Invincible Patrick Vieira makes Arsenal managerial admission

Patrick Vieira could not ignore Arsenal if the manager’s job was offered.

Arsenal has produced some of the world’s best footballers in the last two decades, and a number of them are cutting their teeth as managers.

One ex –Gunner who has been impressing as a manager is Patrick Vieira and he may just become the next Arsenal manager.

Arsenal is currently without a permanent manager after they fired Unai Emery. The Spaniard had a tough 18 months on the job but he was let go after his team went seven games without a win.

They have made Freddie Ljungberg their interim manager, but a permanent managerial appointment is imminent.

Patrick Vieira is one of those being mentioned to become their next boss, and the Nice manager has admitted that he would take up the job if it was offered to him.

While insisting that he is currently committed to Nice, Vieira admitted that after spending nine years playing for Arsenal it would be hard for him to say no to them.

“You can never ignore a club where you’ve spent nine years,” the 43-year-old ‘Invincible’ told Canal + per after watching his side record a 4-1 win over lowly Metz on Saturday.

“But, honestly, I’m focused on this project at Nice, I feel very good here. It’s a very exciting project.

“I’ve always said that I’m very happy in Nice. We’re all working to move the club forward and there is potential.”

At least Vieira does have management experienced as opposed to the likes of Mike Arteta. But would he really be the right man for the job? I don’t think so. An experienced manager is what is required considering the state the club is in right now.


  1. Vierra, lungberg, arteta, henry any of them would be a shot in the dark and a massive mistake at this moment of time, the future maybe but it has to be Poch or Benitez, pay the money and make a statement. Both would come for the right money, i believe Benitez still has a house in this country.

    1. And he is back in the country tomorrow. Arsenal get him kidnapped and lock him in a room at the Emirates.

        1. The pair of them are used to working with very good players and not very good players, perfect for Arsenal at this moment in time. Its a no brainer for me, one or the other.

          1. Forget about Benitez, because he has 23 M release clause on his current contract with Dalian Yifang

            That kind of money will be more useful as extra transfer budget for the next manager

  2. The key word here is DECISIVENESS. When klopp was available we dithered. When pep left Bayern and went on a sabbatical in the states I thought the kronkes would have been imaginative and succinctly grab him before any other club made a move for him but no we were lilly livered again. Brendan rogers was waiting and waiting for us to call him when le prof was a goner. But nooo, no, no… We preferred unai emery. See where that has left us. The board takes 97% of the total fiasco of the deep mess we are in. The remaining 3% belongs to the lazy lot of average players available to us. We will make west ham look like Barcelona tomorrow. Antonio will have fun against kola or Tierney

  3. Please we don’t have the time and luxury to risk on unproven coaches in our current situation.

    Pochetino is our best option right now. Period!

    All these unreasonable fantasy suggestions of unproven coaches are just emotional solutions not rational ones. We need calm, decisiveness, rationality, and assurance in our next decision of who is going to manage Arsenal.

    Pochetino makes the most sense, and not other suggestions make anymore sense than Pochetino.

    I’m open to any suggestions better than Pochetino, with proper reasoning, not emotional ones like Simeone or Vieira

  4. Do you trust the following with the future of Arsenal Football Club.

    To say I have reservations is a massive understatement ;

    “ According to reports the core selection committee of the club met for dinner last week and they discussed the immediate as well as long-term future of the club.

    Raul Sanllehi, Edu, Josh Kroenke, Huss Fahmy and Vinai Venkatesham met at a private London venue early last week to discuss about who they could get for the club.”

    I do hope they enjoyed their meal !!!

  5. Arsenal want to “get the next appointment right” eh?

    Like when we missed a proven winner like Klopp? Or wringing our hands while Leicester got Rodgers? Dithered and spuds got Jose?

    I have no confidence they will make the right appointment. These were the same fools who thought a failed PSG manager in Emery was better choice than a successful Celtic coach in Rodgers.

    They want a puppet to “coach” the team, not a strong leader and manager to drive the club successfully forward into the future.

    No chance Raul, Vinai, and Edu get an Allegri or Ponch; they are too strong and will challenge their authority.

    Better to take their time, wait while the club struggles, and appoint a coaching puppet they can control.

    Fans will be happy to take anyone at that point, exactly how management want it to be.

    Open your eyes and see these frauds for what they are. Raul thinking he’s better at identifying talent than Sven. That was the first warning sign for me.

  6. I am tired of this club Arsenal. Just hire a proven coach with a winning mentality and forget about the sentiments. The board has been the probs.. Never proactive!

    We need a proven identity to steady the sinking ship. At the end na still my club we die there.

  7. This is why we identify players and others snap them up because we fail to act swiftly on matters that will move the club forward. I think AUBA should go to Madrid because we are not yet winners.


    1. The board don’t have a clue who to appoint it sums up the state of Arsenal football club a complete shambles and will continue to be for many years to come so get use to it!!

  8. We need to look at reality, Arsenal heads not to fight EL football next EL football but to avoid relagation we ate 4 points away!

    What Kroenke did not considered when using fans to sack him, Emery to make us forget about him; Wenger is that he is as Sir Alex is to Man U and English football history and mainly that they are living legends!

    Sir Alex is helping Ole in making transition from him! Being a legend alive; It takes him to make help make this transition with such a legacy!

    Viera as Eddie or Henry would need their Prof to be nearby; to help them become great coach as player he made them progress as a Prof they respect love & thank. These guys are Arsenal history forever! Invicibles MF!

    We have an owner who dies t care forfootball nor any of usnor coach and board;not personal at all; all business!

    We in major trouble, because it is no top coach available beside no way to make this transition from Wenger without him involved; just as Sir Alex!

    Can’t compare any clubs or coaches in history!

  9. Patrick – when teams were scared of The Arsenal and Wenger’s Invincible defence had aman who knew what it was all about to shield them!!!

    If we are looking at Patrick and Monday night isn’t a coincidence that he is in town, one thing would be certain.
    The lift we are looking for from the crowd and the players would be instant, in my opinion.
    I am certain that he and freddie would work together, no current player would frighten him and he will stand no nonsense from anyone, including kronkiE!!!

    If, as we all agree, kronkie does not release the money to attract the likes of pep etc
    Vieria would get my vote on those left to decide over.

    As for needing winning managers with experience, I thought back to Bertie Mee and George Graham, let alone Arsene Wenger when the three of them took over the reins.

    Funny, but I’m already getting excited thinking Patrick mught be there on Sunday, why is it I don’t get the same feeling about Arteta?

    1. Arteta’s a nice guy, not the type of manager we need just now Ken, this lot will take advantage of him. We need a no nonsense motivator and a hard man, Patrick fits the bill but is short of experience. If they can’t get a top manager, Patrick will definitely get my vote. I wouldn’t mind someone like Keown as his assistant, the two of them would would definitely command respect and would, once and for all, sort out the defence!!!

  10. @Ken1945

    Whilst our (seemingly endless) defensive deficiencies of the past seasons continue to blight us, it’s no coincidence the increasing mentions of George Graham across various threads on here.

    My personal favourite – yes, including Arsene ! !

    How those with enough “service” behind them would love to once again witness his defensive organisation out there on the park – and indeed the personnel he had to implement it, IF ONLY !

    And all with Wrighty finishing it off at the other end – BLISS !

    Imagine today’s prima donna’s agreeing to being roped together round the waist in training to ensure they moved together as a cohesive defensive unit ! (or so popular legend has it – knowing G G it’s true).

    Bertie Mee, God rest his soul, where it all started for me Ken.

  11. AJ, memories are made of this, as they say!!!

    If it were possible to clone GG’s defensive skills with AW’s attacking skills, we would have THE MOST perfect manager ever!!

    So sAD that both of them left under a cloud, different shapes of course.

    Bertie Mee was the complete opposite of what we are being urged to look for today, wasn’t he?
    A dapper, well spoken man, with no managerial experience of any kind whatsoever.
    I was always cross that he split up our first ever double winning team, selling Ray Kennedy to Liverpool, especially after the title winning goal he scored at WHL.
    Never fully recognised for the genius he was at the time though – he took us out of the pack for a few wonderful, but brief, seasons.

    Old gooners like us have seen it all before, though this toxic situation at present seems to run throughout the club, not just on the pitch.

    AH WELL, back to the present and…what I wonder?

    1. You’re right about the toxic situation running throughout the club Ken, I have never witnessed anything similar in the many decades I have supported this great club. We need to have hope that the Kroenke’s decide to sell an ‘asset’ that is now showing a loss because that is all our club means to them.

      Reminiscing about Bertie Mee’s team of the early 70’s, we along with Leeds were the hardest sides I have ever seen, remember our ‘assassin’ Peter Storey? I wonder how the present crop of ‘superstars’ would fare against either of those teams? Loved that team!!

      1. Throw in Bob Wilson, Pat Rice, Bob McNab, Frank McLintock, Peter Simpson, Jon Sammels, George Graham, Sammy Nelson, George Armstong, Ray Kennedy, Charlie George; you wouldn’t want to run into John Radford in a a dark alley, let alone Peter Storey!

  12. One more thing @Ken1945, then I’ll leave you in peace.

    Talking of memories;

    Were you one of those on the terracing who always hoped the leader of the Metropolitan police band would drop the baton 😉

    Oh well, as you say let’s see what the future brings.

    1. Absolutely AJ and I saw him do it on at least three occasions!!!

      In those days, we were so bad, that was the biggest cheer the home fans gave out.
      Wonderful memories of a club that fans didn’t need to see winning trophies, just proud to be part of the club, buy our sixpenny’s worth of peanuts and get ready for the never ending mickey taking on a monday morning, after another defeat…bit like today in that respect!!!

      Wouldn’t change it for the world AJ – thanks for the conversation my fellow gooner.

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