Injury expert reveals why it makes little sense for Arsenal’s new signing to bulk up

Ben Dinnery believes it doesn’t make sense for Fabio Vieira to add weight at Arsenal.

The midfielder has just joined the Gunners from FC Porto, where he was impressive in the last campaign.

The Premier League is a very physical competition and attackers often have to bulk up to challenge defenders in it successfully.

The 21-year-old Vieira seems underweight and as he spends time on the sidelines recovering from an injury, that is an opportunity for him to bulk up.

Arsenal could be tempted to allow him to do that, but the Premier League injury expert, Dinnery believes his current weight allows him to play his type of football comfortably.

If he becomes bigger, that could be a problem, and Arsenal already has more than enough bigger players.

He tells Football Insider:

“Arteta likes to play fast, flowing football. They already have the enforcers as the mainstays of the defensive lines. They are also now recruiting exciting, explosive players around them.

“Vieira is going to be the sort of player that sits in between the two. You want him to play like the player you identified in recruitment, so it doesn’t make sense to bulk up.”

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Vieira did well in Portugal with his present weight, and that means it is just perfect for his body.

Bulking up will make him more physical, but he is not a player that needs to be physically bigger to deliver fine performances.

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  1. OT: can anyone remember which article it was where Pat listed all the streaming sites showing the games?

    I thought it was one of the articles justbefore the Palace game, but I think I’ve checked all of them around that time and I can’t find it.


    1. The best sites ,and I’ve been streaming for over 10 years now are
      Vipleague .
      Eplsite .
      Hes goal ,but for some reason last 2 weeks on my end they haven’t shown out games .

      1. Hesgoal clearly got a pay off from the Premier League, they don’t show games anymore. They did state it for a long time on the home page.

        1. Yea thought it weird last weekend when no games came up ,no loss as their streams were poor quality but you never had to get through 500 ads to get to a game .
          Always a back up if I struggled on the other 2 which happens from time to time .

          1. Think they did it towards the end of last season. Was only using them for 15:00 KO that year had sky/bt. I’m sans bt now but had nowtv for game 1/3.

            As an aside I think it is an absolute joke that everywhere else in the world can watch 15:00 ko’s and we can’t in the UK. The original argument for that was that nobody would go to games if it was on telly. Clearly not true and should of been fixed years ago.

            1. Always US tv that stream the games as they have them free over there from what I’ve read .
              It’s always been the deal that 3 pm games will never get shown live here because of what you detailed Angus .
              How much longer that continues is up for debate ,but I doubt this will be the case in the next couple of years .

              1. I agree that the broadcasting rules over here are annoying.

                Have you tried using a VPN? The more expensive routers have it built in, or you could download Opera browser which has one built in to it.

                There are other free and paid options as well ofc.

                Using it set to show an IP address in the USA should let you see their content.

        1. That was to Dan for the site suggestions – didn’t realise it would come out at the bottom of the posts :/

          1. replies hit replies so dan and mines conversation is above because they were 1st replies and subsequent conversation. Your original response was indeed to Dan.

            1. Sure, just that the conv way is threaded, it wasn’t obvious who I was replying to 🙂

              I would’ve used @ if I’d realised what was going to happen.

  2. Not sure about his weight ,but get rid of the Goatee .
    KDB ,that kid is a magician ,Newcastle good money for their point but he’s something special .
    Good results for us over the weekend ,gives us a head start for the lean patch that always happens to every team .

    1. Here’s a question Dan, KDB or Berkamp? Can’t have both 🤔
      Although They played slightly different positions, they kind of do the same job…..

      1. Bergkamp every time
        Probably my all time favourite TBF .
        Like you said slightly different but yea Dennis every day of the week ,just think players from that era are way above to what we see now .
        KDB for me now though is the best player in the world and as been for the last 3 seasons

        1. Yep I feel the same, amount of times Dennis just opened he’s body up and send a side footed curler into top corner, seemed a great bloke as well….

          1. A first touch you rarely see these days ,some of the best assists I’ve ever witnessed and the best goal I’ve ever seen (Newcastle )
            And a nasty streak to go with it .
            Complete player .

        2. My fav too with Arsenal partly his magic also his work ethic. Just think KDB is on a different level. Not sure modern training techniques would of elevated Bergkamp that way, he was already going above beyond then.

      2. Very different players. Pains me but KDB all day long. Less flashy goals but more (plenty of flashy enough ones) and the assists to boot and the physical presence he has. Testament to KDB that he could surpass Bergkamp legend in his own right.

    2. He really is magic. Why I dropped Salah for him in fantasy football, always felt it was Salah vs haaland for 2nd premium and I wanted haaland personally, most decided it was KDB fully fit they would drop, weird. Unfortunately I followed the crowd and dropped Schar for Perisic. Cost me both insane points (Schar was top defender week 1) and a transfer to bring in Dunk after. Was worried my Spurs bias was showing and followed the crowd 🙂 The other change I made was to switch captain from haaland to aat and lost 12 points that way. Lesson there, trust yourself.

  3. OT Balogun scored again 3 in 3
    Everything is going well in the Arsenal world, too well… 😎

    1. He’s on fire, our squad is in such a good place with Balogun, Patino, Azeez, Cuffy and now Marquinhis all banging on the door. Walters was trusted in preseason too and oliyinka has started well for the u23’s.

      1. 👍🏾 Now that the overhaul of the squad is pretty much completed, we are now at that stage where we only need to add 1-2 top quality players every summer and with the academy in good health we should be set for the next 3-5 years to compete at the top.

  4. I do foresee lightweight Vieira being bashed by tough , stronger and fouling opponents. Our Prem is much harder than foreign leagues and you need at least some strength.

    Too early to say how effective he may or may not be, but to my mind adding muscle will definitely help him.

    Adding bulk,meaning muscle, does NOT slow you down but make you more powerful and dynamic , like top level sprinters are.

    1. To be fair top level sprinters run in a straight line for a very short period of time 15 seconds if they are bad.

        1. Angus I’d rather ask how many muscular but speedy footballers do we see at top level, as footballers are relevant to Vieira and distance runners are not. St MAXIMIN FOR ONE .

          Plainly, I was not saying Vieira should put on four stones but he needs to add muscle mass to his too skinny frame to be effective in our tough and highly physical Prem. At least that is MY opinion, though it seems not to be yours and that’s fine too.

          1. Football is an explosive so there is a balance. You specifically said sprinters so I replied to that.

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