Injury leaves Draxler to Arsenal transfer in ruins

According to recent Arsenal transfer rumours, the FC Schalke and Germany international star Julian Draxler was thought to be high on the list of potential signings for Arsene Wenger in the January transfer window that is fast approaching. But the exciting young player has suffered yet another injury setback.

The attacking midfielder only lasted 11 seconds of his club’s most recent Bundesliga game, a narrow home win over Augsburg on Friday evening. And the injury has been named as a pulled thigh muscle that will see him play no more part for Schalke or Germany for the rest of this year.

So not only does this pretty much rule out a transfer bid for Draxler from the Gunners in January, because he will not have had time to prove his fitness by then, it could mean that the German may never end up coming to play in north London. Draxler has not long been fit enough to play again after the injury that ruled him out of the World Cup finals in Brazil.

Surely Wenger will think that there are enough young injury prone players in the Arsenal ranks for us to risk spending a lot of money on another one. And if the Frenchman is keen to strengthen Arsenal’s options in that area as early as January, then we could end up with a player like Marco Reus, hopefully, and that could mean that we give up on Draxler.

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  1. KickAssFan says:

    Draxler is just overrated. Let’s forget about him. We need bulldozers in our midfield.

    1. Thando says:

      I would like arsenal to sign draxler since podolski will be living and by the look of things campbell will go too,plus we would be adding someone who is willing to fight like sanchez but before that we need a cb and dm

      1. rd_gunner says:

        why would you want to spend 30 million on a player when u already have campbell- Not a better player than Campbell. If we are willing to spend that money- would rather spend it on Reus- without an iota of doubt!

    2. true goon says:


    3. vince says:

      we dont know if podo will be leaving.
      and draxler is hugely overrarted. dont think hes better than ox or campbell ffs

  2. leo says:

    arsenal should go 4 reus or pedro either would be great + a cb & cdm

    1. Usmanov says:

      To think that at some point during the last transfer window, I hoped that Barcelona sold us Pedro instead of Sanchez? Wow!
      Anyway, I don’t think that Pedro is better than Podolski at the moment.

      1. SoOpa AeoN says:

        @ usmanov ….. I had always wanted sanchez once i heard he was no Longer in Luis enrique’s plan ….. Pedro? Never dreamt of him

  3. leo says:

    why was joe Campbell not even squad & wenger should drop cazorla/welbeck & give chance 2 Campbell & podolski

    1. Usmanov says:

      Come to think of it; Considering that they are of the same age group, Is Draxler a far better potential than Campbell? I honestly think that Campbell is a more accomplished player at the moment. And yet, he is not even making the bench regularly.
      We may never know the exactly reason Campbell isn’t making it right now. However, if he is working hard enough to deserve a chance, then he has to be given the chance he DESERVES. Or for the sake of his career, I’ll advice him to move on to another club the moment he gets the chance. I like him as a player.

    2. ethangooner says:

      Because Joel Campbell is not as good as these two. He is not strong enough to lead the line like Welback and is not as technical gifted as Carzola. People tend to like players who score (Podolski, Campbell) but we need other qualities than just finishing skill. Obviously we need people who know how to put chance away but before that we need ones to create chances in the first place.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        You need to pay more attention to Joel’s abilities dude…

      2. rd_gunner says:

        Campbell can create..may be u did not see him at the world cup. I would in fact think the other way round. Since we do not have a world class 30 goal striker, we need to share the gaoal scoring burden- that is why we need wingers like Campbell/Podolski and Theo to score more often! that is why I think the Ox does not cut it for me. He needs to make good passes in the final third and score goals !

        1. ethangooner says:

          I watched him in the World Cup, I supported Germany but when possible I watched all game with Arsenal player playing. Except the first game, the rest he did not fully convince me. What I like him the most is his killer instinct in front of goal and accept he has huge potential and can become very good player for us. But at the moment saying he is outright better than Carzola or the OX and deserve to start is far fetched. I watched him in all the sub minutes, he is not better than the OX – we may think differently, so I just share my opinion here. Yesterday game, the OX was the 3rd best Arsenal player on the pitch after Alexis and possibly Chambers. Sometimes I feel when things are not going the right way, we all hastily press the panic button and want immediate changes – either sack the manager or replace some players – which may not be the right things to do, players are human beings and they have up and down (Chelsea is playing badly now).
          If there is one manager who favours youth it is Wenger, he brought in Campbell in the first place, rejected all the good offers coming for him during the summer – so don’t think Wenger hate him or anything. This is the first season he train with Arsenal (he never played for our youth team due to work permit problem), Wenger may want him learn to play the Arsenal way and know his teammate better. I dont agree with Wenger in many things but still trust him in bringing up young talent

  4. Usmanov says:

    Exciting player, great potential. But I will not shed a tear if he doesn’t end up at the Arsenal. Why? We already have at least two players with similar potential + we have ALEXIS SANCHEZ.
    The one “injury-prone” player I may prefer that we gamble on, is Khedira. Why? What he offers, we need so desperately. He most likely will be avialable on a free transfer. There are not so many of his type around + the only closest one we have (Diaby) is a total injury wreck.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    who says REUS isn’t just as good or far better?

    1. atid says:

      Reus is certainly as injury prone.

  6. Usmanov says:


    The recent qoutes below says it all for me:

    “I think Arsene Wenger has a very good team at Arsenal but I do think they need one player in midfield in the mould of Patrick Vieira,” he told Sky Sports.
    “They need a tall player, a strong player because in England you need players who are physical. That position is very important and I think that is the only missing piece .” – Robert Pires.

    “people say that we lack a physical presence in midfield, one profile at a Vieira or Petit, it’s true that this is what we need .”
    – Arsene Wenger.

  7. Twig says:

    Correction: Draxler did play at the last world cup.

    In any case, since when has injury determined if Arsenal buys a player or not especially in January???

  8. Sank89 says:

    Get Rues, Wanyama and Hummels

  9. Thando says:

    @leo we dont need players above the age 20-25 since we are building a team of young players,so no pedro plz

  10. vijaygunner says:

    f**k draxler, is there a next alexis sanchez out there?!

    1. Thando says:

      No there is only one sanchez and he plys for arsenal

  11. JHB GUNNER says:

    and in other news
    to all the fans that leaves the
    Emirates 10min before the end.
    f##k you all, calling your selfs
    Arsenal supporters.
    we must be the team with the
    worst home supporters in the
    epl, can’t stay till the end of a
    match and out cheered by the
    away teams.
    just sad we always blame players
    and managers, when we aren’t even
    getting behind the team.
    it’s time for the 12man to get
    behind the team at home and lif
    them up when we can see they
    are struggling.

    1. Thando says:

      Our home supporters lack class

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Like school in August – no class

    2. Jake the Snake says:

      No if you actually thought about why people leave 10 mins early you’d see that there is a very big reason. People need to get the train home, and if that train leaves on the 90th minute they’re not going to stay whole match then wait 30-45 mins for the next one.

  12. Justsoccerfan says:

    There is no use to debate about transfer in this forum because all these rumours never come true. We won’t buy more than one WC in one season and those players you all highlights, you must see did they will take over the place of wenger favourite. Wenger will never buy a top LW cos that go against his plan. We got a lot of wingers but Wenger don’t like to use them so what the point of buying top winger.

    Wenger only look for his best 11 and his best 11 doesn’t mean WC 11, as for players on the bench will be just player for back up or just to play the last 15 mins or micky mouse cup. To wenger those players just need to cover for his 11 when they are injured or suspended. When they are available, the back up will go back to the bench again.

    Now look at our team and think like Wenger, who will he buy?

    CF: Nope
    LW/RW: Nope (we got too many, yes poldi will be leaving soon but Wenger won’t buy a well known player to take over).
    CAM: Nope
    DM: Yes (that the position he will buy but will be the one he want not us).
    LB/RB: Nope.
    CB: Yes (maybe he will buy a quality to take over mert who knows cos we got chamber, maybe he will just buy a unknown back up).

    Just my opinion that I find no point of debating about who should we buy cos when did we buy any that link with us.

  13. cheeterspotter says:

    What a welcome change, they get injured before we buy them.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Before if they wanted a move to Arsenal, the player would hand in a transfer request. Now they just get injured to get themselves on physioroom where Wenger does most of his scouting.

  14. supertuur says:

    Forget Draxler, he is not even a natural left plus he cost o lot of money. Winger wise after we sell Podolski we have Alexis, Walcott, Ox & Gnabry. Campbell will possibly be sold as well.

    We all know CD & CDM are needed. Now lets spend some money there.

  15. GoonerG1 says:

    If Wenger buys any attacking midfielders without first buying a CDM he should be shot.

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