Is a point ENOUGH for Arsenal at Man City?

Depending on what happens in the Premier League on Saturday of course, Arsenal could have a chance to move into the top four on Sunday, possible level on points with third placed Southampton and just eight points shy of Man City in second.

But we need to win away against the reigning EPL champions in order to do that and it is no exaggeration to say that Arsenal’s recent results against the big clubs, especially away from home, is about as good as Tottenham’s record of getting into the Champions League, as in not very…

But City are without their talisman and star midfielder Yaya Toure, without whom they have failed to win a Premier League game since April. And the Gunners, although still with plenty of injury problems, should have the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey back in the starting line-up, so should we stick or twist?

After all, a point away from home against the champions would not be a bad result by any means, whereas yet another defeat, even if it is a narrow one, would inflict further damage on the confidence and self-belief of the Arsenal players.

With Alexis Sanchez in the team though, along with plenty more creation and goal threat from Gunners like Cazorla, Walcott, Ramsey and the Ox, I think that Arsenal will always have chances to score, so maybe Wenger needs to focus more on not conceding. It might be seen as a bit negative but would you really care if we nicked the game 1-0?

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    1. i’m i the only one who thinks Swansea is stupid enough to have sold BONY to citeh b4 their game against cheLski?

      1. He’s at ACN either way…Swansea were smart and got the cash asap. So yea you’re prob the only one

        1. @champagne……….considering the fact that you may be high with champagne L()L …… He could still Leave shortly after the match with chelski…. Even at the same price….not so smart a move now, is it?

          1. many be waiting just to give thumbs down……. They can’t even tell when one’s kidding ….. Do what u do best anyways …..L()L

  1. A point against man city wouldnt be bad, but a win over them and 3 priceless points at the etihad would be “awesome”! Coyg!

  2. No a point isn’t good enough…this is Arsenal guys,remember there was a time when you could back our team against any opposition?…Home or away?

    Lets not drop our standards.

    1. Unfortunately the cold harsh Reality is we are not the same entity as we were before.

      A new stadium, a board of suites and an outdated manager ensured that.

      Arsenal Financial Co-Op

  3. Arsenal haven’t won a single game against any of the big boys domestically, not one clean sheet, and conceded first in all of them. As always I’ll watch the game, but I’ll be really suprised if we win.

    Personally I think it will be 2-1 or 3-1 to City.

  4. I am sure we will lose,am even betting on it.It’s the easiest way to make some money. Anytime we come up against utd,chelsea or city I bet on us loosing and guess what?? I make alot of cash. Will be betting all my savings on us loosing on Sunday, Let’s make some money

    1. Not this time. You’ve lost. we are going to win this one. Charity cup will be repeated because Wenger will make a mistake and field Ospina, Le Coq and Bellerin instead of his favourites. By the time he would realize it we’ve already won and he will claim glory. I bet on this one as it is away game and there will be no pressure while City are under pressure to catch up. Just remind me after the match.

  5. I don’t think title winning teams ever set out in any given game with the idea a point is “enough’. I think circumstances in the game can lead to settling for a point etc, but we as Arsenal must travel to any team in the league with the absolute belief that should we perform to our level we WILL win.

    Whether we door not is down to a myriad of factors, but if I hear an Arsenal fan saying “yea a point is enough” before a ball is kicked then he/she is without ambition.

    1. Arsenal Fans have been made to have no ambition by the lack of real ambition by the club (business) itself.

      Inevitable I guess..

  6. Go into the match with the mentality of a win. And play like you are playing for a win. Then if circumstances are such that we have to settle for a draw, i will accept a point gracefully. Playing like “donkey against a horse” and then picking a point is not acceptable.

  7. I think our record against City is probably the best out of all our games against other teams like Chelsea, United etc so this is why I think we have a chance. The only way we will win, is if Wenger plays Cazorla CAM, he has been really good in that position and is in form. Giroud, Sanchez and Chamberlain up front, the latter two are also both in form. Giroud has been looking quite threatening too. I would also play Rosicky next to Cazorla, as him and Sanchez have great chemistry and he too is hard working, so we can expect him to defend when necessary more so than Cazorla. Ramsey is also another option. Coquelin has been superb lately as a holding mid, I would continue to play him over Flamini in that role. Back four, Monreal, Koss, BFG and Bellerin. Unfortunately we are quite stretched at the back, with Gibbs and Debuchy injured. My biggest worry is Mertesacker, his pace has been exposed far too much. Also, as much I think Szczesny is a great keeper, right now I feel safer with Ospina between the sticks.

    If we play with the precision we did against Stoke, we can walk away with 3 points. We have the quality, but do we have the mental resilience to beat the defending champions?

  8. Is a point ENOUGH for Arsenal at Man City?
    A point for what?
    We are out of the league title, so I guess a point is enough in order to get into the top four…
    It does not really matter as right now we CAN afford to loose Sunday game, so even a defeat would not be catastrophic based on our aspirations anyway.

    We are not, well, Wenger and his followers are not aiming for anything tangible…

    Wenger is talking about winning the league in 2017 (heard that 3 years ago) and just recruited (or about to) a 17 years old midfielder.

    I don’t even think players like Sanchez, Cazorla, Koscielny and more will be here in 2017… And we will have to replace the like of Rosicky, Mertesacker (hopefully) and more… So what is he talking about??

  9. We’re going to loose, city iz to loaded & powerful for us arguero, dezko & now bony they are goin to kill us this is not stoke or any other middle class team its #mancity & we cannot compete with them just being real thats all ………….#IN17WETRUST. …..#INWENGERWEBUST. ……..

    1. My point exactly, Can’t believe there are some here who think we will win or even draw.Wenger is the most predictable manager in the world, and he never changes. This game is a walkover for city.Better deal with it boys

        1. @antiwenger @brada

          u are such a sh*t plastic fans, you would be ashamed and i want you out of my club. reallity? ok, what about optimism and support your team loosers?? ok, you can be angry or disagree with wenger, kroenke or the players….but bet against the team you call to suport?? where is your honor?? i bet you are a 14 years old who only knows football from fifa or pes…such a puss*s… i can be ashamed for the 8-2, 6-0, the squilacis, santos, almunias…but on top of all, i feel sorry for you poor bastar*s and i feel ashamed to share my club with you…my club, no my stadium because i can bet you were never been in a stadium and never you will.

      1. It is because in football, the teams with more stars not always win. That’s why we watch football.
        Are you really a fan? Write off your own team before kick off.
        Man City is missing a few important players and Aguero just back from injury. They are not high on confidence due to recent results as well.
        We have our chance but will need to be critical at any chance we got, think it is our issue comparing to team like Chelsea and Man City

        1. We can win! Of course we can! Despite what Kroenke, the board and manager are doing/not doing for this great club.

          They are a good team but they ain’t Real Madrid.

          So come on you Gunners!!!Let’s play our game, keep it tight and score when we get the chance.

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