Influential star explains why Arsenal MUST change

Santi Cazorla has called for Arsenal to make changes for the new campaign, in order to mount a serious title challenge for the Premier League title.

Banners were held up within the Emirates Stadium this weekend calling for a change in management or the backroom, although that was swiftly followed by chants of ‘there’s only one Arsene Wenger’, which counteracted the supposed protest.

Midfielder Cazorla has now called for changes to be made to the style of play, as opposed to a change in personnel.

“Certainly we need to change something, because if we want to win we need to change,” he said. “We will see what we have to do, but I think we need to be more regular, regular every time.

“This year we lost at home to Swansea, drew at home to Crystal Palace, and this is the difference if you want to win the league.

“For example against Crystal Palace when we were winning 1-0, we need to think about defending sometimes.”

“It’s true we have a great mentality and great philosophy, because we always want to attack and always want to score, but sometimes we need to be clever.

“If we are winning 1-0 we need to protect this result and win the three points.

“We had a great opportunity [to win the title], we know that and we are disappointed.

“We know we had a great opportunity to win the league this year and the only thing now is to fight until the end for the final three games.”

Amidst all the angst, frustration and protest, it is refreshing to finally start hearing some valid views, with Cazorla making some extremely valid points. Holding onto wins needs to be prioritised over playing entertaining football. That should be a no-brainer.

It is time to put the season and the protests behind us, as the only result of them is a greater divide within our own fans, and we need to simply reunite to back the team for the new season. Following the failed protest, can we now put the negativity back in it’s box?

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  1. When i missed arsenal last game against norwitch for the first time in about 20 years when I’m not at work i thought for a moment that i started to lose interest about arsenal.
    But today a tear dropped watching liecester city players celebrating the well deserved title
    I really miss that

    1. We used to have players /squad players like

      Davor Suker
      Van Bronchurst
      Julio Baptista

      Some of these players were unheralded in their time but,
      My God,
      They are better than what we’ve got right now by a mile.

    2. We used to have players /squad players like

      Davor Suker
      Van Bronchurst
      Julio Baptista

      Some of these players were unheralded in their time but,
      My God,
      They are better than what we’ve got right now by a mile.
      That is how far we’ve fallen

  2. I used to put arsene wenger as my mobile wallpaper for years as i loved this guy but now I can say that i really hate him

    1. It’s embarrassing by Arsenal standards, and the manager will still try to fool us and say him and Welbeck are enough

  3. OT: Congratulations to Leicester City. You show passion and determination to be a winner. Something that we’re lack of nowadays.

  4. i think if we by any chance got griezmann that would be awesome, against bus parking teams like norwich we could play with a top 2 with griezmann and giroud they can play very well with eachother and griezmann could get on to girouds flicks and knockdowns and griezmann does play in a top2 at atletico and against the most teams griezmann could play as a lone striker, but anyway i dont think he will leave atletico 🙁

    1. be logical hare krishna…what can we offer him that bayern real madrid barca dortmund psg cant.

      we made enquiries during vela debacle he turned wenger down an went to where he felt would benefit his learning and career.

      made an excellent choice.
      an a great player

  5. too late santi .nothing can be said analysed
    re -interpreted . had these discussions for more than a decade.

    next seasons standings….

    1 chelsea ….no europe, a conte defence an big buys
    2 man city…..pep will man manage an buy well
    3 man u…mourinho takin them back into cl
    4 tottenham….poche will add to exciting team
    5 arsenal…..will be top 3 till march,

    ive seen the future

    1. Love you Santi but
      you are catching the
      Arsenal players
      talking cr#p disease.
      Every season the same. All season all they do is talk.
      Walcott Ramsey Ox Giroud Wilshere Arteta Flamini
      Rosicky Sanchez Cazorla Mertesacker Gibbs.
      90,000 quid a week and all they do is
      talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.
      The manager talks all the time too
      Cohesion, mental strength, bit unlucky, injuries
      I nearly signed Ronaldo Messi Zlatan
      Stan says “I plead the Third”
      Ivan says it’s the “taking part” that counts.
      Lord Harris says “we can spend” 200 million pound.
      Promises in the summer excuses in May.
      Every season it’s the same.
      The writer says no more negativity. No protest.
      Lets unite and sing “One Arsene Wenger ” for ever.
      Lets get behind the Champions of talk, promises, excuses
      slow boring sideways passing and Turd place.

        1. I hope not fatty,
          Hope this time next year
          our team and us fans are
          jumpimg up and down
          like Leicester fans.

    2. With wenger there, Arsenal will be out of the running in the first 7 games.
      Mark my word.

    3. With wenger there, Arsenal will be out of the running in the first 7 games.
      Mark my word.
      The coaches in the league today are not old sxhool wimps like O neal.
      EPL has gone continental on the coaching side. Even the likes of Alan pardew and Mark Hughes are looking further ashore when you are talking about coaching, tactics and transfers.
      The days when coaches like O neal spend ridiculous amount on local “talents” are gone.

      1. You mean like Theo and Ox? If British native footballers have less talent, then why the hell they price are ridiculous?

        1. Its because of the home grown rule, means that the best british players are in short supply. Result is
          1. Bought by clubs like manc and hardly play so do not develop
          2. High prices and salaries which go with it makes inflates their ego so performance drops and they know they will still be needed for clubs to comply with rules.

          All counter productive, these players should be in lower table clubs where they play consistently against some of the worlds best. If they are then good enough progress to a better team.

  6. something new for sure will happen at the very least we will be getting new players the question being who ……a striker with 30 goals abomyang a central defender a midfielder
    new maneger who diago simone will do well with atlatico or lazio he is connected to them arsenal needs some one within its ranks some one connected to them
    But today we seen an ugly encounter were certain players should have had the red i think technology should come in to it and players should be disciplined after
    The premier league is a physical strong competition to win it you got to be very strong very accurate and very demanding and if you do not have the team to do it you do not win our team didn’t live to exceptions of last season so there for changes will have to happen

  7. Wenger will never change. I expect Giroud to be our main striker even if he doesn’t score 1 single goal next season. He won’t sign striker, Dm or Cb. He will play same style of football with no tactics. He will blame refree, media, fans. Another 4th place trophy wants arsenal back.

    1. Same football style but no tactics ? Wow, it’s must be a miracle if he always finish 4th no matter what.

  8. I agreed with you mate I gave you thumbs up because you r’ right arsenal willing to take 5th position come next season where there is Wenger there is 4th always is really painful to Leicester city celebrated as a premier league winners but hey! folks it is what it is, its legit take it leicester you guys deserved it congrats

  9. Since arsenal last won the league title Leicester city have been promoted to the Epl relagated, then relegated from championship won the league one championship promoted to championship won championship promoted to premier league almost relegated from premier league and won league title with no money.

    1. That’s 9 years!… I think ?.. another 3 needed?

      The only change at Arsenal, will be the loose change in Wenger’s pockets!

  10. Can anyone exactly see Wenger changing his stagnated style of play, next season?
    What makes you believe that it is humanly possible for him to do so?
    If anything, he will be an even bigger failure next season!
    I won’t be surprised if we lose our best players in the coming transfer window. ( Ozil and Sanchez)
    And I doubt that any big named players would be interested in coming to Arsenal, especially if Ozil and Sanchez force a move.

    Even Giroud has been offered an escape root by the same German club that sacked N.Bendtner recently… thats saying something ??
    they are offering him 5.5 million a year

  11. The abuse for Wenger will be out of control when Arsenal finish 4th or worse next season and Wenger signs new contract.
    #Time for change
    #Wenger out
    Arsneal fc not Arsene fc

  12. He is partially right! Yes Wenger has to adapt more sometimes & really field his top performer (not the ones he trust more).
    But the players let him down sometimes & they also have to be more focus, more disciplined & angrier because the way Wenger has been in some post game interview he clearly wasn’t happy implying that the team or some players didn’t follow the plan!
    So Yes some things has to change maybe Wenger has to listen a bit more to his best players, adapt & alter tactics for the sake of winning or keeping a hold on the score but the players have to be hungrier!

    1. But who do you think is responsible for motivating the player and buying them in the first place ? He keeps using them and refuses to replace them even when they’ve proven to be terrible with consistency, and then you have the likes of Campbell who get excluded from he squad for no reason smh. No one is letting Wenger down but himself.

  13. Title Rivals
    Man city
    Man United
    Can and will challenge. Growing stronger

    West ham

    Hard nuts to cracking
    Crystal palace

    I just do not see wenger , through transfer, tactics or in game management being able to pick reasonable amount of point against these teams next season.

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