‘Incredibly talented’ Arsenal signing tipped to break into starting XI

Shaka Hislop has revealed comments from Kevin Hitchcock on summer signing Matt Turner, with the latter being tipped to break into the Arsenal first-team.

The goalkeeper signed from New England Revolutions over the summer, and has been restricted to the Europa League so far this term.

The expectation would always be that he would be back-up to Aaron Ramsdale, but former Chelsea goalkeeper and coach in America Kevin Hitchcock has told Shaka Hislop that he could overthrow his English counterpart in the pecking order.

“Matt Turner is an incredibly talented goalkeeper, he really is,” Hislop told The Highbury Squad.

“Kevin Hitchcock, his goalkeeping coach at New England Revolution, rated him very, very highly.

“He was telling Craig (Burley) that he thought Matt could go and unseat Aaron Ramsdale for the starting position.

“Now, I didn’t see that myself just because of how good Ramsdale has been for Arsenal.

“But that speaks to how highly he is thought of by someone who knows the English game and who knows goalkeeping.

“He’s talented, but it was always going to be a very hard ask, given how good Ramsdale has been for Arsenal.

“As number twos go, I stand by my initial assessment that Matt is an incredible talented goalkeeper, he just needs a little bit of time.”

I’ve not seen enough from him to compare him to Ramsdale just yet, but he’s held his own in Europe so far. Ramsdale has age on his side however, and is already proven in my eyes, and could take some moving from between the sticks.


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    1. Gunsmoke, You seem be very fond of things getting “wet”. “Bread, feet”!

      “Feet being wet” I can understand the meaning of, but “BREAD GETTING WET”? What on Earth does THAT mean?

  1. He looks a good No2 because he looks a good shot stopper. He has to improve greatly with his feet and distribution to be No1. We are ok with him in the EL and cups but in the heat of battle in the prem, where it is much quicker, his distribution would get found out.

  2. Matt Turner being instigated to overthrow Aaron Ramsdale is an overzeleous act of thinking in life which bothers on impatience. But how will Turner going to overthrow Ramsdale? By staging a coup de tat or something subversive to accomplish his mission or what?
    Matt Turner will do well to wait for his time and bid for it to seize his chance with his 2 hands absolutely. And making the most of it when he becomes the Arsenal NO 1 Premier League goalkeeper. Even if it is on temporary basis when Ramsdale isn’t available when the opportunity does arrive for him to seize it. Hopeful he’ll make the most of his arrived opportunity for Arsenal when it’s arrived to hint.
    In the meantime, in as nuch as Turner will most certainly relish it when Arteta gives him a chance to start a Premier League match for Arsenal this season. Which can happen at anytime.
    But nevertheless, Matt Turner MUST restrain himself to learn how to be calmed to wait for his chance in patience. But not to unnecessarily be agitating to overthrow his colleague, the Arsenal NO 1 goalie in the person and caliber of Aaron Ramsdale.

  3. Ramsdale positioning has to improve, one on one.. as in
    the Soton goal, he has to expect the movement of the attack and react

    1. Yes, he would have saved that goal if he had anticipated the move and the angle of the striker. Not easy but it is doable in that level of play.

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