Inter Milan finally gives up on signing Balogun

Inter Milan has reportedly made the decision to withdraw from the pursuit of Arsenal striker Folarin Balogun.

The young talent, who is also a part of the United States Men’s National Team, has been a subject of interest for Inter Milan throughout much of the summer transfer window. The Italian club viewed Balogun as an ideal candidate to fill the void left by Romelu Lukaku’s departure.

Inter Milan communicated their interest in Balogun to Arsenal. However, Arsenal’s valuation of the young striker has been set at a high level, a valuation that Inter Milan is unable to meet. After engaging in deliberations for an extended period, Inter Milan has made the definitive decision to exit the race for Balogun’s signature.

Sempre Inter has reported that the financial terms demanded by Arsenal are beyond Inter Milan’s capacity to fulfil. Consequently, the Italian club has opted to redirect their focus towards other transfer targets.

With Inter Milan’s withdrawal, the possibility arises that Arsenal might retain Balogun for the current season and seek to integrate him into their squad. However, AS Monaco is anticipated to re-engage in negotiations with an improved offer for Balogun’s services, potentially creating another avenue for the striker’s future.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We could price Balogun out of a move from the Emirates in this transfer window and that should only be the case if we genuinely want to use him.

This is because no club will pay a huge fee for a player who has only just one successful season in his career.

He needs another season of scoring double figures to show he is now a top player and can be trusted to lead the line well.

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  1. Are you sure how much did man U pay for that Lazio guy again. 70million. How many goal last season 10

    1. I was going to say that as well.

      Liverpool bid 110 million for Caicedo, and didn’t we bid 60 million for Raphinha after a season with Leeds? We paid 65 million for Havertz and he’s been quite bland every year at Chelsea.

      Overpaying is common enough if they account for potential. Why should we compromise for our talented player?

      I’m glad Arsenal are holding firm. Meet the price or give him a chance. Maybe he can be an upgrade on Nketiah. At worst we can still sell in January.

  2. Not sure Inter were doing Arsenal any favours ………

    I understand Balogun wants to play and that feeling is natural. But are we so desperate that we are to just donate one of our special products …..?

  3. Happy that Balogun may not leave after all. While very understandable, the idea of being guaranteed to start may not help his growth and development.

    I wish he stayed to push others and himself in attack instead of leaving

  4. i find this ur statement funny Arsenal pricing out balogun for 50m pounds when man u paid 70 plus for a novice stop devaluing our players stock, even in pepe’s case we shuold be able to get between 10-15m for his ability but bcos of arsenal poor deal handling at 8m should do

    1. What you need to do is a) read stats and understand them in terms of context
      b) watch the players actually play and see what else they contribute in terms of gameplay
      Am replying to your post Johnson, as you directly compare the two players and mention devaluation of our asset. So the stats say that Balogun scored 21 goals. 5 of which were penalties. so 16 open play goals in 37 appearances, in 3000+minutes (Pepe had 22 goals (8 of which penalties) and 11 assists as a WINGER the season before we bought him). read that one again. these are stats in the french league. For a 22 year old that has never had another solid season in his career. Lets go over to Hojlund now (who was clearly overvalued and Man Utd hugely overpaid due to being desperate). He scored 9 goals (none of which a penalty) in 32 appearances, half or more of which as a substitute, having played in total 1800minutes. 204 min per goal for the reserve Hojlund (which is mediocre at best), 189 min per goal for the starter balogun in an easier league (the mins per goal exclude penalties, which could easily be awarded to any other player-including pens, the gpm drops to the decent 143). Another factor of the difference is price is that Arteta has made clear that balogun is out of our plans, whereus Hojlund’s manager clearly didnt want to lose him (having paid 4 times his market value the previous summer.).This post is not to discuss about Hojlund, but to make people think of the context and not only 2-3 numbers the media shows now and then and also to realize that Balogun had a decent season, not a great one and that comparing him and his pricing to a player that despite being a reserve at his team, played in a harder league, had similar goal per min ratio and is faster, taller, stronger and younger than Balogun, but still insisting we should ask for even more money because Man Utd overpaid is ….simply mad. Why not take advantage of the huge opportunity to sell an already overprized asset, that is clearly out of the manager’s plans. Having watched Balogun i can see a decent player that could eventually develop quite well (not world class), but is still too far away from the finished product and demands game time. The sale is a no brainer for me, especially if it will help with FFP and enable us to get a good ready made striker in the next couple of transfer windows.

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