Injury problems to cost Arsenal yet another EPL title?

The good news for Arsenal from the first international break of the season is that no more of our players will be heading back to north London with any new injury problems. But the same thing can be said of all our major rivals for the Premier League title and that leaves the Gunners yet again with more of our players out of action than the others.

Sky Sports are reporting that Chelsea will have just two players missing and not regular starters at that, while Man City will only have to cope without their captain Vincent Kompany and lucky old Jose Mourinho has a fully fit squad at Manchester United.

At the same time Arsene Wenger is having to cope without Per Mertesacker, Gabriel, Danny Welbeck and Carl Jenkinson and the report does not even mention our Welsh international Aaron Ramsey who picked up an injury in our first game of the season and was supposed to be coming back after the international break but had his return to action put back as we reported here at Just Arsenal.

Will we ever get some respite from the seemingly constant injury problems that Arsenal have? And will our injury situation cost Arsenal another crack at the title?


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  1. Darwin says:

    See, this where squad depth comes into play, along with quality in squad depth. Even though we have 4-5 players out injured, I am not as uncomfortable with our situation, as I would have a few years back.

    Saying that hope to have as many players fit as possible for the season campaign.

    1. bran99 says:

      true that, this season we have enough cover

  2. Stale news.. next please

  3. frisco says:

    We started to find excuses already? ???
    Methersacke injury is a blessing ,we always complain when he plays, now he is out, we want him back.
    Gabriel is an accident waiting to happen, he is out we want him back and remember if they were fit Wenger wouldn’t buy Mustafi with excuse that he couldn’t find a better players who could upgrade the team.
    Ramsey injury another blessing, if fit is name is always the first however is form,note that he only have one wonder season for Arsenal and he run just like headless chicken.
    Jenkinson apart being an Arsenal fan what in God’s name he is doing in Arsenal squad? The supporter suppose to be in stand,he couldn’t make it with West Ham! ! In our right mind we really think he will make it with Arsenal? ?
    Get real.

    1. mohawk says:

      YES!! How about this for Arsenal optimism. Sometimes, as you rightly state, injuries can actually be a blessing. Without the Debuchy injury, just for one example, Arsenal would likely not be using one of the most valued RBs in the world.

      Mert has been great but he is aging and even he knows his role will be quite different even when he is healthy. But we now have Mustafi and Holding who are better CB choices as starters. Not bad.

      And the Arsenal deep midfield looks better than it has in many years. 2 good DMs and at least 2 deep creative playmakers. And I heard these young fellas, Ozil and Alexsis, are pretty good also. This is all good news.

      How about we all catch some of the @Frisco optimism? I am with you brother.

      1. jonm says:

        How do you know mustafi is better than mert, playing for arsenal in the PL? I have not seen him kick a ball for arsenal yet. Mustafi is a quality player but there are no guarantees.

        We have kos who is getting older and more injury prone, mustafi who is as yet untried and holding who is young and needs someone experienced next to him. In these circumstances I cannot see that injuries to mert and gabriel is good news.

    2. jonm says:

      Injuries to arsenal players is bad news. There are no blessings in disguise. We are five players down already with a load of injury prone players in the squad who are currently fit to play. We have six fixtures in eighteen days coming up. This includes PSG and chelsea.

      Lets hope we have no more injuries and those who are injured make a speedy recovery. Also that jack does well on his loan spell, stays injury free and comes back to arsenal and fulfils his potential.

  4. butters says:

    I think after Leicester winnning the league, there really is no excuses not to win.

    Arsenal probably has the best squad depth in decades, we almost have no weak links in the squad apart from the youngsters and Debuchy. Not being in the top 4 this season or trophyless would be considered a failure by Arsenal standards.

    I played football manager 2016 update with latest transfer update, and its really clear that it gave me headache on squad selection at midfield, striker and defence. Not to mention, we still have Gabriel, Mertesacker, Welbeck on injury. Next year we will have Asano, Sanogo, Wilshere, Chambers back in the squad. Massive team Id say.

  5. mohawk says:

    The sky is falling. The sky is falling.

    Is that the way it works? Arsenal automatically deserves the EPL title unless something happens to take it away? NO.

    You get the title by earning it with the same opportunities that the other 19 clubs have. Arsenal have the opportunity to win the title. It is not their title to throw away. They must earn it.

    And we are blessed with the opportunity to watch them every week in their quest. It is now match day 4 are we are already in self-pity mode? Oh, wait – I forgot, the sky is falling.

  6. luvdaguns says:

    sorry, i simply do not see enough quality added to be better than second place last year, meanwhile everyone else got better… unless giroud has a breakout season scoring 23 in the epl, not happening,

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