Inter Milan considers ambitious swap deal with Arsenal

Inter Milan is looking to sort out an ambitious swap deal with Arsenal this month, according to reports out of Italy.

Tuttosport via Mail Sport says that the Italians are interested in swapping Christian Eriksen for Lucas Torreira.

Eriksen joined them from Tottenham in the January of last year, but he has failed to adapt to the demands of Antonio Conte.

The Italians are now looking to cut their losses. They have struggled to find a new home for him, and they are now exploring the possibility of a swap deal.

Torreira has struggled for game time since he joined Atletico Madrid on loan from the Gunners.

His loan deal might be cut short in this transfer window if things don’t change, and Inter’s proposal looks attractive.

However, it is an ambitious one considering that Eriksen’s previous Premier League affiliation was with Tottenham.

The Gunners want a creative midfielder and the Dane fits the bill, but Torreira might have reservations about heading the other way.

This is because the Italians only want him as a backup to Marcel Brozovic, and he will likely not play as much as he wants if he moves there.

There are only a few more days left in this transfer window and both teams will have to get the deal sorted as quickly as they can.

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  1. Two or three years ago a swap to bring Eriksen here would have looked great business, in exchange for Titch Torreiera(far too small for Prem effectiveness, IMO). But Eriksens star has waned much since then and I fear yet another(Willian!!) too comfy player coming in and no longer young either. I hope we pass on this but would still like Torrriera sold or used in an exchange deal but only with the right incoming player.

    We need hungrier, younger, more PRESENTLY dynamic players than todays Eriksen is likely to be, IF, which I very much doubt, he were to come here. Players on the way up, not the way down. I hope we will FINALLY learn this expensive lesson!

    1. jon fox
      November 17, 2020 at 10:55 am
      Oh God YES! In a heartbeat! What fool would not want a top proven Prem player instead of a slow, immobile, ponderous, mistake ridden, sub par player like XHAKA! People who would not take Eriksen because he once played for Spurs are simple minded and not putting the club they CLAIM to love before their own childish prejudices.

      That being said, this will NOT happen as most on here surely realise!

      8 weeks ago you write this .
      What’s changed ?

        1. How very observant! I am deeply impressed and can only wonder why you observe my posts so closely, even noting when they are posted. Revealing!

          1. No just a good memory ,when I said he was past it you came with one of your trumpet blowing posts and told Me he was this super player still.
            Maybe think before you post in future ,because you have completely contradicted what you said before .

      1. Dan kit, if I remember correctly he said we should swap Erikson with Xhaka then. I think he just didn’t rate Xhaka as a footballer.

        1. Still doesnt explain how he went from “top proven prem player” to not so much in 2 months lol

  2. Well it looks like we can only get loan deals this month so 6 month loan for Eriksen could do. He’s already experienced PL player, he won’t be on TOO high wages (because Inter wants to get rid of him, we won’t have to pay his wages in full), and it’s only a loan.

    I’d say its an OK deal as long as we don’t buy him straighaway.

  3. Please don’t.
    Another Willian / Mkhitaryan.

    Stop stocking up on deadbeats.

    We are finally getting rid of deadwood but want to then being in more deadwood?

    It makes no flipping sense.

  4. Only if they swap Willian for him. Otherwise, pass on this deal; it’s basically a salary dump for them and more deadwood for us.

    He clearly has moved on from the PL after his remarks, so let him drift the rest of his career away elsewhere. Besides, he’s not Brazilian enough for Edu anyway.

  5. 6 months loan for Erickson is not bad if he plays well then extend the contract although I ll prefer a younger player on permanent deal. Off topic, I also read we may go for Martin Ødegaard from Madrid on loan

  6. he can share playing time with ESR. if he can come with a normal salary it’s a good option. 120k+ a week for 3+ years would be a bad idea.

  7. Really, I say again, Really? I believe Erickson is a negative influence in the clubhouse, something that Arsenal do not need. I think we should concentrate on making a play for Danny Ings (although he is injury prone). I think we would be better served getting a goal scorer than another midfielder!!!

  8. A loan deal intil end of season will do. But Danny Ings is just an average player. Its the media hype that makes you think that he’ll be an improvement of some sort in Arsenal

  9. A question: if Chambers was Fulham’s player of the season, when on loan there playing primarily as DM, why isn’t he given an opportunity to play in this position, alongside Partey as box to box midfielder?
    Surely worth a trial.

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