International injury problems a BIG worry for Arsenal

It appears that Alexis Sanchez is pretty much doing whatever the hell he likes at the moment, as after he insisted on coming out for Arsenal in the second half at West Brom against the wishes od Arsene Wenger and the advice of the Arsenal medical team, he has now taken his injured ankle off around the world to play for Chile in what will be a fiercely contested World Cup qualifier against Argentina.

Going by Arsenal’s luck and our injury record that will lead to a breakdown which will keep our star striker out of the next Premier League game at least. It is a massive one for the Gunners as well, at home to top four rivals Man City, and it looks like Alexis may not be the only Arsenal star missing out after this international break, because the Germany national team manager has delivered the bad news that Mesut Ozil has a hamstring problem, reports the Evening Standard.

As the German play maker has not featured for us since the defeat away to Bayern Munich over a month ago and will not be training now so will certainly not be fit to face Man City. We have also lost Lucas Perez and Petr Cech so any chances of Arsenal bouncing back and getting back into the top four look slimmer than ever and we still have to hope that our other internationals come back in one piece.

How could this season get any worse?



  1. ras911 says:

    Yes Bob it can get worse, Wenger will sign a lifetime contract.

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It seems as if ?Zil is distancing himself away from Arsenal, as much as possible. He pulls out of training 24 hours before the WBA game with a hamstring problem yet he still joined up with the German squad only for them to rule him out. He was spotted in Turkey not too long ago and is apparently buying a £5 million mansion out there and is planning on getting married to an x-miss turkey/actress and when you add the interest of Fenerbahce, who are willing to offer the player an escape route and with the Recent reports suggesting that Arsenal are willing to accept £30 million for Ozil, it’s more than likely that he’s going in the summer.

    As for Sanchez ? Wenger recently said that the players ankle was in a bad way, probably ligament damage ? ?? yeah right, when the Chilean looks as happy as a pig in ?? whilst training on international duty.?

  3. lord wafflebury says:

    Either Sanchez is a fool for risking further damage to his ankle or Wenger and the medical team are fools for misdiagnosing the problem and allowing him to play on at wba ?
    Either way it shows up Wenger as not being the dictator we all say he is to let him get his own way. If he has got said injury and he further damages it i hope the club fine him for his petulance ! If you or me were told at work not to do something and we went ahead and did it anyway and it cost our company dearly then we would be in trouble and have to accept the consequences.
    As much as i admire Sanchez as a player his attitude sucks at times, probably the real reason Barca got rid of him !

  4. mark says:

    Just sack him for playing while injured. I’d love to see a highly paid footballer sacked..

  5. Skills1000 says:

    Wenger is destroying this club. He should have resigned by now. The club should be thinking of approaching Enrique or Allegri and Wenger should go. He is the only problem with this club. And if he signs a contract extension, then he is selfish, greedy and arrogant.He is turning into the Mugabe of Arsenal.

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