Injury gives Arsenal star BIG England chance

It is unfortunate on the player that he will replace of course, but the Arsenal and England international defender Calum Chambers has been handed a fantastic chance to impress Gareth Southgate in the opening game of the Euro under 21 tournament for England.

As reported by the BBC today, the young Everton centre back John Stones has suffered a head injury during England training and although it does not sound like a serious problem, the manager has confirmed that the need to be cautious with head injuries means that Stones will definitely miss the first game and probably the second.

There are other central defenders in the squad but Southgate used our young Gunner in the final warm up game and with Chambers having dropped down from the senior side to go to these finals, you would think that he would get the nod for the opening game against Portugal tonight.

And if he does well, Southgate will probably start him against Sweden on Sunday and then who knows? The manager might not want to change a winning team and even if Stones, who is probably his first choice, does come back in then Chambers could secure the place alongside him.

Whatever happens then, some high level games as a centre back, as well as the invaluable experience of tournament football should be very handy indeed for Chambers and also for Arsenal. Go get em Calum!

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  1. I hope he does impress because he hasn’t really impressed Arsenal this season well at least hasn’t reflected the £16 million price tag YET

    I’m sure in the future he will. Just needs more playing time to improve

    1. All the top teams in the EPL are either making signings(Man Utd,Liverpool) or making bids and enquiries (Man City-Sterling and Chelsea-Falcao.)We are the only ones who are standing

    2. All the top teams in the EPL are either making signings(Man Utd,Liverpool) or making bids and enquiries (Man City-Sterling and Chelsea-Falcao.)We are the only ones who are standing last in queue.

    3. All the top teams in the EPL are either making signings(Man Utd,Liverpool) or making bids and enquiries (Man City-Sterling and Chelsea-Falcao.)We are the only ones who are standing last in the queue.

  2. Man City has had second bid rejected for Sterling. Apparently focusing now on Jack Wilshere. May make a £30 million bid

    1. Jack is going nowhere he’s one of the brightest talents in the game, it would be foolish to sell him. Only if we can get a player like Vidal in exchange, I hear Vidal and Alexis are really good buddies maybe there is a chance of us snapping him. If we get cech that will clearly send signals of our intend to win trophies and with players like ozil and Sanchez why not. We might end up seeing Vidal in an arsenal shirt

    2. I heard they were going for a £40million bid for Jack, and a £45million bid for Sterling. They want sterling in this window no matter what the cost and EITHER Jack or Ross Barkley in this window, and to pursue whichever they don’t get in the next window. They view them as direct replacements for David Silva (?) and James milner respectively… Mind you I heard this all from someone who works at their academy who also said they were going after Ibrahimovic so it could be a load of bollocks.

      Jack won’t leave this window, he has already expressed his loyaltly to Arsenal in an interview and even in song. He is tied up with his contract still and has expressed no desire to leave, so it will take a new English record to get him.

  3. It will be nice to see how Chambers performs on Sunday. He started last season pretty well playing as a CB. I think he should be groomed as a ‘CB’. Hector and Debuchy are better RB’s. All the best Chambers on Sunday. You play for Arsenal and I give you my support…..

    1. Yes that’s true
      Chambers is better as CB than RB. He should also be groomed as DM in case we don’t get one. I’d prefer Chambers focuses on CB and DM. Hopefully when Debuchy eventually leaves Jenkison will be our RB with Bellerin

      1. You know Rioch played Keown as a holding CM for a short while to help him develop as a CB?

        I think Chambers is destined for CB, I was massivly impressed with him when he played there in the charity shield but he is still young and got LOADS of years left in him, a couple years playing a holding CM role wouldn’t hurt him in the long run.

        My main question then becomes, can we trust him in those roles while going for the title?

        Maybe a loan could do him more good than sitting on the bench for the next season? As long as we have a recall option then we can fall back on him if we have our usual injury curse.

        1. He got unfair stick on here for his RB outings. As emergency cover for a 19 yr old rookie in his first few weeks after moving here I thought he did better than OK in the circumstances. However, everything he has said and Wenger has said clearly indicates he is being groomed for CB. I think he will be top class as our CB for hopefully a decade – he is also a decent footballer, can pass and is neat in possession.

  4. Benik Afobe is also being called up for U21 I have always wondered why we let him go. I hope he does well, and I hope we have a buy back clause 🙂 🙂

    1. @sohara
      Can’t wait to see this young brother roll out. Hope he gives AW something to think twice about…

  5. Mirror reporting that our GK soach is in talks to join Swansea staff. This may be a sign that Cech is coming and wants to bring his coach in that he’s been with forever. Just a rumour though but another sign Cech may be coming… and Reports that Ospina may be leaving after only 1 season. Unfortunate, but bound to happen if Cech is coming in.

  6. OT; reason i think arsene is delaying with any transfers to do a striker and/or DM, should be that maureen will not allow cech to join us if we strengthen in those departments. you all know how silly maureen can be towards us n wouldnt want to have to assist us in adding the last pieces to the puzzle.

    1. never thought about that but good point. Right after we got Ozil he pulled back from selling us Ba if I recall.

  7. chambers should av known that wenger doesnt know how to gloom defenders expect for a few cases but luckily we have bould for that.
    i think he should have been loaned back to

        1. We are constantly producing fullbacks, Cole went on to be one of the best in Europe. I dont know why we cannot produce a CB, but we havent had a good English one in forever. I dont think its hopeless for Chambers though. He just needs a solid run of playing time. He was really good at CB when we had a lot of injuries but got overplayed and lost form. We can all agree that Chambers has no future at RB though.

    1. Wenger has had less luck with defense but what you said shows very little personal knowledge of the Arsenal team over the years.

      Believe it or not but the best defense Arsenal has had that I have witnessed (over 30 years) was the one where we went unbeaten, that was built up by… Oh yes, Wenger.

      Mad Jens.

      Cashley Cole was a Wenger prduct.
      Kolo Toure was a unknown when he came to us and Wenger moved him into a CB.
      Campbel was stolen from the Spuds 😀
      Lauren was again another unknown and underapreciated player.

      I would say Kos has developed into a top defender, Bellerin is doing damn well since Wenger moved him from RW. Gibbs only real problem is his fitness and having to regain match sharpness due to fitness issues otherwise he is a top defender.

      Gail Clichy done well and evident to where he moved to, not a bad development by Wenger again.
      Sagna was a good player when he came to us when he was 23?24? and became one of the best RB in the world while playing for us… now he warms Citys bench.

      There have been flops as well but Wenger has had flops in the attacking area as well, to pick out the def is kinda harsh.

      I would say Weenger has had less luck with developing holding midfielders and GKs, if the def has a weak belly ahead of it and a poor GK behind then of course the def will have problems but the def was not always the issue.

    1. I hope Miyachi can restart his career, he has lots of promise but doesn’t seem capable of handling physical side yet, he might end up like Podolski though.
      Good for poor teams. poor for good teams.

      1. Podolski was not poor for us though, why do people keep saying that? He didn’t fit the typical Arsenal style but he always came up with goals, important ones too and was a solid player for us. Arsenal just wasn’t the perfect fit for him but to say he failed here is just wrong.

  8. Well Chambers did not get the nod tonight…and our defence was ABYSMAL. Haha if Jones is still out they really need to consider giving Chambers the nod.

    On the plus side, Jenk was probably the best performer for England tonight and did alot of good work down that right. He may still be raw, but the kid is definitely a good player.

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