Insider updates on Arteta’s reported new contract rumours

Dean Jones has backed up reports that Mikel Arteta is likely to be offered a new contract by Arsenal.

The Spaniard’s current deal is set to expire in 2023, leaving around 18 months remaining on his current deal, the same amount of time remaining on Pep Guardiola’s current Manchester City deal.

There has been rumours that the Citizens could well look to Arteta when they finally decide to part ways with their current boss, and the Gunners are believed to be keen to sure up their position before his deal enters the final 12 months of his deal

Dean Jones believes that everything he has heard also points to the reports that a new contract is in the pipeline, and that he remains in the club’s long-term thinking.

“From what I’ve heard before now, it would fit in with what I’ve heard, because they see Arteta as the future of the club right now,” Jones told The Done Deal Show.

“I think back to probably two times he’s been under severe pressure in his time there so far, and both times, they were like they won’t twist here – they’ll stick with him unless it becomes impossible to because they’re part of a project now and he’s completely sold his vision to the board, they understand what he’s aiming for, they knew it was going to take a while to settle.

“I can fully believe that Arteta would be given an improved contract.”

I know it hasn’t always been plain-sailing, but the club does appear to be improving, and it would be a shame to give up when there is still plenty of work to be done.

I know it is difficult to stand by him when the going gets tough, but a top four finish was never going to be easy to earn this season, and the fact that we are even this close to one at this stage in the season is testament to the hard work being done, especially after the issues we have had to deal with, including being sat rock-bottom of the division after August.


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  1. Arteta suit the kronkes, they can never make the sort of investment to make arsenal a top European team and arteta is the man that can just keep the club in the PL without really threatening to win the league or be top team anymore, man C will never engage arteta, they are not like arsenal, they will never engage a coach with no record of serial success unless the script has change and don’t mind becoming like arsenal

  2. Contract extensions are normal. There is always a risk that things won’t work out and you have to pay players or managers to leave. The other risk is if the contract is too short you may get nothing when said player or manager leaves. So it appears the board don’t want Arteta to enter the last year of his contract. Nothing particularly untoward really more like normal business. Nobody expected Arsenal to get top 4 this season all the pundits picked City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd for top 4. No pundit picked Arsenal. No one. Top 6 was always the best we could expect this season and top 6 would confirm Arteta stays on no doubt. The biggest issue is moving the deadwood but its hard finding takers. So like Chambers yesterday and many before like Kolasinac Sanchez Mkhitarian Ramsey Ozil Socritis Mustafi and Willian we are just giving players away and in some cases like Ozil and Willian actually paying clubs to take our deadwood.
    It is most probable we will lose Bellerin Nketiah Nelson Elneny Mari Mavropanos Torreira Niles Lacazette and Aubameyang for free or peanuts. It will take another 12 months to sort out the deadwood mess let alone the Guendouzie + Saliba situatuion. Then finally we can perhaps move on. It seems the board want Arteta to stay in charge and bear the brunt of fan discontent till the clear out and rebuild are complete. Maybe after all Arteta’s hard work they might dump him and give the revitilized squad to Vieira. Lucky Patrick.

    1. So auba and Sanchez are deadwood….
      And wasnt in wengers ternure when Alexis go? Wasn’t arteta who gives aubameyang an improved contract?
      I insist, the best part of those called deadwood has been realised by free or peanuts, so there is no much work to celebrate. And that’s edus job, not artetas job.

      Artetas job is make a team Perform, a very good team by the way. Today we are crying for a MC and a poacher? Isn’t guendouzi a good CM? Isn’t auba a wc poacher? That’s on arteta, as other decisions he has made. He got a very good team and a Lot of money. Now we are in january and we have only EPL to play (perfect to you, when we were embarraced in the cups). So, top 4 is what we should ask to Arteta, because the vision that arteta sold us is to compete for EPL AND champions league in 3 years deadline. I can understand we can’t demand him to really fight for the Champions in the next years but at least to play there and compete for the EPL.

      1. I agree with some of the points, but I want to stress out that Guenduzzi is CM with attitude issues and Auba is a poacher who don’t score, so it is not as simple as in FIFA (whatever number) you like to play.

    2. Your last sentence hurts, although I still like big Pat. Mikel should end the suspense of Will he?Wont he? Hopefully the club can meet his expectations and he resolves any issues with the club and settles for a 5 year extension. He needs to taste the fruits of success due to his work and vision. Chop and change yields no permanent success. Right foundations do. And he has done just that. Fixed the defence which was our Achilles heels since the last decade or more, sorted out the CM, just that Laca & Aubs ruined his party. Had Laca sored against Burnley, all this backlash and mumbo jumbo against an honest and hardworking manager would not be there. Did he do it deliberately?

      1. I would agree with you in regards to the defense, Tomi and Ramsdale additions have definitely made the defense better than recent memory; since Per and Kos with Monreal I would say.

        I would disagree about sorted the CM though, we have been woeful there for years, and have lacked the ability to control a game through the midfield.

        I think a true DM would add stability and cover for the CB’s, and a B2B would help with transitions from defending to attacking.

        I don’t feel that Xhaka has worked in the midfield; not for 3 managers and in spite of several partners he has been paired with.

  3. how ironic that our club, which has been notoriously poor when it comes to dealing with player’s contracts before entering their final year, would have the audacity to even contemplate such a notion until this manager actually passes the all important “eye” test…if we had any balls and/or intent whatsoever, we would be planting rumours about how we were going to aggressively pursue Pep at the end of his term, instead of trying to use this “Arteta to City” speculative nonsense as an excuse for re-upping our relatively unproven manager…based on what I’ve witnessed our current manager hasn’t earned an extension thus far, in fact, I would suggest that he needs to be kept on an incredibly short leash until our on and off-field activities/performances suggests otherwise

  4. This is just a business venture to kroenke. He doesn’t know how to run an English football club and hasn’t the necessary ambition to either. He runs it like his other ventures in America, long term profit that’s it.

  5. We shouldn’t waste too much time on this post.
    This is clearly a PR stunt to divert our attention from the pitiful transfer window.

    Give Arteta a 20% pay increase, taking his pay to 7M per year. The net effect will be the same: the lowest manager cost of the top 6 clubs. If you offer to pay peanuts, you will, for sure, attract only monkeys. Arteta is being paid to cut payroll costs; he is not being paid to win.

    If we are serious about competing and winning again, we need to pay the going rate and hire an experienced manager. Period.

    1. Hey RF, I don’t know about you but over the years I’ve come to despise all transfer windows and it’s not because I can’t stand the very notion of player movement or that I expect our club to blow us away with incoming recruits each and every window, it’s the fact that in all my years of football fandom I’ve yet to encounter a team of any consequence who’s managed their windows in a more pitiful fashion than us…it really makes you wonder why media outlets waste so much of their respective time speculating about our club as it rarely if ever bears fruit…more often than not the results are either underwhelming or so severely drawn out that the joy is completely sucked out of the room

      all I know is if I was attempting to reinvent our organizational wheel I would make sure that any longtime failing aspects, which were synonymous with our club, were properly redressed, like our piss-poor asset management, the unnecessary shoehorning of players, our seeming unwillingness to cultivate and/or recruit those with leadership qualities, which has led to the devaluation of the armband, the incessant blaming of “external forces” for poor performances and, among others, the manner in which we conduct business when it comes to transfer windows, as we’ve somehow mismanagement almost every one since we arrived at the Emirates…Cheers

        1. It’s the same old story year after year….Arteta himself was a last-minute, (underwhelming), deadline-day transfer, so we shouldn’t expect any better from him. As a “BIG” club we need to rediscover what it takes to compete and win again. And this applies to all facets of the organization. Your observations listed above are on point and absolutely accurate TRVL-4ever.

  6. I have no problem with MA staying if:

    -he loses his ego
    -stops holding grudges
    -comes prepared with a plan B for matches
    -manages contracts better (or just at all)
    -stops playing Xhaka
    -accepts responsibility when we have a poor game
    -improves discipline
    -plays players in their best position
    -stops favouritism

    1. Arsenal spent the most money in the world for any football club in the 21/22 season so far (not including January transfers).

      We outspent: City, Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter, Dortmund, etc…

      I would say, that ‘s showing a lot of ambition.

  7. It does seem that MA will be offered a new contract firstly to make/save money , we have a owner who has said clearly he wouldn’t get involved to win championships , none of his other sports franchises are winners .
    I truly hope we are building/investing for the future but also I feel if any big money bids come in for our youngsters eventually we will sell them on , re-investment in new youngsters then sell them on and so on.
    I hope I’m wrong and time will tell .

  8. Definitely not a performance based contract extension, if it is true and City wont be fighting too hard to prise Arteta away to take the reins off Pep. If he gets 4th, then go with it but if he doesn’t then we have a dud on our hands and get him out the door. Let him actually achieve something and give hime the reward that suits.

  9. The Man city hierarchy saw the magician break every unwanted record at Arsenal whilst playing dreadful pragmatic football and thought yep he’s definitely Peps successor 🙄

  10. Having closely studied the many articles by Ad Pat, Ad Martin and Patrick, and allowing for the many Devils Advocate articles by both Admins which regularly appear but which perceptive fans can easily see through as not being their TRUE own opinions, I can see that all three of those gents firmly want MA to stay as manager.

    I also believe that all three believe he WILL be here for some time to come.

    Those concur with my views. I realise that all these men are in JA for professional reasons, as well as for being fans, but am heartened to see that when push comes to shove , ALL of them are on the right and thinking side.

    IF, which I much doubt, I am wrong on these JA peoples REAL opinions, then please let me know.

    If you do not though, I WILL TAKE THAT AS CONFIRMATION THAT YOU ALL ACCEPT what I say above as being truth.

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