International strain making it good time for Arsenal to sell Alexis?

Okay so I know that I am trying to find some sort of positive in what is undoubtedly a negative thing for Arsenal here, but if Alexis Sanchez really is determined to leave just like Robin van Persie was then we do not have a great deal of choice.

Arsene Wenger can either agree to sell him this summer for a hefty amount of dosh or he can be stubborn and make the Chilean see out the final year of his contract, which could well see the striker’s form and influence drop off and would certainly see him go to any club he fancied with Arsenal getting nothing from the deal.

So assuming that the Frenchman is going to go for option A I thought I would try to find something positive about the situation for Arsenal fans to take some comfort from and maybe the strain of his constant international duties with Chile could be the answer.

Pretty much the whole time he has been an Arsenal player we have had to worry about Alexis suffering an injury or burnout as he spends every summer playing and every international break flying around the globe, with Chile playing him even if he is carrying some sort of knock.

So far the player has proved to be almost superhuman but how long can that last? Surely the strain will inevitably tell in the end and with The Mirror reporting that instead of any easing off the pressure Sanchez is set for an extremely punishing schedule over the next 12 months.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the injury or burnout we have all been fearing, happened to Alexis Sanchez soon after he left us for Man City?

Sam P.


  1. It’s never a good time to sell your best and a world class player

    BTW great to see that Cazorla hit the gym yesterday. I hate to use one of Wenger’s favourite expressions but Getting Cazorla would actually be like a new signing because of how awesome he is. We missed him badly the last two seasons and the odds of us winning matches is higher with him then without him. I hope he is injury free for most of the season

    1. Prob just as well, as Bayern look like they could be snapping up Lion Goretzka. One year left on his contract too, we should have dove straight in and offered a number they couldn’t refuse. Would have been nice to get it done while everyone was looking at Mbappe and Alexis.

      1. Yeah. He was excellent in the semi finals. Would have loved to have him

        Germany has a lot of great talent like France

  2. Alexis is not going anywhere, guy is just fooling with Wenger, and rightly so.
    Alexis is a really good player, but arsenal complements him as well. Guy was just a team player at Barcelona, regularly on the bench. He came here and became one of the world’s favourite.
    For all of Wenger’s faults, he has created a system that brings the best out of good players, pity though we have so few of them.
    So if Alexis is smart, He will fool around and get the best deal out of the board and signs. If he moves even to city, he will just be a prince over there, no special royal treatment. At arsenal, guy is king. He knows it and loves it. So he stays!

    1. I don’t know why people are behaving like when he leaves it’s doom for us.That’s not how a top and ambitious club thinks.But you’ll even have to question if we are any of those two.If he wants to leave he can go.Wenger must not allow him to leave on a free because that will be just wrong.

  3. Whether he stays or goes I just hope Arsene Wenger doesn’t make the mistake in allowing him leave for free.If he won’t sign despite all attempts then he should be sold quickly before clubs lose their interest.We have to demand a hefty fee which I’m sure top clubs wouldl be willing to pay because they’ll look at what he did last season.The funny thing is that no player who leaves Arsenal looks irreplaceable in another team.A club which is really ambitious won’t predict doom for themselves when a top player leaves but rather they go out there and do the best they can to replace the player.Unfortunately Arsenal has failed when it comes to that.I urge everyone to fear not because we will survive without Sanchez.We should have hope because these two years of Wenger are crucial than ever.

    1. I love and envy your optimism. I too believe Sanchez is using his contract situation to squeeze and milk best out of Arsenal financial udder.
      In other word, I think he will stay put with us. Ordinarily, Wenger will not buy till last few days of transfer. These early purchases of Kolasiniac and Lacazette are meant to convince Sanchez Wenger’s and club’s ambitions this term around.

      1. Just compare the way Arsenal treat their players to other teams.You’ll clearly see the difference.The way we treat our players makes them feel so big.Just look at the way Fabregas and Van Persie behaved before leaving.They go to other clubs and they look good but you always know they were better under Arsenal.I can’t think of one top player who left Arsenal and was better.If the player has pride the team should also know they have their pride.No player is bigger than any club and hence all players should be treated with that in mind..

  4. Guys check out Agentstretham_ I got ally info from there. So far what he has said has happened..
    Fatboy does not get it lol. I purposely typed benzyfrenzy. I got bored. The admin do not delete part was sarcasm.
    Okay I’m Stopping now. It was fun though. The number of you guys who gave me likes and then fatboy vanished because exactly what i said began to happen hahahaha
    Anyway Lets get back to arsenal

  5. So what if he is gay? Take that hatred of gay people elsewhere. Gunners and Gooners do not discriminate.

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