Insider is convinced that Nketiah will stay at Arsenal “Progressing very well”

Despite the numerous reports that Eddie Nketiah has been offered a new mouth-watering contract to remain at Arsenal, it has still not been confirmed that he will still be at the club next season.

After his excellent end to the season, there is no doubt that there will be many clubs clamouring for his signature, especially as he would come without a transfer fee, but it is hoped that Mikel Arteta will be assuring the 23 year-old that he will have a lot more game time if he stays at the club he has been since a schoolboy.

I am sure that Eddie will be aware that Arteta is in the market for at least one other top striker, and could be worried that he will left on the bench as a backup yet again, which is why he wanted to leave in the first place.

But today, the Arsenal expert Charles Watts has assured Arsenal fans, that after talking to a club insider, Nketiah is still very likely to sign the new deal. “My understanding of the situation when it comes to Eddie Nketiah,” said Watts on his YouTube channel. “It’s progressing pretty well.

“Just as reported last week or whenever it was, it looked like he was going to sign a new contract.

“I don’t think anything has changed, I still believe that’s the direction things are heading.

“Obviously until it’s signed you can’t say for 100 percent certain that he’s going to stay.

“But even yesterday I was talking to someone at the club and… the signs are that they’re going pretty well.

“And they do think Eddie Nketiah will commit his future to the Arsenal.”

Well I, for one, certainly hope this is true. I know it’s taken Eddie time to prove his worth at the top table, but before that he was prolific at every single level before that.

I think he will be good enough to be our main striker next season…

What do you think?


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  1. So, according to reports he can “guarantee” Nketiah more playing time, but can’t for Saliba?

    Real headscratcher that one. I’m sure Ramsdale and White also signed knowing full well they wouldn’t be “guaranteed” playing time.

    Are our striker targets aware of “No guarantees?”

    I’ve said it before, it’s a joke when a manager says that, they have their favorites. It’s fine their jobs are tied to the selections and results.

    Just wondering who buys into the “open competition” and “no guarantees” nonsense managers spout.

    1. I remember very clearly when that whole “no guarantees” narrative was first rolled out when Emi was shipped out…of course, no one who was propogating this nonsense admonished our hypocritical MIT when Willian, Ode, Xhaka and Ramsdale, which is so ironic, were given those very assurances

      1. I agree, I wonder what changed? Emily already at Arsenal wasn’t guaranteed, but the 30 million GK brought in was?

        Saliba wasn’t guaranteed either, so loaned out according to Arteta, but new 50 million White walked into lineup.

        Brighton finished higher without him, just saying.

        Wonder what happened to “No guarantees?”

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