International star undermines Arsenal coaching set-up

Wojciech Szczesny has claimed that the Arsenal coaching set-up is lacking in comparison to what he has endured since moving to Italy.

The Polish international broke into the Gunners’ first-team back in 2010, and a year later earned the right to be the club’s first-choice for the campaign, but he failed to persuade Arsene Wenger that he was the long-term option, and rivals were signed to challenge him.

David Ospina eventually displaced him as first-choice stopper halfway through the 2014-15 term, and the Pole eventually left to join Roma on loan the following summer, with Petr Cech being brought in from Chelsea to lead the line, but Wojciech claims that his development stalled once he broke into the first-team, but has flourished since being coached in Italy.

“Honestly, I couldn’t say from a technical standpoint that I improved in any way from when I became first choice at Arsenal until the day I left for Roma,” Szczesny said.

“However, in the two-and-a-half years since I came to Italy I’ve improved massively, which is thanks to the coaches and the way they work. It’s not about improving when you play, it’s every day in training you have to work on every aspect of your game and that’s something I’ve really enjoyed.

“I think in general, the coaches in Italy are much more tactical, that’s just how the league works.

“At Arsenal you’d just prepare physically for it but here you watch films analysing a specific opponent before the game and afterwards we’ll watch again to see what worked and what didn’t.

“I enjoyed working with some great coaches at Arsenal, Roma and here, but the goalkeeping school in Italy is very different – it’s very technical and pays more attention to the details.”

Can Arsenal boast any major improvements from goalkeepers in our first-team squad in the past decade? Does our coaching set-up need looking at? Or should Szczesny blame himself for his lack of progression?

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  1. As a professional footballer earning several thousands of ? weekly and are actually serious about your craft, you’ll take the initiative to improve yourself… Petr Cech trains himself with tennis balls, Ronaldinho improved by training with his dog, David Beckham stayed several hours afree training to practice free kicks.

    1. Things like help explain why we are doing so badly and highlight what a pigs ear Wenger is making of doing the basics. Modern football football clubs expect their very highly paid coaches to improve their players. And then we have our team and Mr Wenger.

    2. So Wenger is allowed to still use his outdated training methods, coz the players should take initiatives to improve themselves? 14 years and counting to keep hearing the sweetness of winning the EPL title from our friends who support ambitious teams

  2. I read this earlier today…. Fabregas also made a statement like this. I’ve told you guys our players do know the truth about how Arsenal is but none of them have the balls to stand up for it because of Wenger.

    Only Sanchez is fighting against it all. Hence he got the name “A Rebel”.
    .I once said it before that I find myself in Sanchez’s shoe.
    I won’t sign the contract! Let’s just stop kidding ourselves and act like Sanchez betrayed us. The club, It’s board and Management betrayed us the fans and the players..
    Sanchez is tired of all that, We fans are tired of it but the difference is We can’t leave like he wants to because our heart is in the club.

    You’ll hardly see players of set their hearts in clubs now.
    It’s either for the money or glory.
    For Sanchez its the glory.

    I wish Szczesny massive amount of good luck over there.
    It’s every individuals dream that we improve always and we grow.

    If you as a human ain’t interested in growing. Then you need to review your life

  3. We hear alot of these stories. Last year it was said Arsenal don’t practice defence. I heard an old interview with Silveste saying when at Man U if you had a bad game you got shouted at all week and dropped yet at Arsenal if he had a bad game(did he have a good one?) nothing was said. But this seems to come from the top down to the bottom. Any other manager who failed to get top 4 in charge of a “top four” team would have lost their job and not given a new contract. The rot spreads until it takes control.

  4. Szczesny? This guy prob been smoking crack.

    This ego is huge for a 2nd rated keeper, at best.

    He prob destroyed his own career with his puffing habit.

      1. I’m not sure why people pampers this 2nd rated keeper who smokes and thinks he is a world beater when he barely have such ability.

        He was always in the limelight for wrong reason while he was here.

        Anyone can critise Arsenal FC but he isn’t fit to do so.

  5. Szczesny was so average and always making ridiculous errors and still played the next game.. he knows the difference now, difference of football quality between Arsenal and any other club.

    Arsenal pampers the average players and gets game time no matter what, where in other teams favoritism is not their way of life

  6. You can look at a lot of things but the simple truth is this.
    Arsenal are not a very good side.
    Wenger is not a very good manager.
    And Kroenke is a terminal diagnosis sucking the life out of everything good..
    Thats the truth – so you can talk about coaching or which way the wind blow.
    Arsenal are simply not a big club anymore…

    1. When you look at the money we are the 6th biggest club in the world. If we only played to that we would be very competative.

  7. Arsene Wenger baffles everyone else except me with his so called wise word and keeps you all wanting for more, hence his longevity at a club which in all honesty should have long sacked him! He is just an average manager with big flattering words. I think some of the press core are now also beginning to see right through the facade. Isn’t it about time he walked?????

  8. Even mediocre players have joined Wenger bandwagon, Wenger deserves respect so long as he is our manager anger can only be directed to his employer if he fails of which can be said after season is done

  9. Doesn’t surprise me at all. So many players seem to stagnate or get worse at Arsenal these days. There are obviously a lot of problems with the coaching and management.

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