Arsenal injury news – Things are looking up for a change!

I do not like to harp on about Arsenal and how luck has not been on our side for a long time now, because it often sounds like sour grapes, while other people often say that luck evens itself out over the course of a season or two. But then again you hear people in the football world regularly saying that you need a bit of luck to win a title or a trophy.

One of the biggest ways that bad luck has hurt Arsenal in recent years has been through injury problems. We have all seen the stats showing how may more lost days to injury we have had than our rivals, and Arsene Wenger was forced to bring in some fitness and medical experts to try and sort it out.

The just as we were starting to thing the problems had been solved; bang! we lose Rosicky, bang! we lose Wilshere, bang! we lose Welbeck and all three have had to have an operation and will not be back in action for a while. So once again the Gunners were starting to look in danger of an injury crisis ruining yet another season, especially when Alexis Sanchez limped off against Man United – after Koscielny, Arteta and Flamini had all missed the game with their own knocks.

Luckily enough though, it looks like all four of these players will be fit for action after the international break or very soon after it. In an report the boss revealed that Alexis would be joining up with the Chile national side and he expects him to play.

Wenger said, “He has a little groin problem. Unfortunately he goes to Chile. You cannot stop him from going to Chile and he loves so much to play for his country, and he will play against Brazil [on Friday] and Peru [next] Tuesday so the game at home against Brazil he will not want to miss. Hopefully he will come back in good shape.”

I think it is great news that he is jetting off because it means that his injury is not a real problem and I’m sure that Chile will not risk him if he is not fit, as their games are just friendlies. The prognosis for Kos was three weeks and he has already had one of them, with the other two coming when we have no games. Arteta and Flamini, meanwhile, have minor muscular strains that should not take long and the next two weeks gives Coquelin a chance to recharge his batteries and be ready for action again in two weeks.

So do you agree that Arsenal’s luck seems to be turning for the better?

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  1. We got a little lucky with timing of Kos injury, it could have been worse. France likely wont miss him as much as ourselves. We looked good defensively without him but I would still much prefer him available.

    Coq getting rest is also good timing, he looked to be moving less freely. The people brought in to tackle these problems do look to be earning their money.

  2. on the injury front, yes. I just hope the manager will know how and when to rotate the squad so that players get rests and the bench players get some game time to keep them fit and on toes. It is not realistic to have someone in the bench for months and expect him to later fill in for an injured player and perform..all players should be getting game time
    I haven’t forgotten how Chamakh dropped from an above average player to a mediocre player due to no game time…arsenal(Wenger) killed his game and career 🙁 🙁

    1. Funny. Wenger had this idea as well, thinking he did not played Chamakh and the later going backwards in his career. And this is why Gervinho had much more game time but failed to actually impress. Both of them are now still mediocre players which means Wenger was right already in the first case.

  3. question what happens to players who dont get international call ups do they get all that time off??

    1. No. Training continues. Wait for the pics. Which hopefully will show some of the light injured players returning.

  4. There are 3 players that if they injuried our title chances will collapse
    Walcott (i cant see donkey leading our formation)
    Sanchez (ox cant do his job)
    Coquelin (flamini!!!!)

    1. @WOS
      Walcott (i cant see donkey leading our formation)

      Dude, Girude will be pissed off to hear that. He is not a donkey, he’s just slow.

    2. Not sure how can you call yourself Arsenal supporter when you insult the players. Keep up the good work. And don’t forget to maul Wenger when Walcott will have a flu. We count on you.


    Hey coqBRIGADES why do you cut and paste out of other websites and call them comments?

      1. This Money888Balls is the latest reincarnation of an aggressive reader who has been banned numerous times for insulting behavior.
        Previous names are
        Oriental Oldman
        AKA Tank-Gunners
        AKA coqBRIGADES
        AKA Skidrow95
        AKA Budd supports piers petition

        He keeps coming back with a new name and some innocuous comments in the hope I won’t notice. He copies and pastes some of his comments from other websites to try and make himself look intelligent. He even sent me an article for publication that was cut and pasted!
        He thinks I’m an idiot and he can fool me, but that simply is NOT going to happen.
        I wonder what he will call himself next?

    Sorry Hafiz – No more mindless comments I’m afraid. If you have something sensible to say I will post it. Otherwise don’t bother…

    1. I dont agree with hafiz comments, but surely its not right to censor him because you think his comments are not sensible. Bit of a slippery slope of you ask me.

      1. You can say what you like! But I created this website for sensible discussion between all Arsenal fans about football. If he writes the two words “Wenger Out”, this does not constitute a contribution to the discussion, especially when he does it for 100 comments in a row. If you want to visit a website that just has inane comments with no basis is fact or opinion, then you and Hafiz can go and join them. I have put up with it for so long but it has become less than amusing now…

        PS This is your first comment so I’m guessing Hafiz put you up to this, or you are him….

        My website – My rules. Sorry…..

  7. Not that am complaining but surely Coquelin’s form last season and this season so far warrant a national cap, no?…..Like I said am not complaining, if he does not get called up for all these useless internationals then he is having time to rest but on the other side mixing it with the top players on the international stage can only up his confidence and make him realise he is now a top dog

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