Interest hotting up for Oxlade-Chamberlain?

The Ox is eyeing up potential suitors!

Whilst Arsenal fans cannot continue to demand more and more from the club in the transfer market, admittedly it has gone awfully quiet since the signing of Granit Xhaka.

Fans cannot expect all of the club’s business to be done straight away and although previous windows have proven quiet periods after the first signing, I am confident that it will not be the case this summer, and that Xhaka will not be our only summer signing. Therefore whilst we await for any developments on potential incomers, it gives Arsenal fans a chance to consider a player who could be leaving the Emirates this summer.

According to the Mirror, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain may still leave the Gunners this summer and apparently both Liverpool and Leicester are touting up the young Englishman. These two clubs are the latest of a few Premier League teams who remain interested in Oxlade Chamberlain. It was previously reported that both West Ham, and Chamberlain’s former club Southampton, were also interested in the winger. Chamberlain had supposedly spoken with Saints Captain Jose Fonte about a potential return back to the club, however as of this moment it seems as if there have been no real developments.

Chamberlain is currently recovering from an injury that he picked up against FC Barcelona back when the Gunners faced them in the Champions League at the Emirates. Chamberlain had been on good progress to return and make the Euro championships with England, however he suffered a setback that has ruled him out of the tournament. Despite the injury however, there were no guarantees that Chamberlain would have even gone to France with the England squad this summer, as the Ox has arguably been in poor form all season. Chamberlain has seen his career at Arsenal stall badly after his first season as the Englishman made a good impression with the Gunners to start with, but much like his Arsenal and England teammate Theo Walcott, Chamberlain has largely struggled to make an impact since.

Even If any one of the four clubs linked with Oxlade Chamberlain was to make a decent offer, I still don’t think Wenger would be certain to take the deal. Wenger may feel that he isn’t going to give up on Chamberlain after the time and money that the club has invested into him and at 22 years old, The Ox could still have plenty to offer. However the real question is will Chamberlain be looking to leave? Surely he is aware that it is unlikely he will be a first team regular next season, especially if Arsenal miraculously manage to keep the majority of their squad fit next season, and with another additional member already joining the midfield, the Ox could find his chances limited even further.

Should Wenger let Oxlade-Chamberlain to make room for a more accomplished striker?


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  1. Do business with Leicester for Mahrez
    Also sell Walcott to fund a Top striker
    £140,000 per week can be put to better use

      1. throw in ramsey gibbs and mert … that should tot up to a decent pot … buy griezman another striker… preferably the dortmund guy but unlikely so willing to take a punt on the dane … a promising left back and a reliable centre half and we are done … bring up a couple of the youngsters and wenger can get down to the business of welding a winning team together..though am still not convinced he remembers how to so he will need most of the summer to figure that out

    1. How come the youngsters Ox Wilshire Gibbs Walcott Welbeck all pommies have more time on the injury table than playing. They started out young and will be old and retired by 25 if there lucky.
      So who,is gonna buy faulty players and why at Arsenal they can’t produce off the line a product to last half a season, would you. Better off keeping Flamini that can last a game. It’s ok to want certain players for positions to improve the team but, by the look of the weaker ones we need at least 6 just to make the squad. Look in the Championship lg like Liescester hungry ones and fit to last. CB

  2. If wenger has already sold off and.replaced sanogo, wellington and Walcott (who are all less worthy of a place in the 25) and he still wants to strengthen his attack, plus he can bring in another player better than chamberlain then why not? Until then let’s Make our squad as strong as possible.

    1. @atid
      Wellington has yet to be assessed. So don’t speculate on him…He does deserve a shot before he’s written off…

  3. Apparently Leicester had a £19 million bid rejected for the Ox… if Arsenal do let this player leave for less than £30 million then they would be wise to incert a buy back clause… just incase! ?

    We now sweat on our next transfer business, as we hope that Xhaka wasn’t our main target!
    And if Wenger is still flapping about not wanting to spend to much money then why not consider other options,
    We have player’s like Walcott, Ramsey and the Ox who could be used in player + cash deals! For the likes of Mahrez, Lukaku etc etc.

  4. What is this business of selling players? Please let Chamberlain be. If we had Mahrez and Leicester had Chamberlain this past season, can you honestly say we could have won the title ahead of Leicester?

  5. Oxlade will still be with us next season. I doubt we’d consider liv after the charade they put us through last time. I can’t see us doing business with liv for a long time unless it’s them losing a player they don’t mind losing.

    Rodriguez, I knew nothing of this rumour until I’d seen Soopa give a shout out to watch this space. Since then I’ve been reading up on him. I like that he’s a team mate of Xhaka just in case the rumours are true about ourselves and utd wanting him. I remember utd being said to want him all the way back to last summer, so it would be great if we could beat them to a player they’ve followed for so long. Mourinho is another reason why this would be sweet, but I wonder do utd still want him now that mour is there. If it is the case, us and them chasing the boy, the teammate thing and the fact we have CL football will surely hold some sway. This season is our best chance of beating che and utd to players, lets hope we take full advantage of it.

  6. It hurts me to say this, but for Ox and Joel Campbell’s own development as players they need to leave Arsenal. Both of them can develop into fabulous footballers in my opinion, but I cannot see that happening under the current system. I don’t believe any fan should resent either of them for wanting to go and become at most clubs, and that is first team regulars.

  7. Will be really good if the rumours being brought here is well assessed before being brought. A lot of us believes any article here is spot on so please, let’s keep believing rather than start doubting the authenticity of the rumours. Cheers

  8. Interest “HOTTING” up for the OX?

    It better starts boiLing or better still Burnt L()L

    [my question is, How much has the OX progressed so far anyways?……This is a cause for concern]

  9. we should get rid of the Ox add a buy back clause just in case, get entirely rid off Walcott, sanogo giroud, add a hold for ever clause if possible, this guy from lyon ghezzal luks amazing we shuld check him out

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