In times of crisis, let’s look at Wenger’s best moments at Arsenal

Understandably, Arsenal fans are divided on their opinions of Arsène Wenger’s recent transfer mistakes leading to the team’s underperformance at the start of the League. Many even joke that a Frenchman brought back to the old continent from Japan in the distant 1996 can’t teach the English how to play any better than they already know. However, the true Gunners supporters know that nothing in soccer is plainly black and white. Moreover, Wenger’s rare devotion to the club in crisis for 21 years now and his best moves so far prove that there’s still life in the old dog.

Let’s at least not forget the 10 big trophies, including 3 Premier League titles and 4 Charity Shields, and the club’s seventh FA Cup’s victory against Chelsea earlier this year. Soccer is an art that takes years to master, and these inconsistencies at Arsenal are just part of the game for any club. Learning how Arsenal coped with failure over the years will certainly help us make a well-informed bet when it comes to supporting the club in this manner. However, remember it is always easy to make an online bet from your smartphone on a football match, as long as the application is customer friendly.

The 1998 Double
In two years’ time after stepping as a chief of Arsenal, Wenger managed to introduced such significant changes to the training methods of the team that in 1998 the club grabbed its second Double of capturing the League’s title and the FA Cup in the Gunners’ history. Before the 1990s, only 4 great teams had managed to grab the FA Cup and Arsenal’s last victory at the Premier League was in 1989 under George Graham. The 1998 Arsenal’s victory over Newcastle was the moment of truth for Wenger to prove that he is up to great things.

Bergkamp’s Greatest Moment & the Second Double under Wenger
Arsenal is the only club to win the Double for the second time under the same management and its initial period of glory of the 1990s extended way into the 2000s. The Gunners didn’t start the 2001-02 season at such great heights as anticipated but managed to turn the tables later in December, as since then the club didn’t lose any of their last 21 games to end up beating Manchester United to the title. Arsenal’s stars on the field at that time were the Dutch Dennis Bergkamp (contracted a year before Wenger by the previous manager Graham), and Thierry Henry who soon became Wenger’s brainchild brought back from Monaco for only £11m. Fifteen years ago, Bergkamp’s winning goal at the match against Newcastle is still seen as the most spectacular moment in the club’s history.

Wenger’s Best Transfer Deal
Speaking of true legends on the field, Wenger has proven in the past to know how to sniff a good deal when it comes to transfers. This was the case with signing up Thierry Henry who by that time only had a somewhat mediocre record, lasting only six months in Turin before ending up at Juventus who obviously underestimated and sold him for the record low of £11m to the Gunners. Arsenal’s chief made a very calculated move in targeting Henry, as he already knew his style from Monaco and had no doubts that he’d do a better job as a striker rather than a wing that he was at Juventus. With his record of 200-odd something goals, Henry is now regarded as the best-attacking player in the Premier League.

The 2004 League’s Victory
Following the second Double in 2002, Arsenal entered firmly into yet another golden era of invincibility, with its unpredictable victory at White Hart Lane in 2004 when the team only needed one point to steal yet another Premier League’s trophy. The season of 2003-2004 was a watershed for the team, as until the end of the year the Gunners would’ve played 49 matches with no losses and only 13 draws, leaving Southampton, Manchester United, Birmingham, Fulham and Leicester in dismay. Previously, only Preston North End had managed to swing such a spectacular season, but Arsenal scraped this record from history books.

Wenger’s FA Cups Record
In modern day soccer, Wenger is the only chief to have won the FA Cup seven times. Here are our three favourite ones.

2005 FA Cup
Arsenal didn’t grab the gold in 2005, but the match against Manchester United marked the highlight of yet another successful year for the Gunners. Grabbing its third FA Cup since Wenger, the team proved that it truly belonged to those professional tournaments such as the Premier League and the FA Cup. Nevertheless, for the following 6 years luck evaded the club, as no trophies were brought back home. This said, trashing Tottenham 5-2 and Giroud’s famous ‘scorpion kick’ against Crystal Palace in 2012 were good signals that Arsenal wasn’t done yet.

Ramsay’s Best Moment in 2014
The 2014’s victory is an example of how unexpectedly the team can recover from a long period of defeats, as the match with Hull looked predetermined until 8 minutes before the end of the second half when Cazorla, Koscielny and Ramsey showed an undeniable team effort to eventually get Arsenal back to the top.

Beating Chelsea at the Start of the Year
Every true Arsenal fan has heard about the ongoing rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea. There’s no secret that scraping the FA Cup from Chelsea at a match that finished 2-1 earlier this year was probably the most significant victory for the Gunners in the past decade. This is Wenger’s seventh FA Cup in only 20 years of training Arsenal and the club’s 13th such trophy, so you can do the maths yourself. Speaking to The Guardian, the chief himself admitted that this was his proudest moments, as there was nobody left to believe in the club anymore. Judging from this incredible display of skill and luck, of course, fans and pundits should prepare for pleasant surprises later in the current Premier League’s season. The bettors among you might find it handy to check how Arsenal is currently faring at

Which season was Le Prof’s best in your eyes?


  1. John0711 says:

    Very sad article if spurs fans shouted about the past when having by their worst start we would laugh

  2. redmau5 says:

    in times of crisis:

    ring your mum…not dont ask
    use the bat signal…aubameyang might turn up
    be with loved ones….so inflate your missus and hold her tight

  3. gotanidea says:

    Wenger is the best Arsenal manager so far. But we cannot move forward if we hold onto the past.

    He brought French football system to England and it was a revolution for the English biggest football competition. But now that system is obsolete, just take a look at what happened to France national football team that uses similar football system.

    France national football team is still able to win because they have exceptional talents in their squad. But Wenger has been collecting many standard quality players in the last ten years.

    I hope Wenger could suddenly change his system or gets more skillful players in January.

    1. McLovin says:

      He can’t change. Imagine hypotheticallly older relative of yours, who still have his/her habits he/she’s had since they were young. Do you think at their 70’s they will suddenly change those habits? NO.

      Sometimes, more often than not, an old dog won’t learn new tricks.

      1. gotanidea says:

        We cannot keep wasting our time watching our beloved team playing with an unentertaining and obsolete system, can we? Someone with authority has to enforce big changes and I think Kroenke would be the only one that has that kind of power.

        1. Jeremy says:

          Kroenke should be the one packing up, together with his legion of liars and cheats.

  4. arsenal4life says:

    Wenger best title
    winning years were when
    there was just United and Arsenal
    fighting for the title.
    Since 2004.
    Utd 5 titles 4 managers
    Chelsea 5 titles 10 managers.
    City 2 titles 6 managers
    Leicester 1 title 9 managers
    Arsenal 0 titles 1 manager.
    Liverpool 0 titles 5 managers..
    Spurs 0 titles 7 managers.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Hahaha, Arsenal is the CHAMPION of keeping their money in their pocket. Rather than terminating managers and recruiting new ones with huge cost, they are happy to keep the one that can make them save a lot of money.

  5. Sue says:

    Those were the days sigh

  6. waal2waal says:

    i’d rather that we were hated than pitied – rival fans often repeat ‘wenger in’ – says it all really.

  7. jon fox says:

    TO THE ADMINISTRATOR: I am somewhat surprised you did not also mention Dial Square and the Invicta and Manor Grounds while you were trawling through relatively ancient Arsenal history! You, bizarrely, in my view, claim that the years you mention are relevant. You also claim Arsenal fans are divided on Wenger- rather like the LibDems divide political opinion, around 8% like them and 92% don’t – which is a deliberately wrong statement, since fan polls show an overwhelming desire for him to leave. Surely, what IS relevant is the last ten years and as each wasted and more relevant year follows a previous wasted year, the shameful cowardice of the board in refusing to sack him for gross incompetance and deliberate negligence. I actually believe Wenger is mentally lazy, esp when compared to top modern managers who go into far more depth with planning and coaching. There is much eveidence over many years that Wenger regresses players rather than progressing them. Constantly playing them out of position is a fatal and frankly, idiotic, flaw. His myriad faults and the scandalously inept way that Gazidis, the board and the “couldn’t care less about results” owner are ruining our club is what IS relevant. I am surprised that as a clearly intelligent man, you do not focus on THESE matters , INSTEAD of “ancient history.”

  8. Okoro E Alaebi says:

    I m quite happy there r still a few who r in d same school of thought like me. Is the board of directors trying to make a mockery of d misery of d fans. Who cares about d last 21 years well if they d, do not think many fans do. Why other clubs v trophies in their archives Arsenal just v history in ours. Kroenke, Board of Directors n Senile Wenger should b ashamed of themselves coming here to display d unity or d disunity amongst d fans by posting such a stupid write up we r in d 21st century for crying out loud not in d store old age. I know some of us here will say we won d FA Cup, Community Shield n so! rather than aspiring for little things, can d club not aspire big? Arsenal needs an overhauling n a rebranding fast from top to bottom if not there might not b an Arsenal Football club in EPL or even CHAMPIONSHIP in d nearest future to come.

  9. Jeremy says:

    He had destroyed his legacy with decade long fourth-placing = Champions ambition and created a whole bunch of wimps who will be keeping the new Manager busy.

    Not sure what the author wants to drive at.

    It’s just like glorifying an old hen for all the eggs she had given you. .

    Heard Newcastle owner had decided to sell the club. We could be seeing some financial super power taking over the club and then bring us further down the table.

    Kroenke get out now!!!

  10. nosa says:

    still talking about 1998 when we are in 2017, really the world has left us behind, DAT was d year Leroy sane was born,

  11. Ivan says:

    This article highlights why we have become a joke and I have to take crap from Spuds fans. We used to laugh at them for clinging to things from generations past and now we are doing it.

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