Ireland’s Sad Send-Off: Defeat to France and McCabe injury ahead of Women’s World Cup

Ireland’s Sad Send-Off: Defeat to France and McCabe injury woe ahead of Women’s World Cup by Michelle

As Ireland faced France on 6th July on their home turn early in the match, Arsenal’s Katie McCabe went down clutching her ankle. She then fell to the ground in the 30th minute, resulting in her substitution by Izzy Atkinson. Manager Vera Pauw confirmed that McCabe had rolled her ankle after stepping on an opponent’s foot, but no information was available regarding the severity of the injury, as reported in the Irish Mirror.

In Ireland’s final match before departing for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Girls in Green faced a formidable opponent in France, ultimately succumbing to a 3-0 defeat. The result cast a shadow over Ireland’s preparations for their first-ever World Cup, which must be disappointing despite their efforts to frustrate France, particularly during the first half.

Ireland had played well defensively, impeding France’s attacking prowess and causing moments of frustration for the Les Bleus. Ireland held off their opponents for a significant portion of the opening period.

However, just before halftime, France demonstrated their class and turned up the intensity. With a flourish of skill, Les Bleus swiftly netted two goals in quick succession, leaving Ireland reeling. The second goal, a magnificent curling strike courtesy of Eugénie Le Sommer, further compounded Ireland’s woes and shattered their hopes of a comeback.

In the second half Ireland were caught off guard during a corner, conceding a third goal. Overall, it was a disappointing night for Ireland, not only due to the defeat but also because of the potential loss of their captain and influential player McCabe. With the World Cup fast approaching, the team will face additional challenges in their preparation, needing to regroup and adjust their strategies accordingly.

In the coming days, Ireland will jet off to Australia to continue their World Cup preparations. Their first match of the tournament is scheduled against the hosts Australia in Sydney on 20th July – Stadium Australia is SOLD OUT for this opening game.

The Girls in Green will be aiming to showcase their abilities on the global stage of women’s football, as debutantes in the Women’s World Cup. Let’s hope they have Katie McCabe uninjured and captaining them to victory..

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