Is £35 Million really a shock low price for Lucas Torreira?

Reports out of Italy today are claiming that Arsenal is prepared to allow Lucas Torreira to join AC Milan for a fee of £35 Million.

When I came across this piece of news it was because of a headline on Teamtalk that said “Arsenal set shock low asking price for star man amid interest from Italy”

I didn’t know what to expect because I did not know who the “star “man” was but when I clicked on the headline and went to the article it was clear who it was and how much money they were talking about.

On the first line, it had the £35 Million figure and a huge picture of Torreira and I have to admit that I then thought almost immediately where is this shock low asking price because my initial reaction was £35 Million is not that bad for a player we bought for just £26 Million and who never had an outstanding season.

Now, it is claimed within the article that it is Arsenal that has set that price and not a tabled offer or anything like that and I am of the opinion it is probably a fair valuation.

I will admit that other clubs seem to get more money for their players for some reason than we manage but that is not the issue here, the issue is, will £35 Million enable us to get an upgrade on the Uruguayan and I have to say, I think so.

I actually think we will see more from him next season but that is not the subject matter right now.

The bottom line is I believe most Arsenal fans will see £35 Million as acceptable, sure £50 Million would have been nice but it is a bit of a stretch to try and convince people that Torreira is worth twice what we paid for him last summer.

There is simply no evidence to back that up.


  1. Torreira is worth more than 35 million, and I think most would agree. Somewhere between 45-50 million would be the price I put on his transfer, but I’m not in charge.

    However, Arsenal absolutely suck at getting good prices for selling players (exception for Ox), and I hope the deal is not considered for anything less that 45 million.

    Also, Chambers at 12-14 million, WTF? Didn’t Arsenal pay 16-18 million when we got him from Southampton?
    I put this down to silly rumor, but if they did sell surely it would be for more than what the club paid, considering he was voted player of the year for his loan club.

    Someone wake Raul up, the window is open for business, and it’s ok to sell and buy players. So far highlight of the window is Edu coming back, but what will his duties be?

    1. 35 M is too low for a DM that has high interception and tackle stats like him. He was highly influential in many EPL matches and just looked weak because his strength could not match the bigger midfielders in EPL

      Arsenal usually cannot get good prices for their players, but they managed to sell Walcott for 20 M. I hope they can do good business with Mustafi and Xhaka as well

    2. The actual fee for Chambers was £9m with add ons raising it to £16m based on appearances and success. There has been no success for Chambers, but he is close to reaching the appearance clause, hence making a profit on an average midfielder and below average defender makes sense.

    3. Torreira’s official evaluation is 49 mill. pounds on transfermarkt and and close to 63 mill. pounds on CIES observatory, so selling him for less than 50 mill. would be foolish.

      Remember how young he is for his position.

  2. Yeah he signed a 4-5 year deal last season rightfully his stock has risen from the 23-26m we signed him for. So 10m on top of what we signed him for is probably about right. But all the more reason we keep him another season at least. A stronger performance again next season could see his value sky rocket by another 20-30m

  3. For the first time in a decade we finally get a decent DM and now there is talk of him being allowed to leave?I just do not believe this at all.Before Emery decided to return-invent the player as a more forward midfielder Torriera was everything we have been asking for the team.
    This is just not going to happen.Especially for only £35m.And even more especially to a team with Gazidis asvits CEO.

    1. Lol true, you can see it now in the press conference at the end of the window “We tried but would couldn’t get in the quality we wanted” the reality is unless he can get a player for a fiver he won’t push for them

      1. Guys I think Iwobi will make a good left sided central midfielder in a 4 3 3 formation.
        Bellerin Anderson Holding Tierney

        Torreira Praet. Iwobi

        Ziyech. Lacazette.Carrasco

    2. I’ve just about given up listening to the constant rumours about the in’s and out’s at our club. It more or less changes by the hour and it’s then followed with “we’ve only got 40m to spend”.Will we ever get the truth? I wouldn’t be surprised if a large percentage of the rumours are leaks from Arsenal, well who knows? It is season ticket time

  4. lol, why on earth will Arsenal consider selling him, A proper DM we’ve been clamoring for, for a long time, He’s form may deep in the second half of the seen, I guess it normal for a player changing a league, not jess ordinary league, the toughest in the world, why not finding buyer for Xhaka, Ozil, mikhi and Co.

  5. He was one of our best players last season.. so if the powers that be have any sense (debatable) he shouldn’t be going anywhere!!

    1. Torreira is unsetted; having problems learning English (surely the club can arrange a language tutor), doesn’t like the weather (too cold and wet) and most importantly his wife is Italian, unhappy, misses family and wants to return to Italy.
      So much for being under contract and meeting your playing commitments!

    1. He said himself he isn’t a huge fan of England and he’s having a hard time settling. It’s funny how you guys believe every single rumour regarding who we are going to purchase, yet when it’s one of our important players suddenly it’s a non story lol.

  6. Nooooooooooo. Not enough and I don’t want to lose our DM for no replacement or less quality cheaper replacement.

    I think that with such a low transfer budget and Ozil being perhaps un-sellable, Emery may be thinking to sell out DM to fix other areas like CB and Wingers. I hope I’m wrong

    With our budget we can’t get one player for £20 mil or more. Two players would use up the whole budget.

    I blame Kroenke for putting Emery in an almost impossible position. He needs to sell some players but not Torreira

    I wish the Chinese or anyone would purchase Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka

    I hope Torreira stays
    Sell Xhaka, Elneny but not Torreira

    1. You assumed the very low budget story to be true. Rest of your comment is based on this assumption. I think we should wait and watch how this pans out

      1. It’s not just based on assumption, considering the previous two transfer budgets reported in the mainstream media have turned out to be absolutely spot-on.

        I genuinely don’t understand why people don’t use prior events to form their opinions.

  7. Without needing to read the reported rumours, I can tell this is just sensational paper talk. The comments above show some recognition of how good he’s been for us this season.

    We clearly need a bit a of player exodus and the papers are speculating about this.

    Let’s just wait and see what happens….

  8. Guys I think Iwobi will make a good left sided central midfielder in a 4 3 3 formation.
    Bellerin Anderson Holding Tierney

    Torreira Praet. Iwobi

    Ziyech. Lacazette. Carrasco

  9. The player himself has admitted he is struggling to adapt to living in England and was much happier in Italy. If any of you were working abroad and were unhappy what would you do?
    Don’t forget Football is a job and the player is a person, he is a young man who feels he has made a wrong lifestyle change. If he wants to move then he should be allowed to do so. The club will get back what they paid for him and the wages they paid to him, his time brought the club no trophies, so it’s not like we are losing a Ramsey who won 3 Fa cups with us. We need to add quality to the team and to do that the Owner has made it clear players will have to be sold. The simple reason being that Emery and the players failed to reach the seasons target set by the owner, by failing to teach the champions league.

    If you don’t Like it then boycott matches and the purchase of anything Arsenal. Hopefully then the owner might change his stance, but don’t hold your breath.

  10. I would sell Toreira for that money and bring another DM who is stronger and he was bought by Sven, not Emery I would prefer for Emery to bringing in players who will suit his style.

  11. We should send our scouts in Copa America tournament we should be able to get some bargains probably that’s Edu, Raul and Emery plan.

  12. Well if the player regrets coming to England, let him go. Let’s not try to hold onto someone whose heart is elsewhere. I’d try to bump up the price to £40M but even £35M isn’t bad for him. Sell and reinvest.

  13. It is getting clearer to me everyday that we would only be active in the transfer market once EDU is appointed as well as the puma kit deal expires this June, that coupled with the expiration of certain players who are in the final year of their deals. So I am expecting any deal to begin with the arrival of EDU as technical director and from July 1?

    This is just my opinion because there are countless of rumors daily but if you check well nothing has been done except to release the players with expired contracts and deemed not good to play for Arsenal.

  14. First of all we don’t have to sell Torreira as he still has a few more years left on his contract.
    And £35 million is low for the potential this young man possesses. The first half of last season absolutely convinced me he is that terrier we need in the middle of our midfield. Just keep sweet talking him, improve his contract slightly. Tell him that the British weather stereotype is just a myth etc.

    Please first get rid of these frauds; Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhi, Mustafi etc. Sucking the life out of our wages for nothing in return.

  15. Selling Torreira will be the worst mistake,
    I thought we are no longer the selling club we are known for,
    The question is, who will replace him

  16. 35 million for Torreira is humiliating. Nothing shorter of 50 million should be asked for his services. He’s a young prospect with a lot of years on his contract. He shouldn’t be allowed to leave for anything under 50 mil.

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