Is 20 percent enough to persuade Arsenal pair to sign?

There has been some speculation among the various Arsenal transfer rumours flying around the football press that Arsene Wenger and the club were willing to almost double the wages of Alexis Sanchez in order to convince the star striker to sign a new contract.

With the other top Gunner Mesut Ozil also in talks over a new contract you would expect the German international and his people to be looking at a similar sort of deal to keep them happy as well, but revelations last week showed that such a huge pay rise for two of the players already on more money than their club colleagues would have put us in a precarious position.

The English Premier League rules stop a club from having massive salary increases unless they can match it with improved income, so Arsenal would have had to shed a fair few players to pay for these Alexis and Ozil deals, which is why I think the report by The Mirror talking about a 20 percent increase for the pair seems a lot more likely.

The big question is will that be enough to persuade them to stay? In the case of our Chilean striker I would say no, as it appears there are clubs like Bayern Munich and Man City willing to pay him much more. With Ozil it may be enough as he is not in so much demand. What do you guys think_ Will either or both still be Arsenal players next season?



  1. ade says:

    We need both of them let’s do whatever it takes to keep them, but if Alexis refuses, sell him, no one is above the club, arsenal was existing b4 him n will still exist after his departure.

    1. dennis10bergkamp says:

      But majority of JustArsenal readers do not agree with that.
      They think he is above the club.

      1. bran99 says:

        Don’t think you understand the justArsenal readers that well, all they want is Arsenal to show ambition and keep hold of our best player, if anyone is above the law that must be Arsene, at Arsenal he is above the law and not many can argue about that.

        Best players nowadays are paid according to their class, the era of 90s and early 2000s are long gone and so should most of our fans and the dictator leading us, pay the guy what he deserves or sell him to someone who will

        1. Adetunji says:

          Which of the law is Arsene above? Is it the one created by his employers or the one created by we fans? Because obviously he’s not above the one created by his boss.i wonder who he is working for anyway.the club or the fans?!

      2. Raj says:

        I agree with you, People think Alexis is greater than club, We qualified for champions league even when he was not there.
        We should sell him soon and move on to getting new players.Just dragging our feet in these contract talks wont fetch anything.He seems to have made up his mind about moving so we should sell him.If we were so keen to retain him why didn’t we have this discussion last yr.What was great Wenger doing about it?

      3. Quantic Dream says:

        We agree…its just that if we keep going on along that line of logic where every top player is sold on the basis of “no one is bigger than the club” then we will never move forward. We will just stagnate where we add a top player and sell another..putting us in pretty much the same position we were before.

        1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

          Excellent point
          Spot on

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      Ozil doesn’t deserve to be on nearly 300k p/w, Sanchez does. Ozil doesn’t turn up in big games, and only one good season in four. Get a new playmaker in, as we don’t need Ozil.

  2. Gooner4321 says:

    If Sanchez wants to go then sadly he will go. More money won’t make a difference. He’s a winner. And the fact that we have bought nobody yet isn’t helping us.

    1. Zed says:

      If he is a winner, what was he doing at Arsenal in the first place

      1. Gooner4321 says:

        Well there’s a Spurs fan for ya. We won the FA Cup 3 of the last 4 years, have won the Premier League 3 times and were unbeaten or a season. Go back into your hole spud.

  3. Samij says:

    It is getting out of proportion, If sanchez wants to leave he should do dat immediately and stop making us to be panic unnecessarily. In time pas we have many stars doing d same.. I can recal how effective Vanpersie was to us , he single handedly draged us to champions league before Leaving d next summer, which d so called sanchez couldnt do last season.. If he is dat good he should av helped us like vanpersie did before leaving. I don’t believe any player is bigger than d club, @ Barcelona he was a bench warmer we brought him and gave him the opportunity to score and become more famous.

    1. bran99 says:

      Many players can be bench warmers at Barcelona, just look at how classy their attack is. But you are right, he should leave and save us sometime of buying replacement, before it’s too late and someone panics and buys another Chamack

  4. Samij says:

    The only Arsenal player im gonna miss is Carzola :He is the reason we didn’t win the title..

    1. McLovin says:

      Wenger is the reason we didn’t win the title. Don’t forget that. No need to hide his failures behind injuries.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        @ McLovin. Yup ?

        @ Samij ?? And how many premier league titles did we win since Cazorla joined?.. Please Stop chatting fantasy ????

  5. Re-source says:

    There we go. Media has started reporting Lemar.
    Told you you guys.. DEALS ARE DONE LACAZETTE LEMAR

    I still think that ozil can be replaced by players from within the club. Alexis has to stay.
    I dont want ozil to leave as i enjoy watching him play.


    1. John0711 says:

      Sky are also reporting that the Lyon owner is saying he doesn’t think Lacazzette will Join Arsenal

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Exactly ? & the above lemon jinxed it ??
        Now his gonna Jinx up the Lemar deal ?

        @ Admin, Quicky block him, before it’s too late. ?? Wait until the transfer window shuts before you Unblock him ?

        1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

          @ RETard- Source
          Now can you please just ?

          Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has dealt Arsenal a massive blow over Alexandre Lacazette by stating he will not leave the Ligue 1 club this summer after all.

          The France international has been heavily linked with a move away from Lyon this summer after scoring 127 goals in 274 appearances for the club.

          Atletico Madrid appeared favourites for his signature until the LaLiga outfit were hit with a transfer ban, while Arsenal have reportedly seen a £44million bid rejected.

          The Gunners, however, were still expected to seal the deal once a fee for Lacazette had been agreed, but it now seems the player has gone cold on the idea.

          Aulas, in an interview with French broadcaster Canal Plus, has poured cold water over the speculation, insisting Lacazette is likely to stay at Lyon.

          He said: “I do not think that Alexandre Lacazette will leave this summer.”

          However, Aulas did suggest Lacazette could join Atletico when their transfer ban is lifted in January, adding “it’s possible.”

          Aulas also hinted Lyon were in the market to sign France striker Olivier Giroud from Arsenal.

          He added: “I do not have anything to say about Olivier Giroud. We’re interested. Things haven’t advanced.”

          Lacazette is still on holiday with his long term boyfriend Griezmann, someone else on here suggested that he cut it short to come to Arsenal for a medical lol ?? anyways it looks as if Lacazette will wait until January, to team up with his childhood friend Griezmann at Ath.Madrid. Which makes sense when consider that Griezmann has renewed his contract at that club recently.

          Let’s hope that REtard- source doesn’t jinx up the Lemar deal ??

  6. Rednit says:

    Both players where holding the club to ransome over wage demands .
    There agents ganged up on arsenal and the players threw tantrums to get there way .
    Let them go .
    Sanchez swop for Augero looks ok to me .
    Not one word has been spoken about Ozil . It appears no one is interested in him . Now he has his tail between his legs , he will resign , go through the motions , like Arshavin , then get a free and a last contract in Turkey or China . Sell them both and get the money . The Real President was right Ozil is weak , mentally and physically .

  7. Kostafi says:

    There’s a fair bit of dead weight to fund the reported £7m pay rise.
    Debuchy £3m – £5m (£70k a week saved)
    Jenko £3m – £5m (£45k a week saved)
    Campbell – £6m
    Wilshere? still injured- only £10m unless new contract signed (£70k a week)
    Gibbs? £10m. will be £5m in Jan unless new contract signed. Watford/Newcastle wont pay £15m. (£65k a week)
    Szczesny- Juve bid £4m, ridiculous! At least £10m with a year left on contract
    Perez? Agent says he wants move ahead of world cup. 0 spain caps. £14m
    At least £66m plus nearly £400k a week in wages saved (or £21m for a year). Pay up Arsene!

  8. satanK says:

    I reckon that Ozil might stay actually, but Sanchez won’t renew unless Arsene surrounds him with top players. And we all know how that went with RVP and how that will go with Alexis.
    With the precarious wage-related situation Arsenal are in, you’d be sure they’d already offload at least two players to meet the wage demands of the two players in question. That tells me that Arsenal is at peace that Sanchez is a goner and are ready to accept the same destiny for Ozil.

    Anyway, the shirts are in, the club have boll***cked us enough before the new shirts hit the ground running, now they can start telling us the truth slowly. I guess once the 20k shirts are sold, Wenger will have a press conference about Sanchez’s imminent departure and uncertainty regarding Ozil’s contract.

    Of course, by that time, most solid replacements will become unavailable, just the way Wenger likes ’em. Then he’ll be “forced” to buy average, unproven, young, cheap players to replace top player(s).

    Btw, how many of you have already gotten themselves that fresh new 2017/18 shirt?

  9. JGB says:

    The contract is a massive pay rise this season to sign for 3-4 years (£250k-300k)with a 20% increase if we qualify for CL the following season. Its not a 20% pay ris on what they are on now. Read the article again.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I read 250k with 20% payrise bringing the wage close to the figure of just over 300k a week which they are wanting.

      Good to see someone else picked up on that as well 🙂

  10. Bo gia says:

    No one wants to stay in a club where there is no ambition to win a title that only ambition to make money. Who deserves to be blamed ??? Stan Kroenke . I wonder if he has any secret profit ?

  11. Roy says:

    I don’t want players sold just to pay two greedy players who want more more more I would like Arsene to keep the ox and Perez that are very good players given the chance buy mbappe and lacazette sell big head to a foreign team maybe usmanov will help Bayern with Sanchez salary

  12. Bo gia says:

    No one wants to stay in a club where there is no ambition to win a title that only ambition to make money. Who deserves to be blamed ??? Stan Kroenke . I wonder if Mr Wenger has any secret profit ?

  13. Deji obe says:

    I think both Alexis and Ozil will stay @arsenal,they seems to love ❤ the club with the way they’ve conducted themselves professionally so far this transfer window.They just want to know how ambitious we are.

  14. philo says:

    Sanchez should go.period

  15. Chris Gunner says:

    My fellow Ginners

    Will it be fair to Giroud, if he was part of the Lacazette deal.

    Ok he is inconsistent, but i consider him part of the Gunner family

  16. Declan says:

    As Fatboy said, it looks like any deal for Lacazette is now dead.
    Aulas saying he is unlikely to be sold in this window and will go to Atletico in Jan window.
    Regards to the 20% rise being talked about for Ozil and Lexis, it appears they will be offered 20% on top of the rises being offered if we subsequently qualify for ECL at end of the season.

  17. Emmanuel Ogundeji says:

    Aulas is just a bitch, just a tactic with Wenger to keep other Clubs from being interested. I seriously reckon Lacazette’s deal is agreed, with Giroud a part of it. One of Ozil and Sanchez would leave (which means both will likely leave).

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