International Arsenal pair urged to follow Wilshere out the door

Jamie Carragher has told Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott that they should consider moves away from the club, as Jack Wilshere has done for the season.

Wilshere has joined Bournemouth on loan for the rest of the term, and will be hoping to get his career back on track having had a large number of injury setbacks previously.

The 24 year-old missed all but two league matches in the previous year having suffered with a fractured fibula, and has now agreed to leave the Gunners in hope of finding some regular football in order to try and find some consistency with his form and fitness.

Had Jack of stayed in North-London, he would have had to vie with the likes of Granit Xhaka, Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny, Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla for his favoured role, as well as trying to convince Arsene Wenger that his desired position is not out wide, where he has been fielded most recently.

Wilshere will now expect to play regularly in his favoured position, without the need to constantly fight a number of others for match minutes, and it is hoped that this move will finally put an end to his frustrations.

Jamie Carragher has now urged England duo Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott to consider their options, having also suffered with inconsistencies.

He said: “Wilshere featured in three of England’s games at Euro 2016. He admitted on Arsenal’s tour of America that this will be a definitive season for him and I like that he has chosen to go to Bournemouth to get up and running.

“Given Arsenal’s record with injuries, it might even be that a new way of working allows him to be available more.

“Perhaps in the future Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott will follow his lead. This is a make-or-break campaign for them. If it doesn’t work out, it would be best to try something new.”

I have been calling out for the Ox leave in search of regular first-team football for months now, and he remains young enough to appreciate the efforts put in to help get the best out of him. The same can not be said for Walcott however.

The former Southampton youth product is now 27 years-old, and I cant help but think that should he leave, it would only be on a permanent deal. Saying that, his exit could be better for everyone, including England, as Arsenal fans have become over-judgemental of his performances, and his confidence must suffer because of it.

Should the Ox and Theo leave in search of first-team action? Should Theo simply just leave?

Pat J

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  1. Chamberlain, Yes. he needs a loan move to Southampton,Everton or Watford.
    Walcott, NO! he just needs to stick to his preferred Right wing and avoid injuries.

    1. The ox will be fine this season and Walcott will be just fine and will play most weeks. He could have gone but he has a place at Arsenal this year

  2. WTF would that Liverpudlian P—k know about anything. He was a crap player and now a crap commentator ATBH I can’t understand a word the fool says. Jack needed to go as he has 3 games in 2 seasons and needs to build his body up and his legs and by playing once a week he will do that. He will be back and be better for it. He loves this club very much. As for Jamie will he should think about Liverpool because the worst Arsenal team put 3 past them and then they lost the next game. I like most would loved to have a big name player but to be honest we have a German World Cup winner coming in and we have rob holding who I think is better then 50 million stones. We have spent what 100 mill but look at the others man united JM is trying to buy the epl again but sorry pep is round the corner and yes he has spent few quid but he has pulled a lot back in. So Jamie F–k off

  3. Pointless Article, since the window is shut! ?

    Great to see the Arsenal (minus a few) Legend’s rolling back the year’s. Some of them guy’s haven’t aged a day! ?
    How about Kanu?… He predicted that he would score a Hat-trick before the game and boy was he keen by trying to sneak on at the start! ? ?

  4. Jamie Carragher………I can’t remember the last time he said something meaningful about Arsenal. Oh well, he is a Liverpool fan and legend .Ox, loan deal maybe in another transfer window…But Walcott,loan? After ten yrs in the club. Walcott will be vital this season if he plays well on the wing and avoid injuries. Walcott will stay with Arsenal for a long time or he will go outrightly. No loan move for him..

  5. I wanted Theo sold this summer because of his ridiculous salary
    If Theo had a lower salary I would have been fine with him staying
    Now that the window is shut we need him. Hopefully he can score more goals this season than last season

    Both Theo and Oxlade will be esp important by the time League and Fa Cup matches come

    1. That’s why yr an Arsenal girl you don’t no what yr talking about. Players get paid so much more tben him. LK A-S MO yeah ozill is the best player but A-S has not set the world alight since his move here

      1. @arsenalkid1970
        Can’t believe you put that out there dude. You’re just a kid though. Ignorant as well as asinine…

      2. I read so much absolute rubbish on here, yet you pick on the fact she’s a female to try and make a point. I may not agree with everything she says, but at least her points are thought out and pretty well articulated, unlike a lot of the posts here which are childish, and make no particular point at all.

        I suggest you stop feeling insecure about yourself, and get yourself into the 21st century, as it sounds like you come from a very backward culture.

  6. Yeah, the Ox could have done with a good loan spell well before now. I think a couple of seasons back when he wasn’t featuring at all except the last fifteen of an odd game, that would have been a great time for him to gain a full season of playing at the one position.

    As for Walcott, this must be his last chance saloon. I think he’s a very lucky boy because he’s 27 and still has only one remarkable season to speak of. Arsenal is a giant of a club, I’m amazed he’s still with us. So far he has put in an effort on the defensive side. To win anything this must be kept up, though effort is one thing, quality of the effort this is a separate issue altogether. If he does keep playing the way he’s played lately I worry that the moment fans allow him back in their good books, is the moment when you see Theo operating in one end of the field alone. I feel I’m waiting for the penny to drop. I will say however that between striker and winger, there is no contest. I think Theo knows it’s his last chance, and in knowing that, you would need to be either very stupid, or else very undeserving of a place on the Arsenal first team, if you still find yourself unable to deliver the goods at a time like this.

  7. Jamie Carra – Worthless player and even more stupid pundit. If he tells Theo and Ox to go out, I would gladly have them both in the team.

  8. Both the Ox and Theo will be very much needed if we are going to challenge for the title. There is a long demanding season ahead and bound to be injuries, we should seriously consider regular rotation if we are going to keep everyone match fit. I expect both players to have an encouraging return to form and be part of a title winning side.

  9. Can’t wait the day those two leaving AFC to come!!
    I think there’s not a lot of you that still want these flop duo to stay!?!?
    BTW Have you seen Walky’s awesome performance for England tonight?

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