In-form Rennes are not going to be a pushover for Arsenal

We all know Arsenal’s form at the Emirates has been outstanding this season, not having lost a League game since the opening day, but we haven’t fared so well in our cup games having been knocked out of both cups at home, thanks to Man United and Tottenham. We may consider Rennes to be nowhere near the class of those two teams, as they are only mid-table in Ligue 1, but the fact is that they started the season very badly and only won 3 of their first 11 games. Since then they have been climbing back up the table and since early December they have been incredibly formidable, especially at home.

Here is their home record in ALL competitions…. In fact over the same period they have also only lost 3 away games, and one of them was at PSG. So Arsenal fans can’t just look at their League position and expect an easy game, especially as we are sure to see a lot of rotation in our side.

But just concentrating on Thursday’s game, let’s compare Arsenal’s away form over the same period, since early December… So I can’t imagine Rennes looking at our away wins against Blackpool and Huddersfield and thinking they are in for a hard game can you?

All I’m saying is that we simply cannot be complacent, especially as they progressed to this round by beating Real Betis 3-1 in Spain. In the form they are in, they have as much right to think they can win this competition as we do….

Be careful out there!



  1. Yeah, I agree we must not be complacent eventhough we need to rotate the squad, we still need to put out a strong side, and I trust Emery to have worked on them to know what team to use.
    Iwobi, Kos, Mhiktaryan, Monreal, Sokratis may not feature in this game , I expect Ozil, Torreira, Xhaka Suarez and Aubameyang to start which is still a strong team.
    No matter what, we should still have a team that can score two away goals at the least….coyg!

  2. Thanks for the records. Rennes’ home forms look scary indeed, compared to Arsenal’s away forms

    Not to mention that Rennes have quick and tricky speedsters like Sarr and Ben Arfa. The latter is rumored to hold a grudge against Emery, due to his limited playing time under the manager at PSG

    However I believe Arsenal would prevail in that match, because they seem to be used to Emery’s defensive strategy and Rennes’ defense doesn’t look good either

  3. No disrespect to Rennes but if Arsenal exit the competition to them it will be an embarrassment! This is a team sitting 10th in an ok-ish league! Maybe we should take Europa League more seriously than the league, if the bookies favourites win the Europa League and we finish 4th in the premier League then we have another season in the Europa ? safest bet is to win the Europa League and cement that champions League place.

      1. 4-1 Sue I fancied Ajax to win not by that margin though lol. Looks like tott is gonna join us as the only English teams to win in Dortmund

          1. I don’t even think Ronaldo could help that Madrid team Sue I just think they’re at the end of their dominance.. they need rebuilding ? sorry Fa FC ?

            1. FA fc ??? now I know who you mean ?
              The Real fans are going to go mental!! They’ve already turned on Bale, imagine what it’ll be like in that stadium!!! Jeez!

              1. Haha really ? I haven’t seen it Sue ? bet Fa FC get Ajax and beat them then we have to suffer the indignity of them in a semi final of a Champions League

                  1. Give them Atletico they will frustrate Harry Kane to the point he’d be in tears ? we know all about Atletico and how difficult they are ? looking forward to the match on Thursday Sue ?

                    1. I’d be happy with that John! Very happy indeed! Be the only time I’d be happy to see Griezmann’s dance ?
                      I sure am John, are you? Although I’m very excited about tomorrow- guess who’s back in training? ?

                    2. Haha it would be great to see Sue ? it’s not Lingard is it ? yes there will be no love story in Paris tomorrow night ? definitely just hope we field a strong team ?

                    3. Cavani!!! Jeez I wouldn’t be excited about Lingard being back in training ?
                      Well we should do, it will hopefully be a good game!

                    4. Maybe you were a fan of his dancing ? oh they won’t even need him they have big Kylian ? absolutely Sue let’s hope Ramsey don’t score again he’s keeping undertakers in business ?

                    5. Oh yes I do a bit of his dancing every night ? Yes I’d love to see him score (at least 4!) He’s so good!
                      Haha nice one ?? shouldn’t laugh at that, but couldn’t help it ? I used to lurve Luke Perry and Prodigy!! Was a shocker!

                    6. I only ever seen Luke Perry in Buffy the vampire slayer as pike haha. Never liked the Prodigy way too crazy for me ? still doesn’t give Ramsey the excuse for scoring ? even the Milly rock ?? not better than Giroud ?

                    7. Well you’re a rocker, so I couldn’t imagine you liking Prodigy ?
                      Beverly Hills 90210!!
                      Yes milly rock, flossing I’ll give it all a go ?
                      Would love to see Ramsey score another stunner like the goal against CSKA.. superb ?

                    8. Haha a rocker ? I like rock music I don’t wear skull rings and dress in all black or anything ? I like other music too like the killers, REM Eminem etc ? I never watched Beverly hills, I might have seen like half an episode at one time ? or like the stunner against fenerbache or was it galatasray it was a Turkish team anyway ?

                    9. You don’t wear black or skull rings.. well that’s disappointing ?? only joking!
                      Yes that was an awesome goal.. Galatasaray!
                      I didn’t know Cech played for Rennes for 2 seasons & kept 27 clean sheets!!
                      I like the killers

                    10. No rings at all I don’t like jewellery I sometimes wear a watch that’s about it ? yeah I knew Chelsea signed him from Rennes, but I was hoping Leno would play ? Killers are awesome Sue just as good live ?

                    11. Can’t see Leno playing – we need him for Sunday ?
                      Fav song – smile like you mean it ?
                      Right John… work tomorrow… need sleep! So goodnight avid angler, rocking rocker…. the list is getting longer ??

                    12. The list ? there is no list do you call a pop fan a popster ?? mine is confessions of a king (bling)? goalkeepers don’t need a rest look at ederson plays every single game ? don’t work too hard Sue Goodnight ?

            2. Agree JW, the Dutch giants THOROUGHLY
              BOSSED the 3 time defending champs over
              both legs and were an absolute joy to watch.

              De Jong
              De Light

              All should take a well deserved bow for
              there immense performances.

              As chief architect of this squad I would
              love to see what Overmars could
              accomplish in North London.

  4. Yes could be a tricky game for us in the EL but it looks like the totts, who we dominated Saturday, are on their way into the quarter finals of the CL.

    1. ? and that’s without help from the officials (that’s a first for them ?)
      At least tomorrow will be better… Cavani is back in training ?

    1. Yeah bloody nomad totts are through to last eight.
      I’ll be really pissed off if they win the damn thing.

        1. Guaranteed they draw the winner of Porto and Roma, average teams for the last eight in the Champions League.

  5. Getting back to our game against Rennes, the French FA gave them last weekend off t rest, train and prepare for the game against us. Can you imagine our money grabbing FA doing that for any of our teams? No, I thought not.

  6. Very pleased to see Real Madrid out. Their past success was due to being the team supported by the Franco fascist government in Spain; the first of the teams backed by a country and having the financial power to buy the best players in Europe and South America!

    1. The great Alfredo de Stefano first played for Barcelona until the Spanish government got involved and he ended up at Real Madrid

  7. Being french,following la ligue 1,a while back I warned our fans who thought it was a done deal to be wary that Rennes wouldn,t be oushed over,physical team but also young which could be their downfall,the occasion of playing arsenal a team loved in france by fans but also many players!2 scenarios they get overwhelmed and crash or go there using their physical qualities snd their exuberant youth nothing to lose and do an Ajax on us,I really don,t know how it will I just hope we win!!

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