Inter Milan remain keen to swap former Premier League star for Xhaka

Tuttosports via Sun Sport claims that Inter Milan remains keen to swap Christian Eriksen with Granit Xhaka.

Erikson moved from Tottenham to the Italian side in the last January transfer window.

His move was expected to be an upward-step type of transfer, but it has turned out to be the wrong decision.

The Dane isn’t what the Italians expected to get when they made their move for him, and they are looking to offload him soon.

The report says that Inter hope to sell him for £27 million, but with only a few teams able to land him for that fee, they are also open to a swap deal.

Arsenal has a player that they like and that is Xhaka. Antonio Conte will be open to receiving the Swiss midfielder in exchange for the Dane.

Xhaka has been a key part of the Arsenal team under Mikel Arteta with the Spaniard trusting him to lead his midfield despite the signing of Thomas Partey.

He hasn’t been in the best of form recently and he has been criticized by some of the club’s fans.

Arsenal has also struggled with creativity which makes Eriksen an ideal candidate, however, his history with Tottenham might be a problem.

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  1. Xhaka has been a key part of the Arsenal team under Mikel Arteta with the Spaniard trusting him to lead his midfield despite the signing of Thomas Partey.

    He hasn’t been in the best of form recently and he has been criticized by some of the club’s fans.

    I ask the writer, when has he ever been in form and i suspect not only questioned by some, but most of the clubs fan base.

  2. Xhaka is the only left-footed DM at Arsenal, who is good aerially, has high work rate and the highest forward passing rate. He’s not mobile and can’t take on the opponents, but his positioning is crucial for the team’s structure in the field and his role as the left pivot is important for our passing flow

    Swapping Xhaka with a central midfielder who can’t even dribble past the opponents will be a disaster, since we’ve got Ceballos, Willian, Lacazette and Smith-Rowe for the CAM role. Arsenal need impactful attackers who can break defenses with their aerial ability or dribbles, such as Wout Weghorst or Adama Traore

    1. Good aerially, yes when can be arsed to jump and high work rate…..are you watching the same Xhaka who strolls around and can’t be bothered to track back? The only thing he’s good for is the odd forward pass and long range shot. Having said that we don’t need another failed player coming in so sell not swap.

      1. He always presses up high the pitch when our attackers are too tired to pressurize the opposition’s CBs

        He’s nothing special, apart from his left foot, height, work rate and forward passes. But we can only replace him with another left-footed DM, if Arteta still want to use a double-pivot formation

          1. His forward pass stats are the highest at Arsenal. However, this is where stats could fool the fans, since most of his forward passes were predictable

            We could also say the same about those predictable “chances” that were created by our so-called creative midfielder. Nonetheless, Xhaka has never hidden from duels and he always does the dirty jobs for us

          1. Left-footed DM is important for a double-pivot formation like 4-2-3-1, since our passing flow is more balanced with two DMs with different strong feet. It’s the same concept on why we need a left-footed CB and a left-footed LB/ LWB

            If we play with 4-3-3, we wouldn’t need a left-footed DM and we’d need someone like David Silva instead

  3. You see…. this is the problem I said we are having in this club. The board, coaches and the fans. We don’t even know what we want, how can somebody be comparing Eriksen Xhaka? what is the meaning of left footed? we are talking about players who have football sense that can improve our team immediately. As it stands today we don’t have any midfielder who is better than eriksen bar Thomas Partey. This guy Xhaka is even supposed to be in arsenal team if not for the lack of ambition by the board. left footed…….

  4. That’ll be the best decision that Arteta has ever made since his arrival at Emirates. Xhaka has never had any form as stipulated in your article. Erikson will bring that athleticism in the midfield that Arsenal really lacks

    1. Erikson has never been athletic , and while I am not a fan of Xhaka, the proposed swap does not appeal to me.Difficult to put a price on Xhaka, but 15/20m would be an acceptable offer as far as I am concerned.

  5. Get it done, as for Xhaka I don’t even want to here left footed as an excuse for the deal not getting done. His problem range from defense to midfield to attack don’t forget his backwards and sideways passing,late and useless tackles, slow the game and so on it will be night until I finish so have to end it here……my opinion though.

  6. IF, which I do not believe, Inter Milan really ARE keen on Xhaka, the decision makers in that club need to leave running that club and enter a home for the bewildered. The chance , IF it exists, to sell(NOT swop for Eriksen) XHAKA, MUST BE TAKEN IMMEDIATELY.

    If not, our decison makers are making a huge mistake. What our last three managers have seen in the dismal XHAKA, defies all understanding, to my mind.

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