In-form one time Arsenal target tipped to make a move to a big team

Wilfred Zaha is one player that has been linked with a move to Arsenal in the last couple of transfer windows.

He was the club’s top transfer target in the summer of 2019, but they couldn’t reach an agreement with Crystal Palace over his sale and the Gunners moved for Nicolas Pepe instead.

Pepe has become a key member of the Arsenal first team since he moved to the Emirates, but Zaha still remains a player that would add much to this Arsenal side.

The Ivorian had a tough campaign the last time out and he might have been affected by his failure to secure a move to a top team like Arsenal, but he has started this campaign with a bang and ESPN reckons that he will likely attract a top side like Arsenal, again.

The winger had just four goals and three assists in the Premier League last season, but he has started this campaign with five goals and one assist already.

The report notes that this is his best-ever start to a Premier League campaign and the season hasn’t even reached ten games yet.

With a long season ahead, Zaha is tipped to become one of the stars of the season yet again.

Do you think Arsenal should return for him if he has a fine season?

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  1. I wish 🙂

    OT.. Shakir.. Dest and Rambo benched 😳 Szczesny starts 🙂
    Honestly can’t wait until we’re back in it, been far too long!

  2. If he has a fine season we wouldn’t be able to afford him, and we’d have to ship Pepé (“a key member of the Arsenal first team”🤣🤣) out first. How much of the £72 million we are paying do you think we would get for him?

      1. Did you see Scotland has been given 2 champions League places Sue? A 12 team league with very average teams maybe even below average.. outside Celtic and rangers I couldn’t name you one player! UEFA are an absolute joke.

        1. I really don’t know why they bother 😆
          I’m glad it’s not just me not being able to name any other players!!

          1. It’s shocking Sue the quality of football is probably on par with the Icelandic league or maybe not even as good 😂 PL should have 7 places if Scotland has 2 😛 how bad was Leipzig? I’m glad we didn’t get that defender everyone was drooling over umapecano or however it’s spelt 😂

            1. I was flicking between all the games 🤪 Thought Greenwood’s goal was just offside… bloody typical, found form just for us! People online were drooling over Van de Beek…I’m a lil anxious now…🙈
              I wasn’t expecting them to lose 5-0, Kev!! Juve lost – no Cristiano!!

              1. I don’t know why hes an average player if TP brings his A game he will pocket the village of the damned! And Marcus Rashford thinks he’s Ronaldo, hits the boy exactly like him, even tries to run like him 😂 yeah Sue he’s still got Covid apparently that will smash his ego 😶

                  1. Village of the damned 😂 you do make me laugh!!
                    So, Kev, predictions for tomorrow? Plus your line up….
                    I’m going with Runarsson, Cedric, Mustafi, Gabriel, Kolasinac, Elneny, Willock, Nelson, ESR, Willian, Nketiah
                    As for the score…3-1??

  3. Haha yeah you have to have humour being an Arsenal fan Sue 😆 I will say 6-0 depending on our lineup.. if we concede against Dundalk I will be seriously embarrassed and I’m not joking 😶 I’ll go Leno, Cedric, Mustafi, Gabriel, and Kola.. Pepe, Elneny, Willock, xhaka, Nketiah, Lacazette. I would rather Gabriel wasn’t involved and kept for Sunday Sue 😃

    1. I’ve no idea what they’re like.. they might be dirty sods 😆 I’m hoping for a clean sheet also, but you never know!!
      I know, I’d rather he was rested, but we’re kinda screwed in the cb department now!! I’d love it if we scored 6….. so would Coco 🤣🤣

  4. Haha yeah no doubt they will try to rough us up, what you lack in quality you make up for in physicality 😆Pablo Mari should be almost back by now ? And what of Chambers? He must be nearly fit again 😃 haha Coco might get a good night before Sunday 😛 watching Red bell NY vs New England on sky sports Sue my football night isn’t over yet 😂😂

  5. So they are 3rd in Irish league and lost to Waterford 1-0 at weekend Sue that’s the level we’re facing 😂 if we don’t beat this team well, we are going to be laughing stocks 😆

    1. Chambers is back in training… he may get some minutes tonight….I think Mari will be back training after the next break..
      Bloody hell, you sure do watch a lot!!
      I hope it won’t be another Ostersunds, as that was embarrassing!! 🙈

      1. Nice one Sue let’s hope he can fill in as our array of CB’s are dropping like flies 😩 I do a lot of TV watching in general not just football 😆 no this will be a bigger embarrassment but I know your confident we’ll win 6-0 😉

        1. 😂😂 6-0 hey, Kev… funny thing was I thought that against Ostersunds 🤪
          A clean sheet would be nice.. 6 goals would be even better!!!

          1. Yeah but ostersunds are better than Dundalk Sue and were managed by Harry Potter I mean Graham Potter 😂 the league of Ireland makes the Scottish League look like Serie A, lets be confident before we take on Penchester and then we can be cautious as we know Penchester will definitely get a pen so we’re 1 down already 😩

            1. Ok, I’ll take your word for it.. and if anyone’s in the know, it’s you, Kev!!
              1 down already? Make that 2, with Mike Dean!! 😬

              1. That’s all the TV watching Sue 🤪 oh I can’t enjoy a game when he’s in charge, he spoils the life out of games with his strict headmaster authority 😩 I just can’t see us winning on Sunday although we definitely can.. something has to go wrong for us as it usually does up there 😶

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