Injuries have already finished Arsenal’s chances of ANY trophy

If Arsenal had won the North London Derby, the fans may have been able to take another couple of injuries to add to our ever expanding list (that we have every single year) but to have to lose two points AND two important players is just too much to bear right now.

It’s not even that the injuries were caused by aggressive Tottenham challenges, but simply by playing their normal game which could have happened against any team we were playing. The fact is that Wenger is certain that both Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey will not be available for next weeks game against the League leaders Chelsea.

When asked what their chances of playing next week, Wenger said on Sky Sports: “No chance. I don’t know how big a blow it is, we will see.

“But if they are muscular problems, I can’t see how they can be fit in five or six days and ready for the next game.”

So with Monreal and Debuchy already out, not to mention Giroud, Walcott and Sanogo, Wenger will not have much chance to rotate his squad for the (very crucial for our season) game against Galatasary, and the (practically unwinnable) game at Stamford Bridge.

I’m not sure what our new much-lauded fitness coach has been preaching to Wenger, but the fact that our manager has let our squad become more and more depleted every year, despite our constant injury list, makes you wonder what he is thinking.

I now understand why Wenger wanted to lose against Southampton in the League Cup, but with our decimated squad perhaps we should have made that game a priority, because we are certainly not going to win any other trophy this season!

Oh well, at least we are still unbeaten in the League, lol…..


        1. not to mention are striking position- good depth?! haha wtf.

          welbeck is good but how many goals has he scored-lol
          sanogo? lol
          giroud meh needs must

          we are lacking in in defence an strikers- so good depth in every position translates to…
          we have a great midfield

      1. Yeah I probably did, because its the beginning of the season. Sure half of you dont want a tampons for the rest of the season? Jesus.

  1. When you gamble with the depth of your squad then injuries are going to hurt you. Given our injury record that gamble looks like utter stupidity its like pinning all your hopes on diaby being the saviour in the cdm position and then blaming bad luck when he gets injured 2 games in. Its not bad luck its a total lack of foresight and just plain bad management.

    1. The thing is though, the injuries have come mainly where we have depth in our squad — Wilshire, Arteta, Ramsey and Walcott. Your point would make sense if we had that many injuries in the back. One would have to be crazy to pin too many hopes on Diaby but he’s not a bad wildcard. And before anyone says that things would be sorted with Carvalho, just have a look at how Man City’s 30m signing from the Portuguese league is doing right now.

      1. i keep hearing wenger saying we cant find quality.
        which is BS, IMO; all it means is he cant find the quality that he wants for the money he’s willing to put out. (and its not like we dont have the money!)

        it all comes down to his stinginess.
        besides being frustrating, its boring now: seeing wenger F* up the same way each week (sanchez on bench, ozil on the left, ramsey/wilshire playing at same time, … … … … )

  2. I just see us embarrassed by the fact one opportunity when wilshere was clear and passed to Ramsey instead of özil or chamberlain just shows that arsenal need a new manager the board is convinced with Wenger and we are sitting ducks don’t know what to do.As per my best of interest just don’t watch the Chelsea match cause Fabregas doesn’t deserve to be booed upon and Wenger is deluded I just hope he signs a defensive mid cause this team is out of depth to perform Arsene is 65+ and his obsolete brain is just adamant.

  3. I get that the amount of points we’ve dropped and the number of injured, first team, players is too much but just losing all hope is not very helpful either.Many will say that this is the reality, and maybe it is, but cant you all just become hopeless deluded dreamers and support the team to win even when it is “practically impossible”
    Just moaning that we cant win anything, its just shameful for any supporter of any club

    I will supporting the team to win the EPL until it literally becomes impossible to win it or when we finally win it.

    1. The issue isn’t depth, its quality depth. Arsenal have a million CAMs and central players, but zero defensive cover or center half options. If you want to say we have a bigger squad by all means but better depth, I do not agree with.

      1. i can just see wenger thinking: i will buy quality players.

        and then i will play them wherever i want on the field.
        so i’ll just load up on CAMs and play them at left and CDM etc etc.

  4. What is the fume about??? I tot we hav atleast two players in each position..

    Chambers Per Kos Gibbs
    Flamini Wilshere
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

    Subs: Ospina, bellerin, hayden, campbell, podolski, Diaby, Rocisky

  5. Oh im gna luv the comments after chelsea give us a good spanking nxt week, 3,4 minimum and esp to all those “cesc h8rs” just be ready for a masterclass.

    Shocking performance yday only ozil was the class player rest are not on his level esp shity jack and “one season wonder” Rambo hu ppl on here and british media put in the “world class” bracket wen he is NO where near. I said last season consistency makes u world class not one season deluded fans on here are laffable.

    Throw diaby in who cares if he might get injured nothing new there,

  6. I’m not really panicking now. But I will panic if either kos, mert or chambers gets injured. Which may come soon seeing how unlucky we are.

  7. We need to pack the midfield against Chelsea and do counter attack. That includes putting Coquelin there with Flamini. Coquelin played fantastic last time at the Bridge almost two seasons ago, he was there with Diaby, we lost 2-1, Giroud missed a great 1 on 1 and Ramirez cheated to get a penalty. Yes Both Flamini and Coquelin are not technical players but they will go into the dirty tackles needed in that game, we need a resolute defence.


    1. Mert coquellin flamini… Chelski will think Xmas has arrived already…no way can this trio do anything for us… Need pace at back against Chelsea now as they won’t b parking the bus against us that’s for sure…. I listen to wenger and his string of tired excuses and just hope the day comes soon when we have a serious manager back at arsenal… Need to use the galatassary game to start building our best team kos and chambers in central defence Diaby in dfm… Not because he’s great but arteta and flamini are just embarrassing now and he adds height…. Ozil wilshere carzola and Sanchez have to start playing together as they are obviously our four class players who can and will bugger off elsewhere if the cheese eating surrender monkey sticks around to deliver another 4th place high….

      1. We need to make Mourinho think twice about his tactics. You very well know he will set up a stall and wait for our attack to break down, why don’t we for once try that against his side? Wengers tactics seems to be trying to attack with both full backs high up the pitch at the same time and both CB almost near the halfway line. That is suicidal defending and Tottenham almost caught us out about 3 times in the first half yesterday because of it, they just don’t have the final pass or they shot instead of passing. Dortmund caught us out with their first goal like this, Everton did that with their second goal, Man City with their first goal. These were three big games where our positioning of defenders and playing a high line cost us big points, in just a few seconds after we lost the ball.

  8. this time next week i will be either laughing or crying.
    when i say crying , not man tears- girlie high pitched someone took my teddy type tears

    1. haha….that is funny but Wenger on a serious note needs to go for a brain scan since a blind can see arsenal’s problems and he can’t is just madnesses

  9. theo has become the new diaby? really, is he out a whole year, sagna missed less time when he broke his leg in 3 places, i really dont get it…

    1. When is Theo back? Even with all the injuries, Diaby, Ox and Ozil playing behind Sanchez, Walcott and Welbeck is something to look forward to.

      1. The way I see the thinking behind AW we will rarely see the starting 11 with theo ozil sanchez coz he deeply thinks arteta,wilshere and rambo must play together and Ozil must start even as a left back so sanchez theo ox cazorla rosicky campbel have to fight for the RW/RM position

  10. we were all so happy to hear that we got a new fitness coach. but now i think we actually have more injuries than we did last year at this point.

    With this depleted squad, Wenger has to be on his A-game – Player time management, planning and strategizing tactics. Most importantly, he has to make sure our players are prepared both physically AND mentality. The mental game is half the battle. We can do this, I believe we can and our players/fans need to believe so too. So come on Wenger. Prepare our Gunners for the dangerous storms ahead.

    1. i’m sorry; wenger has no A game anymore.
      yesterday, he left sanchez on bench and played ozil left in a 4141.
      + he played wilshire/ramsey together again: when’s the last time that worked out?

  11. a fickle article from a fickle fan…
    you think coaching a club is like playing fifa 14..
    am sure the writer of this thought MANCITY will beat arsenal 6:0 this season. but we nearly won mancity…
    am sure u are expecting arsenal to lose by 8:0 to Chelsea…
    am very surprised for a so-called arsenal who wish arsenal should lose its very funny….
    every team has injuries problem but u wont see the real fan wishing their team to fail…dude if u cant support your team ,u better join city or chelsea….
    I know u wrote this bullshit so that other deluded and plastic fans like u will start crying that spoilt brats…

  12. First, I disagree (slightly). As long as we are still in the FA Cup we can win it.

    Next, we need to blame Wenger
    1. If he had played the right players and played everyone in the best positions and we would have a few more points. (ie playing Sanchez from beginning against Spuds and playing Ozil in the middle)
    2. Wenger should have signed another defender after selling Vermaelen and loaning Jenkinson
    3. Should have signed a top striker and top DM in summer.

    Our goal should be to keep close as possible to the top and make 2-3 big signings in January

  13. It’s September chill out they say but sorry, I’m a bit worried. Not sure where to begin but when I saw the team sheet yesterday I could not help but feel gutted, that when we had the chance to build on a strong performance we opted to withdraw/bench our best player so far. It’s evident that shear pace would have undone Tottenham, just look at what happened to Danny Rose, the OX broke him, the same would have happened to Norton and suddenly their defensive resolve would have looked inept. I blame the draw on Wenger, just to point out that I’m not a Wenger out proponent but sorry to say he does seem devoid of ideas. He seems hell bent on accommodating Wilshire and Ramsey at the expense of the best # 10 (in my opinion) and it took two travesties (injuries) for him to put Ozil where he should’ve been at the start.

    Fast Forward to the Chelsea game how are we going to line up. Thought we learned from our defeat at Dortmund that we are well open on the counter, no I think Chelsea does the counter attacking thing better than Dortmund so I can’t see how we’ll stop them, we just don’t have the players to solidify the midfield and provide assistance/cover for the defense. Wenger pointed out that Diaby is not ready, hmmm after playing 160 minutes, something tells me that he’s not recovered and Wenger is realizing it was a mistake of not buying a solid CDM.

    It’s gut wrenching to see our naivety year after year, there’s always a hope that this time Wenger will come around and do what everyone else is seeing and correct our deficiencies but I guess he’s to arrogant or ignorant to admit he’s wrong.

  14. In my opinion here is how I’d approach the Chelsea match.

    I won’t be fooled into thinking we have a better squad than Chelsea so first thing I’d analyze are the tactical limitations of the formations Chelsea play which are typically the 4 2 3 1 and the 4 3 3 especially with the injuries we have in mind. There are 2 formations that are especially good locking down a 4 2 3 1. A 3 5 2 and likewise another 4 2 3 1.

    A 3 5 2 is completely out of the question, Arsenal do not have the players for it nor is it something we even have remote experience with, however for any of you all that do have a long enough memory the 2 times Chelsea came across that formation, mind you not with Mourinho at the helm it gave them trouble on each occasion. Once was a couple of seasons ago when Chelsea played liverpool at the bridge and left with a point, the other was the 2011 – 2012 season when Chelsea played Juventus in the group stages of the CL and drew at the bridge and lost in Turin 3 – 0. I won’t go into too much detail because as I said before we simply don’t have the players for it but a good formation to go against the aforementioned is simply another 4 2 3 1.

    It has the effect of simply cancelling itself out. With the players in mind strangely enough we could play it pretty well. Welbeck up top, Sanchez out left, Ozil in the middle, Oxlade out right and the back 6. The big problem however is who will play in the center defense. With Ramsey and Arteta out we only have Chambers capable of playing alongside Flamini and with him playing at full back it leaves…potentially Diaby. Make of that what you will.

    I think Ox has more than enough pace to give Azpilicueta something to think about down his flank I completely trust Sanchez vs Ivanovic. The real problem comes in nullifying Hazard, Fabregas, Matic and Diego Costa.

    THAT is the big problem

  15. Just as constant bombardment of injuries, we cannot have just one game without any. Either something in the training/fitness regime is very wrong or our players are just pitiful, weak and delicate flowers who break easily. Not sure which one it is but it’s got beyond a joke.

    1. I think you got right there. Some of our players are too delicate, hence they can’t play 3 games consecutively without picking up injuries. Caution to the Gooners: Stop insulting Mr Arsene Wenger, he is old enough, well educated and informed to father some of you youngsters. We are not playing Chelsea now, but Galatasaray. We should be concentration on this next game first and not to be distracting the Gunners with Chelsea fear. Moreover, who has prophesied that Chelsea cannot have injury crisis and have a bad run of results? No Club have played match day number 9, which almost a quarter of the maximum 38 Barclays Premier League fixtures. And we have not lost any game in the BPL so far. So, why are some Gooners lacking discipline in their comments. We are at the Moment having our own share of the injury crisis. Others may start having there’s in January-February-March winter crunch time. And as we’ve had ours in the summer, those 3 winter months could turn out to be our solace period. Let our criticisms be objective instead of becoming too subjective.

  16. Not really, but the draw with Totenham was a bad result. Coupled with some shortage of lack, I feel that the team lacks aggresiveness… they need to be more goal hungry, Welbeck needs to remember he was brought as an upgrade to Giroud, TO SCORE GOALS!
    That said, we will need some luck to get a good result from Chelsea as my openion is that Chelsea belong to another class, a better one!

    Is all lost? The answer is NO, not yet. The team bet Man City in Community Shield and were unlucky not to repeat it in EPL, Villa display was pure class too. With Arteta and Ramsey out, Flamini and Diaby are able deputies, after all Ramsey was playing poorly and Arteta is past his peak. I feel that Jack got a slight knock and will brush it away, PLAYING RAMSEY AND JACK TOGETHER DOES NOT WORK,so Jack will play box- t-box role and Ozil in the hole (behind Welbeck)

    —————–Coquelin(if Jack unfit) ————Diaby—————–
    Sanchez ————— -Welbeck ——————- Cazorla

    BENCH: Ospina, Coquelin(if Jack plays), Heyden, Bellerin, Ox, Rosicky, Campbell, Flamini,
    Flamini or Coquelin may come in for tired Diaby at the hour mark, Carzola is also able to play b to b while Coquelin/ Jack drifts deeper and Campbell comes in for left flank. Lets not forget we have the OX too.

    There needs to be competition for central striking role and hope Walcott comes back soon and strong as he and Sanchez can play there too. The team should be more aggressive and score goals. Beautiful football/ possession does not win matches, goals do.

    Come January, Giroud will hopefully have returned. Wenger should strengthen the defence and holding defensive position. that’s ATLEAST TWO SIGNINGS,….cannot imagine what we’d be going through ig the to derby injuries occured to back four (like it did in midfield)!

    Podolski, Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini may be released in january and summer transfer windows. The slots to be filled by Afobe, Gnabry, (sign Rabiot/Carvalho/Khedira and Reus).

    1. pod/roz/arteta & flam will NOT be released in jan.
      thats not wenger’s style, i’m sorry to say.
      u simply cannot buy 4 replacements in jan.
      we’re stuck w them until next summer (and knowing wenger, he may offer arteta another 2 years)

      roz, i think could come good if we play him only in CL. but he needs a run-out more often; he looked v.rusty.
      pod just looks like he couldnt care any more.
      flam/arteta shouldve been replaced this last summer. negligence by wenger.

  17. Missing out on the title has little or even nothing to do with injuries.Or u are talking about missing out on our jackpot- 4th place?

  18. What happened to this miracle German doctor that was going to keep our players in good shape and reduce injuries. Dr Houdini lol

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