Instead of dissing fans Arsenal boss should give reasons to cheer

You might be forgiven for thinking that Arsene Wenger would be extremely careful what he said to the Arsenal fans in London and around the world at the minute, because even the Gooners who are not calling for the Frenchman to call time on his long reign as our manager are not far away and are not happy with him or the club right now.

So with a potentially difficult home game coming up against Hull City, a match which we really need to win to strengthen our case for a top four spot and stop the rot after two damaging defeats in a row, you might have expected the boss to be nice to us.

Instead, amazingly enough, Metro has reported Wenger’s words which basically claim that the Arsenal fans are not as good or as firmly behind our team as the other big Premier League outfits and he even specifically mentions our north London rivals Tottenham and suggests that we need to be more like the spuds.

He said, ‘Our fans have been consistent and have a high level of expectation as I do but I don’t feel you can be a fan until last Tuesday and then not be behind the team any more – it doesn’t make sense.

‘All the other clubs, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, they have big expectations and big history. We are in a fight and we have to be united or we have no chance.

‘You have Tottenham as well and everyone is behind their team and we have to do the same. Even if we have had two disappointed results I want the fans to be behind the team. Focus on what we do well. They were great players last Tuesday and they are still great players.’

Why not call us ugly and stupid as well and be done with it? I suppose he does have a point and we know that players do better with a strong support but the door swings both ways. Maybe if Wenger and Arsenal gave us more reasons to cheer then we might be a bit louder eh?



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger makes around £8 million a year, has job security but still hates being asked moderately difficult questions and wants fans to either cheer or keep quite.

    Its really sad that Wenger is turning from Arsenal Legend to something else. For his legacy he needs to resign

  2. fullmetalalc says:

    He has a point to be a honest. Emirates can be a very quiet and nervous place. The crowd tends to go against the team when we even go 1 goal down. Arsenal certainly do not have a good home atmosphere. It is no coincidence our last league title was at Highbury. Crowd plays a big role in the mental belief of the team.

  3. Jerick says:

    But is he wrong? No he is not. I am as frustrated like any other supporter. I even wanted to drop out of top 4 when I’ve looked at the chances we let passed us but now I’m over it and only want the best for the team and that’s 3 points tomorrow.

    If all the other fans at the clubs in the lower tier were to be like us, then those clubs would not have any fans leave.

    1. bran99 says:

      Everyone wants 3 points tomorrow, Wenger’s wants all the fans to shut up and let him do whatever he wants without being questioned, don’t you think people are tired? If you are over them it’s you brother, it ain’t over until this expired old man shows some respect to the supporters who pay him and the below par players every week and they take the fans for granted

  4. ras911 says:

    There is some truth to what he is saying but we have been supporting a series of teams with no spine or mentality for the past 12 years and we are simply tired of it.
    OT: Just watched this interview of Ian Wright in which he said he talked to Wenger a couple days ago and he feels like he will be leaving after this season”.

  5. sleepyarsene says:

    one crucial dividing factor among the Arsenal fan base is Wenger and lack of success of the team. When Wenger is out and the debate around his stay or exist is no more, the fans will be united and well focused on Arsenal’s success.

  6. stubill says:

    I don’t see the problem with him saying it.

    For years players and managers have asked the supporters to get behind their teams and make more noise, the most recent being Klopp and Conte.

    Going quiet or worse still booing the team is counter productive, get behind the team or don’t go.

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