain goal. That was it I think, that was our 3 shots on target. Everthing else was off target, the 5 remaining shots. Main thing is we need to take shots.

    Arsenal 4-1 after extra time
    Giroud, Koscielny, Cazorla, Ramsey

  9. Gunners must must must give it their all. And if we do get knocked out, I want Monaco to exit their stadium with their tail in between their legs. Go big or go home squad. coyg

  10. G-rude – 2, Gabrihell- 1, Ozil – 1

    4-1 to the Arsenal

    Please God/Allah/Krishna/Budda/Oden et al!

      1. Thierry and Keown should have had their airfares paid for them just to be in the dressing room before kick off.

        Allez Les Rouges & Come On the Arsenal!

  11. Many pundits are writing that the task is beyond Arsenal because no team has ever recovered from a two-goals deficit, notably if the second leg is away from home. But I am rather confident. Records are there to be broken and today is our night. THIS IS THE DAY WHEN THE WORLD WILL REMEMBER THAT WE OVERTURNED A TWO-GOAL DEFICIT AWAY FROM HOME. Mark my words.

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