Injury expert warns about the impact of a stop-start campaign on Arsenal

Arsenal has not played a game since they lost to Manchester United in the Premier League two weekends ago.

Their next game was called off because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

They will return to action this weekend, before an international break next week.

There would also be a FIFA World Cup in November and league matches will be paused across the world.

This start and stop campaign could pose an injury headache to some players in the different teams, including Arsenal.

The injury expert, Ben Dinnery has explained how that could happen and warns the Gunners.

He tells Football Insider:

“It’s difficult because the season is very stop-start.

“You need to maintain those levels of fitness where you’re not overworking the players. One week you’re going to be playing three fixtures every eight days, then you have these breaks. It’s feast or famine.

“It’s that downtime when you really need to focus and manage the players.

“I think this season is going to throw up some really interesting insights in terms of data. We won’t fully understand the impact of schedule changes, congestion or the World Cup until June or July.”

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We need to keep our players fit for much of this campaign and they need to continue playing to maintain their fitness.

It remains unclear if Arsenal will train much for the duration of the World Cup, but that will help.

We would need to find a way to keep the players left at home fit and ready to continue winning matches at the restart of the league.

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  1. I find it bizarre that anyone thinks top athletes stop training.

    In other sports, players like Richie McCaw (long-time All Blacks’ captain) used to go out for long runs every day, all year round, in all weather – his engine never stopped, he was everywhere on the field because he stayed fit all the time.

    It’s not something you do to prepare for games, you stay fit and then you take games in your stride.

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