Internationals help Podolski and Campbell get last Arsenal chance

The next couple of months could be pivotal for the Arsenal careers of our two forwards, Lukas Podolski and Joel Campbell. Both the World Cup winning German and the Young Costa Rican have clearly been chafing at their lack of playing opportunities and if things do not change, then January could see one or both of them waving goodbye to the Gunners.

It is a tricky situation for Arsene Wenger as well. The boss, I’m sure, would love to be able to give these two strikers more time on the pitch but as our results have not been going so well, he must do what he thinks is best for the club.

Campbell and Podolski have both declared that they want to stay at Arsenal, but they do need to be playing, so the fact that both featured for their countries this week can only help them. Campbell played almost the whole of the game against Uruguay and set up Fulham’s Bryan Ruiz for the second goal of a 3-3 draw. So he will return to London in better spirits and having given his manager a timely reminder of his talents.

And Podolski’s fears over his international career will have been eased somewhat as Joachim Low gave him 90 minutes of action in the Euro qualifier with Gibraltar. Podolski also got an assist and will hope to feature again in the friendly match with Spain next week.

So with Arsenal heading into a tough run of games and then the festive fixture list, these two Gunners will be hoping that their international action will help them get a chance to show what they can do for Arsenal before it is big decision time in January. Do you expect them both to stay the course?

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  1. davidnz says:

    Send Campbell out on loan to Hull
    See if he can play well in the EPL.
    Then reassess in the summer.
    Keep Podolski till the end of the season.

    1. ArnSam says:

      wenger is one hell of a manager…he lied us with very good players who used to do their thing and we thought he was good”the manager came in the dressing room at half time, looked at us and left” Robert Pirez after we had been knocked out of three competitions in a week and were loosing to liverpool at half time. Then Thiery Henry did his thing and we won the game.
      wenger is so clueless he should leave now.

  2. Skandalouz says:

    Just face reality, even if Podolski scores 10+ as a sub til January Wenger will still start Cazorla and Jack all day.

  3. Enygma says:

    Deluded Podolski fans want us to believe that Wenger has something personal against him.
    Are u the ones who signed him?

    1. Zulu-boy-SA says:

      Podolski is a goal scorer, when he is on the pitch he is most likely to score and matches are won on goals, as a manager with a team that scores least goals among the top 4 teams, you just have to find a way to use your goal scoring machine.

    2. Grim Bligh says:

      Remember Vaermalen the captain,beloved by Arsene.Nil chance given,would play only to cover injury,do you call that good managing?How can players keep form without playing or worst without the hope of playing.
      We don t know who Wenger don t like but we all know who he likes as he makes them play,overuse them what ever their form and contribution.Their play time is based on who they are.
      The only chance for the actual fringe players is the depart of Wenger,the situation will become more fair and everybody will play on merit.I bet you we would not see the same faces often as we see now.

  4. LoCkAy says:

    Some people are talking about sending “this one” or “that one” on loan or for sell like Arsenal is the sh*t…!!

    Campbell must ask himself “what the f*ck am I doing here?”
    The boy was never given a chance when you have players like Wilshere, who are clearly less effective, have been given a run game after game.

    Podolski is a proven international clearly miss used by “the deluded one”.

    I would advise Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski and more to push for a loan or transfer in January…
    Anyway, it is not like we are going to take the BPL by storm (we are already out of the title, as usual) or win the CL.
    They won’t miss anything major, may be the few humiliations coming up…!

    1. sollygunner says:

      coming from a fan of arsenal ….
      why dont we just sell the emirates and throw in the towl

  5. fred cowardly says:

    Last chance?
    They haven’t been given many chances anyway.
    I think the recently when Podolski was given a chance he scored. I forgot which game though.

  6. fred cowardly says:

    Honestly, I don’t blame them for wanting to leave. They are both quality players and don’t deserve so much time on the bench.

    Only thing is if they both leave, don’t expect Wenger to replace them. Wenger is known for selling players and not replacing them immediately.

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