Injury list NOT reason for Arsenal struggles says Monreal

Following on the back of yet another draw for Arsenal, the trip to Belgium to face Anderlecht is a very important game for the Gunners. It gives us a great opportunity to bounce right back from the visit of Hull City on Saturday, but it also puts more pressure on Arsene Wenger and his injury depleted squad.

But although Arsenal are without Olivier Giroud, Mesut Ozil, Mathieu Debuchy, Yaya Sanogo and possibly Laurent Koscielny, the man who might replace the French centre back does not think that we can use the long injury list as any excuse for a failure to get the right result on the pitch.

A Sky Sports reveals that Nacho Monreal believes that Arsenal have a strong enough and talented enough squad to cope with problems like this and feels that it is up tyo the Gunners that are fit, including himself, to get the job done. The Spaniard does accept that we have had some real bad luck so far this season with the players that have picked up injuries, but he is determined to do whatever is asked of him to help the club get past it.

Monreal said, “The Champions League is THE competition for club teams.

“Injuries are a handicap to us but if we do want to go through we are going to need everyone playing at the top of their game.

“We will not use injuries as an excuse. The squad is 24 or 25 players and the rest of the squad has to come in and maintain our level. We won’t use it as an excuse.

“I haven’t played much as a central defender, I’m naturally more of a left-back, but if the manager wants me to play there, I would do my best.

“Injuries affect all teams but we have had some bad luck. Many of our important players are out and that obviously has an impact.”

The champions of Belgium are no pushovers, obviously, but they were well beaten at home by Borussia Dortmund in the last group game and Arsenal must do the same, injuries or not. Is Monreal right not to use injuries as an excuse?

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  1. Demwan Jones says:

    Even with our first team, we still play shitty game to a certain degree conceding stupid goals

    1. KickAssFan says:

      “I’ve never played with someone before who
      times their runs so perfectly and keeps doing
      it, time after time.” ____Jack Wilshere

      So, just where else and how long has Jack been playing that he thinks he’s seen so much enof to hype up Theo like that? The English and “hype”. #smh

  2. th14 says:

    Been really impressed with Monreal this season he was even decent the other day at CB.
    he’s probably the best crosser at the club, I think we should try putting him on corners, I mean its worth a try not like were scoring them anyway.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Admin, plz reply…

      I have posted countless comments but none was found. Sometimes one I attempt to re-post a particular comment, I get notified it’s a duplicate comment, even though it can’t be seen posted.

      I’m hoping u’d see dis complaint becuz this one just be one of my numerous attempts to get to u.

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Ignore the errors, hope u understand me.

  3. Dee@ease says:

    The spine of our team is weak,we have a very soft centre throughout the team,we need world class CB’s,DM,Ozil @ 10 and a striker in order to do well in the Premier league and Champions League

  4. th14 says:

    If Walcott hits the form he had before his injury, ozil and Ramsey hit there September–November form, welbeck and Sánchez continue their good form and Mertasacker is dropped or plays like he did last year we could actually do some serious damage with this team. But we currently have so many players underperforming and a formation that doesn’t work…

    1. Brada b says:

      & a brainless manager!!!

  5. Greg says:

    We lack consistency! The ability to kill off teams as we should have done with spurs, leicester city and hull city! 3points that should have been 9 points! Coyg!

  6. Andrew AFC says:

    Just let your football do the f-cking talking and get on with it.

  7. GOONSTER says:

    We have too many weak players, weak mentally, physically and emotionally. I won’t name names, but if we want to compete and win big trophies then we need real men and not cuties in the team..

    Some players in the team are just liabilities.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Admin, plz reply…

      I have posted countless comments but none was found. Sometimes one I attempt to re-post a particular comment, I get notified it’s a duplicate comment, even though it can’t be seen posted.

      I’m hoping u’d see dis complaint becuz this one just be one of my numerous attempts to get to u.

      ADMIN COMMENT – I can’t see anything wrong this end. Maybe you should create a new account to see if it continues…..

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      19 years old. So when many on here whine about our young guns too young for 1st team starts I say watch him or Sterling leading the line and killin it…

      1. Thando says:

        @ ny gunner sometimes you have to throw them in the deep

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          They could be taking up the slack during this injury spell…

  8. LoCkAy says:


    Well said mate.

    Everything starts with head.

    If your head is f*cked, even as human being you cannot function.

    Wenger is not there, just not there… Tactically, work rate wise, professionally (his staff have proven they are, most of them, incompetent to a highest level… Shad Forsythe told the German newspapers that he will need at least a year just to level it up before implying his own strategies. He said that preparation technics were, and I quote, “prehistorical”…!!) and he just does not have the hunger…

    He has stole himself into a routine that suits him…!!
    He has no pressure from the hierarchy at the club because he is part of the problem himself.

    As a matter of fact, it does matter who we get in January (if we get someone), it just won’t work because he does not have the tools himself to produce a winning formula.

    My question is… Are we embarking ourselves in 3 years of this sh*t?

    I mean, we are supposed to improve every season and win trophies (Well, that is what a top club does), but still we seemed to rebuilt, reconstruct and get weaker year after year….!!!

    Top four, top four, top four… I see and read fans talking about top four… I mean is this what Arsenal is about? Top four?
    Can we just aim higher or better????

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      The difference between the number one golfer in the world and the twentieth is wants in the head.

  9. pubgooner says:

    After watching the last game over and over again. I have come to this assumption, if Ozil was fit; this game would have easily been won. It was just a matter of a couple of incisive passes going through at the right time. Ox and Jack were terrible in executing this!

    1. GOONSTER says:

      We have had him since last season and this season but how many games have we seen his so called incisive passes?

  10. fred cowardly says:

    At the moment United are losing to West Bromwich. That may change but it shows how important defense is as United have an amazing offense. The invincibles had an amazing defense in addition to Viera, a top DM.

    We desperately need to strengthen our back line and DM position in addition to a top class striker

    1. Brada b says:

      Spot on fred

  11. Andrew AFC says:

    We have got enough talent in midfield. Why do our defenders bomb forward so much. Lets go back to the old Arsenal, boring as it may have been we could have given any team in the world a run for their money.

  12. Mick The Gooner says:

    2 more points dropped by United. Chelsea and Man City next in line for them, another game at Palace and then they’re coming to the Emirates.

    Please tell me Koscielny will be fit for that game, we can’t play Mertesacker, Chambers and Bellerin against Rooney, RVP, Di Maria and Falcao. If Kosc is fit, 3 points in the bag.

  13. GOONSTER says:

    Di maria is so good..

  14. mr lean says:

    Fans group are arguing with themselves at the moments so come on Aisa,BSM and AST unite to get rid of the American leech that is sucking the life out of our great club and stop fighting each other.

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      How would that happen? I don’t think us fans have a billion pounds to buy him out.

      1. mr lean says:

        Protest at games,boycott games,not buy the merchandise as soon as those share prices start to drop he will bail out.

        1. Andrew AFC says:

          @mr lean
          Do you know a good hit man, it would be cheeper and not cost the club money 🙂

          1. mr lean says:

            Great idea mate,might take an advert out in the next home programme lol !

          2. Andrew AFC says:

            PS to quote AMS YOUR FIRED 🙂 🙂 🙂

          3. mr lean says:

            Bring back George graham !

          4. Andrew AFC says:

            Did you win?
            I couldn’t have said it any better bring Dein as well.

          5. mr lean says:

            Draw eight all ! Dein would not had let our club get in this mess

          6. NY_Gunner says:

            @mr lean
            Why, so Georgie boy can take some more brown envelopes?

          7. Andrew AFC says:

            The thing GG did wrong was to be caught.

  15. Thando says:

    Manu have the sh*test defence, i hope wenger plays speedy players

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      If Man United play three at the back they need to watch our speed. They will score 1 and we will score 4. Anyone for Arsenal 8-2 Man United 🙂

      1. mr lean says:

        At the moment mate I would be happy with a one nil win with a Rvp own goal

        1. Andrew AFC says:

          I am going with 8-2 with two RVP own goals 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. Andrew AFC says:

            You have got to laugh 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

          2. mr lean says:

            If we win 8-2 I will buy you a ticket to a home game and that’s a promise mate

          3. Andrew AFC says:

            I still need to buy you a shirt so we can call it quits.

          4. mr lean says:

            Look forward to that day mate,I hope you have a good day Tuesday speak soon mate

  16. mr lean says:

    Watching the walking dead and the walkers walk and act like those muppets who go to shite hart lane ! Brainless zombies ! With no future lol

  17. Thando says:

    For that to happen we need to play sanchez welback campbell

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      Through the f-cking kitchen sink at them and knock them all out 🙂

      1. mr lean says:

        Beats throwing pizza at them !

  18. Andrew AFC says:

    Sorry everyone I have had enough of the negative shit including my own. I thought I would have a laugh 🙂

    1. mr lean says:

      You always make me laugh !

  19. fred cowardly says:


    Podolski put in Twitter that “Hell would freeze over” before he would sign with Spurs. LoL

    1. mr lean says:

      Brilliant I love poldi

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      @fred cowardly
      I’d trade him for Eriksen though…

      1. Thando says:

        @Ny gunner what is eriksen real position?

    3. Andrew AFC says:

      Goodnight all I am off to watch devils advocate 🙂

      1. mr lean says:

        Night mate

        1. Andrew AFC says:

          TC and I hope to see you soon.

  20. Thando says:

    I just dont know what all the hype about manu they are still sh*t after the next 5 games they will at 11 position

  21. iamvia says:

    Januzaj is not better than campbell.. Give campbell playing time he will be a world class player. Check him on loan at olympiakos, you remember hiS performance at the world cup. He is the best natural left winger we have.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      hes not good enough at this stage…..he needs to go on a loan

  22. GoonerG1 says:

    Nacho is right. We have been poor in most games this year and injuries are not the reason (injuries at the back may be a factor going forward, however).

    Even with all the injuries, guys like Podolski, Campbell and Rosicky have barely played. We have adequate depth (attacking wise, not defending), we just are not playing good football. We concede too many goals and that comes down to no CDM and not enough quality in the back 4.

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