Injury update ahead of Newcastle clash with just one confirmed as missing

Arsenal have had a number of key players injured of late, but ahead of their clash with Newcastle this Sunday they may have all but one back in the squad.

The manager revealed in midweek ahead of their Europa League clash with Villarreal that all of his players were in contention to feature, but he was either lying, or extremely hopeful.

We went into the clash with hope of seeing our strongest players all either starting or on the bench, but neither Alexandre Lacazette or Kieran Tierney were anywhere to be seen on the night.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and David Luiz both made the bench, with the former making an appearance late on following his Malaria scare.

Both the above are available for the squad this weekend, and while Tierney still needs to be assessed before a decision is made on his availability, Lacazette is confirmed as missing out. states that while Laca is responding well to treatment on his left hamstring, this weekend’s fixture comes too soon for him, but he is focussed on trying to be back in time for Thursday’s all-important second-leg against Villarreal.

Could Laca make the difference on Thursday? Who do you think will get the chance to start up top against the Toon in his absence?


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  1. Mikel had to lie just to clear the air around the protest and takeover talks. He surely got us a bit excited with the lie. I’m done with the fraud. He’s just a con man as the Kroenkes.

    1. And maybe he played games with Emery, and has nothing to do with the protest. Who knows?

  2. He is no coach, an assistant wannabe Guardiola, dresses and acts like him; but do not think as him; no brain nor even common sense, guessing experimenting.

    He must have gain experience, learn how to before driving a ferrari. He banged it all year long.

    Meanwhile a Clio like Leeds is ahead of us; they have an experimented pilot.

    Everton, Foxes, Westham are BMW with much less power engine, all ahead of us, as our pilot with no experience is crashing every other tour he makes.

    We can’t ever make it to EL lign with these pilots above us, we have an amateur in a red ferrari, totally smashed, 11th position.

    We are officially midtable team we already headed to last year, finishing worst ever spot in decades; ,8th…

    But, some will continue backing this pathetic loser because he was our captain coming from his real club which is Everton who went for an experimented pilot, above us all season long….

    We have no squad issie but a wannabe coach who has managed to completly kill players spirit by confusing them with tac tics with no sense, playing them out of position.

    He is a bully forcing players, benching them to show autority, as if he deals with some kids, or players in need of his guidance

    All a wannabe hype, look and attitude but no talent as a head coach at all.

    Takes a brain or at least common sense; precisly what he misses.

    He just can’t help it, will play Luiz fit again as he plays Ceballos or Willian.

    A total mess he has made of this club in 18 month time, we are a confirmed mid table team we been heading to since last year.. 8th, could have been 9th; now 11th.

    Made us a midtable team

    Kroenke must leave with board and coach.

    We need to bring in
    Dalgote & Spotify as owners
    Henry, Berkamp, Ian Wrights in board.
    Viera as coach
    Wenger as GM..

    we did miss Liepzig coach as Tuchel who has put Chelsea on title track for next season.

    He simply has managed more points than any teams since took job.

    Same players all motivated, focused, well managed individually.

    Difference come from a new coach.

    Keep blaming players for Arteta mess is totally naive, they can’t just lose their football. If you bench Auba, no striker, can’t expect to score. Playing xhaka over and over as a LB is as crazy.

    Not only we miss him in middle but he cannt perform as well; not his position at all, while Cedric on bench !

    Ceballos as a DM, Eleneny benched. Not his position; gets red carded!

    Done repeating same thing…

    Kroenke & hid losers out; is only hope’

    Can forget this season, we won’t beat Villareal, they have a coach who gave a tac tic lesson to an assistant thursday.

  3. Can’t blame Arteta for kroenke trickeries bringing cheap option.

    But, he is to blame to finish at’ worst spot, and not resigning then and all season long.

    He looks totally pathetic and lost, ridicule

    It became as a normal thing to see us 9th-11th, we been there all season and close to that last season heading to midtable….

    It was shoking at first but a normal thing now…We are out of top 10, unreal stuff….

    I wont blame it all on Kroenke, so called fans pushed our Prof out and keep taking at him since left hailing on Arteta doing better than him, read this here everyday

    Yep, Arteta is great, made us an official midtable team in 18 month.

    Verse Wenger’s 20 years; how can this be compared?

    It is insulting our club and disrespecting our legacy!

    I guess as Arteat has nerves to state, we need to spend more money for him…He has best tram and support ever from Kroenke…

    1. Arteta has best squad in decade and biggest support in over 2 decades from fans and owner, no matter how of a catastrophy he is.

      Arsenal is getting what they fought for: Get rid of Wenger and have him forgotten, for a new Arsenal and era!

      Wenger out! Here you go guys!

      An official midtable team, and fans all behind Arteta destroyer.

  4. I believe Arteta has made a fine start to his career as Arsenal Manager, but unfortunately at this stage he’s choosing the right players for the wrong positions, understandably injuries have taken a scare, but that has not stopped him from making wrong decisions. If Arteta is looking to progress to the champions league, he needs to place the right players in there right positions to ensure balance and play there best football, and not because that player can player play that position also. Finally, Martinellie needs to be given the chance to shine, his work ethic proves him worthy .

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