Interest from rivals left Partey’s father confident of move

Thomas Partey‘s father Jacob claims he was unsurprised by his son’s Deadline Day move to Arsenal, with building interest from Chelsea and Juventus.

The Gunners triggered his release clause on Monday, following months of Atletico Madrid insisting that he would not be sold for any less than the £45 Million written into his contract.

His former club are reported to have been frustrated by Arsenal’s move, having become confident that we were not willing to pay his fee in full, before being powerless to stop him from moving clubs.

His father Jacob however wasn’t shocked, knowing that interest from Juventus and Chelsea would see things progress.

“We actually weren’t disturbed by anything because we hoped a bigger team will come for Partey,” Partey’s Dad told MyJoyOnline.

“We were aware of the [other teams that were interested: Juventus, Chelsea and so forth. So about all these we knew God was with us. From that minute we started to dance to ‘Party after Party’.”

The 27 year-old is now expected to make his debut for Arsenal against Premier League giants Manchester City, in a match which will see his new manager take on his former mentor.

Arteta got the better of his counterpart in the FA Cup semi-final last season, and will be hoping to cause another upset at the Etihad in five days time.

What do we think was the reason for waiting until Deadline Day to trigger his clause? Could we have been analyzing our finances or more eyeing alternative midfield solutions instead?


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  1. Ozil the leech. According to the Athletic, Ozil collected 8m loyalty bonus at the end of transfer deadline date.

    The reason for not moving has become clear, the loyalty bonus even though he hasn’t played since March. The guy is a leech and has no conscience.

    1. I can only hope that he wasn’t the only one to receive a bonus in this way

      How little most of us know about the murky world of transfers, contracts and agents. The money swilling about in football is mind blowing.

      1. That didn’t read right.
        I meant that it surprises me that this type of bonus is awarded to anyone. They are remunerated fantastically as it is without lobbing in more

    2. Howard- do you not feel the fault lies as much with those responsible for allowing this clause to be acceptable in the first place? All Ozil has done is ensure he gets paid what’s written into the contract that was accepted by BOTH parties. Surely the Club, and in particular Wenger and Gazidis are the ones the finger should be pointed at.

  2. I’ve no idea if it was about raising the money, tricking AM or wanting Aouar and failing/pulling out due to agent’s fees

    Sometimes life throws up the perfect result so I am looking forward to him having a successful career that brings that winning mentality back to the Emirates with more trophies – and that includes Europe too

  3. “hopped a BIGGER team for Thomas”. Glad we’r ,at last,acting like a big club…At least in this one we’v pulled a blinder….

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