In the know Arsenal source reiterates Thomas Partey as ‘top target’

David Ornstein has reiterated that Arsenal still hold Thomas Partey as their ‘top target’ this summer.

The Gunners have been strongly linked with a move to sign the Ghanaian midfielder throughout the current campaign, but we have so far failed in any attempts to land our target.

Atletico Madrid are claimed to be holding out for his full release clause, which is believed to be set at €50 Million, which is believed to be the issue with getting the deal over the line at present.

Ornstein retains that Partey is still top of our wanted list however, and that the deal could well come later in the window when we have raised our budget by selling off some of our players.

He also adds that tax will need to be paid on top of the release clause, as well as our target expecting a contract upwards of £200,000 per week.

This adds major doubt to our ability to finance the deal, with the move seeming to depend on whether we can offload some of our squad players, while our team could well be eyeing alternative options as the window moves on.

One deal which does look done however, is our capture of Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille, with SkySports insisting that the deal is done.

The defender will join fellow Brazilian Willian in our newlook squad for the new campaign, and it would be great if Partey could join them also, but we may have to wait until after the new term has already begun.

Could Arsenal reshuffle their finances to pay the fee needed despite our ability to offload other players beforehand?


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      1. Well you did say Bayern would win so I’ll give you a pass Sue 😜 I thought it was a terrible final and Kehler was awful also Neymar was like a rabbit in the headlights 😆

        1. The first half was better… but tbh I expected more, much more from PSG. I bet Tuchel is bashing them as we speak, with his crutches 😂
          Neymar was disappointing… had he done enough to secure his oscar?!!

          And Bayern still have Sane to come in!! One thing’s for sure, Kev, I cannot stand Neuer 😡

          1. Yeah I saw him hopping after full time he’s definitely gonna use those crutches for the post match dressing room talk 😂 Neymar is just too flash for me I wouldn’t want him in my team Sue he seems like he would unsettle half the dressing room 😄 good signing but he’s coming back from a serious injury, it’s hard to know if a player can mentally overcome an ACL 🥴 haha yeah me too Sue and I just don’t like Bayern, the man utd of Germany 😜

          2. Hopping mad 😄 Did you see we’ve supposedly signed Brentford’s set piece coach Andreas Georgson?? Which is just as well I guess… !!

          3. Haha wouldn’t you be? 😜 No I didn’t even know Sue 🤔 a set piece coach? Football is moving on isn’t it, I thought a defensive coach would deal with set piece training 😆 can’t stand Muller either John Kreese from the karate kid 😂😂

          4. Maybe you should get down Colney and show them a thing or two, Kev!!
            So what are the odds of an announcement tomorrow??? I’ve just about given up hope 😂😂😂

          5. I’ll tell you what Sue I understand defending better than some of the rubbish defenders I’ve seen over the years I’m never too far wrong with my analysis of a game maybe I’ve missed my calling 😂😂 no chance it’s too early in the week for the club to make our week better 😆 probably be nothing until Wednesday but you just never know with Arsenal they do things differently 😛

    1. Hi Sue, The Person who decided to sell Gnarby should be sacked again. i am still trying to understand why we let him go.

      Arsenal should get Thiago Alcantra asap.

      1. Hey, Skills!
        He doesn’t look half bad… reckon he’ll end up with Pool though!
        We’ve got to brace ourselves for the next installment of our transfer window – this time with Partey – will he, won’t he?! Argh!!!! 😂

      2. Gnabry wasn’t let go, he wanted to go. After his loan spell at westbrom he came back to us and was offered a new contract but he rejected it, he only had a year left so we sold him or else we still would have lost him 12 months after, only this time it was going to be for nothing.

  1. Gnabry’s effort was lame tonight. The prime Walcott was much better than him

    Arsenal need a quick-thinking winger in the mold of Coman, Mbappe, Neymar or Di Maria, otherwise we’d likely have penetration problems again like Barcelona. None of our wingers is as talented as those four musketeers

        1. A certain psg beat Barcelona 4-0 while neymar was still at barca, the return leg was tagged the neymar show after so many said barca was out of UCL. Psg were shocked, they broke the transfer bank to sign him. Neymar has proven himself time and again in important matches. It just so happens that bayern were up to the task yesterday. Do not take anything from him, he’s world class. Don’t be deceived. Yes he has alot of antics both on and off pitch which makes him a controversial player but on any day, neymar is pure class. Don’t forget the fact he has had a hand in every psg goal leading up to the final.

        1. Thiago Silva is heading to Chelsea..
          35yrs old..
          I wonder what Arsenal fans would have done if we were the ones interested.

  2. Thomas “Top Target” Partey . If Atletico only give him up for hard cash: Rob the Kroenkes, or Bank of England! I agree, TP is number One. With him a CL win in three years is possible.

  3. Arsenal, stop stuffing around and get this job done!
    As Robert says Atletico Madrid won’t shift from the buy out of €50 million, given current interest rates just take out a loan, if you’re afraid to reduce the cash reserves.
    The most important transfer action after Partey is to replace the muppets in senior management and the Board at Arsenal with people who know football, transfers, contract negotiation and can MAKE TIMELY Decisions.

    1. My only worry is we’ll make a hash of it! Offer a player as well as money, when that’s knocked back offer below the asking price… Atletico will then be so fed up they’ll decide against doing business with us!!
      19 days until the league starts…. would’ve been so nice to have got this deal done and have him ready for then…

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