Injury to mean the Ox has played his last game for Arsenal?

The full extent of the injury picked up by the Arsenal and England international midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is yet to be found out, as the 22-year old is due to have further tests today but after the initial assessment of him yesterday it is not looking too promising for the Ox.

According to the Daily Mail the challenge by the Barcelona defender Javier Mascherano has left our player with an ankle problem and possible ligament damage to his right knee.

And if it is bad as feared it could rule him out for about three months. If this follows the usual Arsenal pattern it will be at least that long and the chances are that Chamberlain would not be able to feature for the rest of the season.

This would be a big blow to the youngster and would see him miss a second consecutive international tournament through injury. He would also have a long time to think about the future and so would Arsene Wenger. There have been a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours about the Ox, with a few Premier League clubs said to be keen.

After a more stop than start Arsenal career, this season was possibly the last chance for the Ox to show that he can be a big player for the Gunners, so has this latest injury marked his final game for us?

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      1. NO! That’s not the Arsenal way! We don’t sell under-performing players, we give them a better contract. It’s only the top players that leave. Just sit back and wait for the summer transfer window and all will become clear.

    1. sadly, ox was not showing the level we need him to be at. so it will not be a loss for arsenal. it will be a loss to ox in that he wont have time to develop his game. after all thats what wenger is running here: a development academy for players like giroud, walcott and ox to improve themselves. wenger cares less about us winning. he does not go all out to win each season [he does not fully explore his spending options]. instead he asks “how far can i get in PL if i stick with the squad i have now and improve them?”.

  1. It’s sad anytime a player gets injured
    He hasn’t been playing well but he has scored a couple of goals for us recently
    Tbh neither Giroud or Theo haven’t been scoring much either. There are 140,000 reasons why Theo should start scoring more goals lol.

    Hope he gets better soon
    And he is still young so we should keep him. He still has time to improve

        1. @arsenal314
          Sorry dude, but Danny has seemed to have tapped into his inner beast. He’s looking forward to playing in Europe 2016 and in order to do so he has to make both Vardy and Kane look like Sanogo’s…
          I like Olivier, dude humps harder than any camel in the desert. Playing Danny up top a couple of matches should make Olivier up his game also…

      1. I honestly don’t see what you guys see in Campbell. Yeah, he does some cool move here and there but is hardly consistent. Whenever I watch him play it looks like he’s struggling to keep pace with game. He’s finished by 60 minutes. When Theo returns to form (and he will) he’s a much more productive (goals + assist) player.

        1. @Twig
          The thing about Joel is he works as hard off the ball as he does on it…Something a few too many of our players fail to do…

        2. 1. Dribbling ability 2. Hard worker 3. Vision – Whenever he plays he lays some very sweet through balls and he has a good understanding with Bellerin on the RW

        3. A $140K s week bit time player that will return to form?

          Sadly that’s the transparent issue with Arsenal FC, far to many assinine contracts for underperforming, perpetually injured and over the hill players.


          And if Wenger was willing to send JC consistently, Theo would be deemed even more surplus to requirements.

  2. When 1 door closes another 1 opens. Sorry about the OX but I felt even though Campbell was a little off form recently he should have never been completely dropped for the OX who has been way below par for some time now. After all that’s how both Coquelin and Bellerin came to raise through injuries of others in their positions. That’s called competition!!! Yes it’s in the past but that point blank range miss against Barca still haunts me and that counterattack we had when Giroud and Özil were open waiting for the cross but he decided to over dribble which led to his injury. Nothing against the OX but I was never a fan of kick and run players, especially representing Arsenal.

  3. Do not sell Ox to ny of out title rivals. Someone at Arsenal need to teach th e lad how to think footballl. The lad has potential but Wenger not bringing out the best in him. Or the entier team for that matter. As it goes two decades at the Arsenal we should of won the world cup be now what’s he doing. I mean ”what is he doing”.
    I hope he leaves end of the season we has too many boogy teams under Wenger, Manure, Chelsea, Barca, Beyern and come next season I think we can add City to that list also. I weren’t meant to go into one but its been alot on my mind since tuesday.
    And the injuries. What the heck is Wenger doing at Arsenal? If Wenger had gone out end of last season nd got class we would of had this PL sewn up already. Its the 8 mill a year.
    One other thing, how many mangers we hrear walk away from their jobs because the chairman won’t give them full control of the players they can bring in? Wnger is a coward and should of walked years ago. Phew, I knew i was bottlling some up since Tuesday. Wenger should go end of this season prem or no prem, FA cup or no FA cup. As for the board leave that till another day.

  4. Let’s be honest and non- bias here, The injury was brought on himself, infact he was lucky not to receive a yellow card for the foul he done on Mascherano!
    The Ox loss control of the ball, whilst running like a headless chicken down the wing and stuck his leg out, far too late, resulting in catching the full force of Mascherano’s clearance… and yes he has double ligament damage to his knee and ankle…. Tag team continues at Arsenal, one in one out!…. And to be extra brutally honest, I won’t be missing any player that doesn’t bust a gut for the team… It’s another blessing in disguise to be honest. .. Welcome back Campbell… Time for you to shine… Again, Son.

    1. Don’t know how it’s not obvious to some that certain players actually hold the team back from moving forward. We’ve been in the same rut with the same players for far too long. Alexis, Özil or Cech can’t keep carrying us forever.

      1. Exactly, some Wenger fanboys thinking Sanchez and Ozil will stay until the end of their contract but its fact players get tired of Wenger’s stuborness. I like to believe the manager has changed but his refusal to replace certain players with better quality seems to be having the same effect on Alexis and Mesut as it did on RVP and Fabregas. They want top players playing in their team, they don’t have the patience to let young players develop at the cost of their personal ambitions.

        1. It’s amazing that anybody with a primitive functioning football brain can’t fathom the likely exodus of Ozil, Sanchez and Boss following another fruitless EPL and Champions League campaign. And winning the FA Cup means nothing to non English players and fans alike, it’s historical significance a distant third to the other competitions.

          With the arms race of spending soon to begin amongst City, Manure and Checlsea why would Arsenals best players remain in the England to play for the least ambitious and most frugal club

          Remove the red colored glasses

    2. I don’t typically agree with Fatty, but this is spot on. I’ve been nauseating every time Ox was on the pitch this season. Could never understand why Campbell was dropped for him, and why he started the game against Barca, with Joel, Theo, and Welbz all sitting on the bench. I feel bad for the kid because it sounds like a nasty injury that he’s picked up, but I think in the long run, Arsenal as the club will be better off without him in the lineup.

  5. OX should never have started that game……… He was not the right man for the LW Job!

    We had campbell….we had welbeck …..all on the bench

    We deserve what we are getting….cuz we never Learn!

  6. I wish d Ox a successful quick recovery from his injuries.

    As I have said before in my recent comments, all dead woods and mediocare players should be off-loaded from Arsenal squad in the coming summer window. Haven’t we had enough of mediocrity performance by a section of the Gunners?

    How long has d Ox been at Arsenal to keep given him the entirety of time to make it at Arsenal? Instead of to have availed himself with the golden opportunity that fell to him an convert for Arsenal to take the lead against Barca, it’s a multiple injuries d Ox could give to Arsenal to start treating him on the treatment table.

    Rhinosacker was GUILTY. He was talking lousily accusing the Gunners strikers for not scoring. But what was he thinking when he should have kicked the ball down field, but instead fumbled the ball to Flamini’s path that resulted in Flamini fouling Messi for a spot kick?

    Did Rhinosacker heard what Javier Mascherano said when he says his collegues and himself knew Arsenal will become disorganized defensively and collapse eventually. And that was exactly what happened in that our Ucl match against Barca at the Ems last Tuesday night.

    The Gunners MUST wake up from their defensive disorganizaion and collapsing in big games if at all they want to beat Man Utd at Old Traford Stadium on Sunday.

  7. ox is too good to sell to any club, he will be A great squad player when he’ll get back.

    now, can someone tell me WHERE THE **** IS GNABRY???

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