Is £7m going to stop Arsenal from getting Pablo Mari?

Unless miraculous happens, news originating from the transfers mills is that Arsenal may not get their man, Pablo Mari, unless they are able to reach an agreement with Flamengo and reach this agreement, fast enough.

Acording to the Mirror, Mari who flew into London with Edu last week, has flown back to Rio de Janeiro, with suggestions that an agreement has not yet been met between Flamengo and Arsenal over a transfer fee, which was expected to be around £7m.

“Pablo Mari’s proposed move from Flamengo to Arsenal is in danger of collapsing because a late hitch has reportedly seen negotiations between the two teams stall…The 26-year-old centre back travelled to London along with Gunners technical director Edu, completing a medical on Saturday, and it appeared there would be no issues with a deal being finalised….It is believed the Gunners are keen on a loan deal with an option to purchase the player in the summer, but Flamengo would prefer a permanent deal and money up front straight away..” The Mirror reports.

If all it takes is £7m for Arsenal to get their man, then why are we not rushing this guy? In today’s world, football is expensive; players are expensive to sign, coaches are expensive to play and running a club is also expensive. Arsenal football club being a big club should be ready to act like one. Every time the list of the richest clubs in the world is released, Arsenal is always present on the list, but whenever we are expected to act like rich clubs, we often shy away from such responsibility. This Pablo Mari guy is actually a cheap option and being that we are in dire need of defenders, we need to snap him up now and stop wasting time. Flamengo wants outright sales of the player while Arsenal wants the player on loan; now who would eventually have his way? Arsenal should please play the big club for once and stop looking for cheap or free players.

Pablo Mari came into the picture last week when it was rumoured that Arsenal’s director of sport, Edu was in Brazil to talk with a defender who plays for Flamengo. I don’t really know much about him; I don’t know if he can play in the Premiership but if he is worth the traveling to and from Brazil, if he Is worth the mention, then I believe he is actually a good player. My fear however is if he would make an impact in the Premier league? We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. GB says:

    Sylvester, have you read the similar article from Dan, the answer is in there.

  2. Eddie says:

    Here we go again…. It’s the board’s fault if we don’t get Mari..
    Suddenly everyone and their cats suddenly seem to know that Pablo Mari is a fantastic player who we should buy immediately…
    Like seriously anyone of you really believed Flamenco would’ve allowed their player to fly into England and undergo his medicals if they had no agreement with Arsenal in place?
    How do you guys really think football works as FIFA is beyond me… You think Arsenal would’ve approached and the player would’ve done his medicals without his parent club agreeing to it?

    Why do you guys really think the media suddenly keeps reporting it’s a last minute hitch?
    Flamengo can have him if they won’t accept the loan option first, We’re discussing with others.
    Arteta’s choice was Mykola anyways, and Edu pointed out Mari. So I for one I’m not worried, if it fails to happen, the club has other players to chase.
    Flamengo suddenly wants to get rid of their world class player all of a sudden?.

    “but if he is worth the traveling to and from Brazil, if he Is worth the mention, then I believe he is actually a good player.”

    So was Yaya Sanogo, Litchsteiner, Squillaci, Andre Santos and others.. They’re worth mentioning doesn’t mean they’ll be good for us

  3. James says:

    This has Raul’s handwriting all over it. It’s his MO, Raul always seeks to stiff out clubs desperate to do business, it’s just business nothing personal. Flamengo is a rich club , seems like the only Brazilian club that can tell the bigger boys “our terms or f**** off”. Let’s see how this plays out! Hoping for a better outcome.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal should have loaned him first before buying, otherwise it’s a gamble

    Flamengo have the right to opt for a permanent deal, but I think either Arsenal or Flamengo tried to twist some clauses in the agreement

    If the deal fails, I believe it’s going to be Flamengo’s loss though

    1. James says:

      Everything points to Arsenal (Raul) either tweaking or reneging on the deal in it’s entirety based on some new information. I would support Mari as a player but honestly wouldn’t blame Raul if the deal fell through. Cant afford to spent crazily on injured players/duds again. This should herald a new beginning in the way the club handles it’s January business.

  5. Robindéboi says:

    Evidemment, on ne peut savoir ce que fera MARI titulaire dans notre Championnat. Il n’est pas très onéreux, mais la visite médicale doit être bonne, si on souhaite vraiment “pousser” pour lui. L’intérêt de ce défenseur, c’est qu’il soit gaucher, on en a besoin !
    Il me semble que l’Ukrainien (gaucher également) est hors de portée de notre bourse, sauf s’ils acceptent un prêt payant raisonnable (et suivi d’une O.A. non obligatoire, si possible !).

    1. Ingleby says:

      I would prefer to have the Ukrainian if it’s a straight choice between him and Mari. It seems that almost every transfer we are involved in turns into a saga and goes almost to the last minute. It sells new but frankly, I find it frustrating and boring.

    2. SueP says:

      Totally agree with you Robin of Sherwood.

      Mari isn’t expensive but it is as you say, important that his medical is ok, otherwise we will be going down the same route as we have with other injury prone players. I hadn’t taken note that he and Mykola are both left footed players and I wasn’t aware that Mykola was out of Arsenal’s price range as I thought that he was definitely on the radar at Arsenal. We shall just have to see what happens by the end of this transfer window. It might be one or both or none of the above.

  6. Shakir says:

    Whats the latest on matviyenko???

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