Is a warm-weather training camp beneficial to Arsenal?

Taking a mid-season break to Dubai may backfire on Arsenal.

Arsenal is set to embark on a warm-weather training camp next month after the Premier League introduced the winter break this season.

Arsenal’s decision to go for a training camp while other clubs are allowing their players to rest is understandable as Mikel Arteta looks to continue learning about his squad.

However, I wonder if a break would have been a better idea. Liverpool are currently topping the league and they have a lot to lose, however, Jurgen Klopp has given his players the winter break off.

I believe that Arsenal’s warm-weather training camp might be a bad idea for several reasons.

One of the reason is that training away from England and in a different weather condition may not be a good idea. I also believe that Arsenal players do need a break as they have been stressed too much for too long this season.

This group of players has been through three managers already this season and I believe that they need a breather more than anything else.

They need to spend time away from the game and come back refreshed.

Playing the fixtures after the break with renewed minds would be a better idea than keeping the players actively training and preparing for the games.

This training break could drain them of their energy while resting them would keep their mind fresh for the challenges ahead.

The last time Arsenal took a mid-season break to Dubai it did them no good and I am not sure they will fare any better this time.

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        1. Bloody hell, I just had to check the date, too early for April 1st 🤣

          I’m hoping City and the hammers win later 👊

          1. I know sure I literally rubbed my eyes when I read the headline lol crazy money for him!! Yup come on the west ham especially, LiVARpool need a defeat this season 🤬🤬

          2. Sue westham will be leading by half time,whether they’ll hold on for the win !!!!I hope they do I’ll be over the moon.

      1. REGGIE, like everyone else, I guess, I was gobsmacked that Everton actually turned down £85 mill for this hard working but only middle in talent and limited striker and even more gobsmacked that a club of BARCAS PEDIGREE MADE THAT OFFER. It makes no sense at all!

        1. If anything, Barca just artificially raised the price of a player that was barely even worth half that amount. Now Everton can charge closer to this amount when they do actually want to sell… if another big club ever comes calling for him again. Barcelona are out of their minds for considering this though.

  1. Going far away to train, while the next EPL away game is coming in four days! Arsenal never learned from their previous experience and only did it for money

    I won’t be surprised if we lose in Burnley, due to the players’ fitness problem. Poor Arteta has to deal with the club’s excessive profit orientation, but he should have known this since he was an Arsenal player

    1. Gotanidea,
      I think you have got confused. Arsenal play Burnley before the break, and not playing again until Sunday 16th February.

      1. I see, thanks for the info

        But travelling that far in the middle of the season is risky, because of Arsenal’s fitness and injury problems

        1. I’m sure the boat will be very fast so they can reach Dubai in a few short weeks. LOL

          I mean come on, man, Dubai is like 5 hours by flight.

          Sunshine is beneficial for the brain. They will recharge their batteries, depleted under the British lightlessness and the training will probably not be too demanding as it’s the break. Also, don’t forget – other teams might need a break, but Arsenal’s players are lacking in stamina as Emery reduced the training this year to avoid fatigue at the end of the season (boy, has that worked).

    1. Sky reporting a loan deal is pretty much done then hes a free agent in the summer, they already signed his replacement from spurs

  2. Won’t a lot depend on how much is hard training along and how much is down time? A pleasantly warm climate sounds good to me and if Klopp and others don’t feel the need for their players to do anything that is not really our concern but I doubt that any players would be able to slob out and do nothing as it may impact on their match readiness on the PL restart

    1. I hear you Sue, they have a yatch to cruise around. Can’t believe this topic while our behinds freezing out here…

  3. It will be a very easy training schedule and more of a bonding trip and a rest. Of course Klopp has given his team the time off and isn’t worried as they have already won the league for goodness sake! Stop looking for things to cause controversy about and let Arteta do it his way.

    1. Wise words GB, I would love to see what he actually works on and talks about – this team building exercise, along with new signing(s?) couldn’t have come at a better time in my opinion.

  4. It is a splendid and sensible idea to take the players away as we have a decent time without a game, to a warm, mentally relaxing and pleasant place,. He can work with them intensely and may well see things he may not yet have had a chance to see in normal training at home. Anyone who thinks they know better than MA how to manage Arsenal needs our pity!

  5. Is a well planed exercise.After Sunday game at Burnley the players got 5 days of total rest to spend time on their own,then on the 7/Feb fly out to Dubai,spend 5 days there and back in London on the 11/Feb to prepare for the home game for Sunday/16.I think is going to work good for every body.

  6. Best decision by MA. It is good to keep tabs on his team and to maintain the current tempo and concentration than to leave them out for 2 weeks where they could possibly be encumbered with distractions. Training camp comes in different forms. Our coach knowing how detrimental burnout is, will definitely coin a better camping program to suit his team.
    Aside the change in weather, a camp in Dubai can really be relaxing for the players.

  7. All good points but I doubt that the warm weather training camp will be the equivalent of playing competitive matches every three days. This is a short break. I don’t think that it is in the player’s interest to just sit at home, eat whatever they like, get drunk and have sex all day. They will come back rusty. So I imagine that in this dubai trip, they will come in briefly for some light jogging and other exercises, all of which will last for thirty minutes or less. And then maybe they will talk tactics and go out occasionally on some team bonding sight seeing. That can’t hurt.

  8. I don’t see the problem of having a training camp in warm weather,MA is not stupid he is not going to work them to death,they probably will work on tactics,light training,golf and rest,at least he is gonna be able to keep an eye on everyone!!

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