Invincible star says OZIL can fire Arsenal to EPL title

Don´t worry Gooners, this former Arsenal star has not completely lost the plot. Gilberto Silva, one of our great invincibles, is not suggesting that our German international play maker can somehow inspire the current version of the Gunners to overtake Man City and Chelsea and claim the Premier League title this season.

But the Brazilian does believe that Mesut Ozil could be the key to us becoming champions of England again, perhaps next time around. Gilberto is clearly a fan of the German´s abilities and believes that our record signing has what it takes to turn Arsenal from nearly men into glory men.

But the former Gunner also accepts that Ozil needs to give a little bit more in order to do that. He needs to be a bit more decisive in what he does on the pitch and make sure that he makes the most of his undoubted quality. And in an interview reported by The Mirror, Gilberto feels that the key to Ozil doing this is really understanding what Arsenal, Wenger and English football are all about.

He said, “You speak about Arsenal and how they don’t spend big money on a player often but they did with (Mesut) Ozil and it is always a bit risky,” said Silva. “Coming from Spain it is tough to adapt, it doesn’t always happen straight away.

“I think the most important thing is that the player understands the philosophy of the team, the philosophy of the manager and the expectation from the fans.

“I do really like him as a player but sometimes in the game he does look quite slow, although he has that quality to change the game.

“He can be more decisive for Arsenal for the quality he has, he can be much more decisive for the club.

“Arsenal hasn’t been able to compete with Chelsea and Manchester City for a few years because they spend money on big names and this is not the Arsenal culture.

“They don’t spend a lot of money to sign players but apart from that it is not easy to find a way to get back on track to win titles.

“It was important for them last season that they won the FA Cup but a team like Arsenal need more and I hope they find a way to achieve what they always look for.

“If you look at Chelsea, they spent a lot of money on a player like Diego Costa and he has settled really well and is scoring lots of goals, that has worked for them but it is not as easy for Arsenal.

“If the players concentrate on their job and pull together they can form a strong team and try to feel good in their play. Sometimes people expect quick results but it doesn’t always work like that.

“It is a big task for the manager. Arsene will always make a plan for his side, he will have watched the opponents and will have known their strengths and weaknesses and how he wants his team to play.

“But when the game goes wrong, like it did against Monaco, it is really tough.

“Sometimes things don’t work but he is always motivated to get it right. All the players need to be like that too, they need to be confident for the game and have that fight.

“They also need to concentrate on what they need to do and then the consequence of that will be the result they want.

“I watched Arsenal’s last game against Everton and sometimes they can take a while to find their rhythm but when they do they can be a devastating team.

“They try things differently and move the ball well across the pitch.”

And Ozil can be the master architect of our passing game, and often is. So will next season be the one for Arsenal, Wenger and his German midfielder?

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  1. Best bit of punditry this site has quoted in a while. Completely agree with this invincible.

    1. I don’t see his point about Diego costa settling in well, why not point to alexis sanchez, he has settled in just as well.

      In my opinion ozil has shown exactly what he has always done, he covers lots of ground, makes himself available, grabs lots of assists and chips in with a few goals. He has never shown anything more than that in his career. For me it’s the price tag that has caused the issue, if he had cost 15-20m we would either leave him out when he is off form or wouldn’t be complaining about him anyway.

      Ozil was Wengers first real galactico and sanchez was his 2nd, if he continues to add world class players and develops others (I think bellerin, coquelin, gabriel and the ox could all become that) then ozil will fit right in. Currently ozil has made 35 league appearances scoring 11 goals and making 14 assists that is great returns for an attacking midfielder.

  2. we have 3 billionaire and with the new TV deal…

    we should be able to spend big and afford to pay players 500k per week…

    time to make some serious signings in the summer

    time for a change…

    1. You should stick your face in a
      meat grinder and go and live in
      the woods !

      500k lol you crack me up boy !

    2. stan kroenke will never invest anything infact he took 3m last year from the club for strategic and advisory services the £3m figure tallies with the amount the club raised from a 3% rise on season-ticket prices for this season.he is also an admirer of the glazers

      so hafiz don’t have any hope until he is at the club with usmanov things could have been different

      1. Usmanov had the opportunity to buy the share majority but he chickened out. No one stopped him to pay just as much as Kroenke did. He preferred a small share and the ability to shout how much of a gooner he is. When he woke up it was already too late.

  3. Ozil is one of the best in the world, and definitely have the class and skill. If he could find a get a world class striker to double with as in his Real Madrid days, then the title is ours. Giroud is good, but doesn’t belong to that “world-class” brand.

  4. Silva is saying Ozil and the team
    can play better and start quicker.
    He hints at the need for everyone
    to be on the same page. He also says we
    still need more top players. He said the FA cup
    win was good but a club like Arsenal deserve more still.
    A very good summary.

  5. Wish we still had strong players like Gilberto in the team.. Some players in the team are just too weak.

  6. The health and form of the English players
    is crucial to Arsenals future chances of winning
    the EPL and ECL.
    Hayden Can he step and be a 1st team CB?
    Gibbs Is he still a winger playing LB
    Chambers Will he be a jack of 3 positions master of none?
    Jenkinson Is he good enough to play RB or CB?
    Ramsey (Welsh) Can he become a dominant B2B?
    Wilshere Can he beat his injurys and prove he really can play?
    Walcott Can he beat injury and rediscover form of two seasons ago
    Chamberlain Can he add end product to his driving runs?
    Akpom A genuine top notch striker or another overated English kid?
    Wellbeck Is he more than a chaser of the ball?
    Maitland Niles A raw talent with real potential but will we see it?
    Interestingly none of these players has been a regular starter
    during Arsenals recent successful run of 10 – 12 matches .
    Could we do with out English players. Recent form would suggest Yes.

    1. at current non of them is good enough….

      we need top class players immediately to take us to another level…

    2. What’s wrong with Chamberlain runs? The end product of such a run is a pass in the box. To me it looks like Chamberlain is doing exactly that. He is actually the only breath of fresh air lately in our team.

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