Is Aaron Ramsey on his way to Juventus?

With Aaron Ramsey entering the last six months of his contract with Arsenal, it makes economical sense that the Gunners should try to cash in on him during the January transfer window, although the player himself may prefer to wait until the summer to get the best personal deal for himself.

From tomorrow the Welshman will be free to talk to foreign clubs about his future, but the ex-Juventus and Italy star Andrea Pirlo seems convinced that his old club are close to signing the Welsh midfielder. This is what the Italian said about Ramsey on Sky Sports…..

“He is a talented player,” Pirlo told Sky in Italy. “He is a complete player who can do pretty much everything. And he scores a lot.

Pirlo added: “Ramsey is a great purchase.

“Juventus are preparing another excellent deal. He is a strong player and could do very well.”

It is true that Unai Emery has been using Ramsey sparingly (and Ozil!) and this could be because of any background transfer talks that could be distracting the player. Going by Pirlo’s words, it sounds like it is a done deal.

If true, I wonder who we have got lined up to replace him?



  1. Tom says:

    Do it in Jan and get some cash
    I would look to try and sell a few others too and get in a few with a long term view

  2. Trudeau says:

    Ramsey and Ozil are both flawed but exceptional talents on their day. Emery’s failure to get many “days” out of them is a blackmark on his first six months in charge. Although both players should own the lion’s share of the blame, this is the lot of modern day managers – they will be judged on how they can squeeze the best out of their molly-coddled primadonnas

  3. Trent says:

    Personally I would prefer xhaka and iwobi to leave first. Increase Ramsey salary, if that doesn’t work let him go and go for someone like James maddison. Then we need massive wingers not make shift, but Arsenal will have to come to the party with some actual finance.

  4. Lupe says:

    Yeah, great purchase for their bench right. I’m happy he’s leaving. We need lichtsteiner, koscielny and monreal to leave because they don’t have the legs anymore. Bellerin and kolasinac need to be second choices as they are both terrible defensively and the we still have ozil, mustafi, xhaka, elneny, iwobi, welbeck, mkhi, jenkinson and chambers who are all not adequate for a team trying to challenge for the title. It’s insane how the club aquired so many limited players, most of ours players have deficiencies in their game. Even if we needed to spend cheap, we still needed the right types of players and buy the players needed for the right positions. For instance, as much as i love auba, we spent 60 million to buy a striker when we just bought lacazette for 50 million plus for a manager that never plays two strikers up top, even though we needed wingers, a dm and center backs at the time, its just poor management. We need wingers now right, watch them buy a bunch of central midfielders.

  5. jim wall says:

    In modern day football i think 4-3-3 is the best formation so next season after getting rid of some of the deadwood.
    We would be well suited to challenge for title with this team
    Bell. New cb. Holding. Kolas
    . Torre
    New cm. New cm
    Nellson. Lacca/auba. New winger

    1. Lupe says:

      I agree, most top teams play 4-3-3, we will need to change more of those players to compete. Bellerin and kolasinac are poor full backs, especially kolasinac, he has no defensive quality other than strength and his postional awareness is terrible. We will not get to where we want with these two as first choice full backs. We need massive investment in that defence to have a chance of challenging.

  6. Big G says:

    It doesn’t matter,he won’t be at Arsenal but if we can get some cash for him then we should.

  7. Leon says:

    I don’t care a stuff about Ramsey.
    Good Riddance.
    A rat leaving the sinking ship.
    All I want is Emery GONE
    And the sooner the better.
    The most incompetent, useless manager I have ever seen at Arsenal.
    He was brought in to improve things but instead we lead the league in error leading to opposition goals and errors leading to shot on goal.
    I just want him gone

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      In his first season at Man City, Pep spent nearly £200 million (net spend of around £160 million) on new, top quality players. He also inherited a fantastic squad. Yet despite this, only managed to finish 3rd in the league, knocked out in the last 16 in the CL, and didn’t win a trophy or make it to any final in his debut season.

      So I guess they should have sacked him then, going on what you’re saying? But for you, poor old Emery doesn’t even get a season before he’s judged!

      You have got to have some patience, and just except, this is a free season for Emery. He inherited a very poor squad of players, and the entire club is going through a huge transitional phase, on and off the field.

      1. Leon says:

        The whole point of appointing a new manager was to improve things – hence why the previous manager was removed.
        Arsenal are in decline.
        Emery is not doing his job – he had the opportunity to improve the defenders and look what we got.
        The fast pace of the premiership you simply do not have the time to make your mark – you implement change to coaching to improve tactics and you bring players in.
        Emery failed in both.
        He is not Arsenal quality – more like Bruce Rioch than Arsene Wenger.
        At this stage of the season this is the worst defensive performance for decades.
        Sooner he is gone the better.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Leon, at the moment your denigration of Unai Emery after only half a season in the job reduces the credibility of any other comments you are likely to make.
          You have stated previously that you wanted Allegri, yet Allegri does not want to leave Juventus even though he has been touted as the next manager of Real Madrid. One reason he gave was that he didn’t want to learn a second language, Spanish. Yet you believe he would have left Juventus for Arsenal and learnt English, a harder language to learn for an Italian speaker than Spanish. In addition his personal terms (rightly or wrongly) were considerably greater to come to Arsenal than what he earns at Juventus, he was not in favour of the current management structure and he required a transfer budget much grester than the owner would allow.
          If Emery is forced out by lack of support by Kroenke and the board, then which well credentialed manager/coach do you believe would come to Arsenal given the current self funding business model?

    2. jon fox says:

      Leon , Pray do tell us in your view who is the SECOND “most useless, most incompetent, most useless manager” you have ever seen at Arsenal. And I am curious to know if you have seen ANY other Arsenal manager, prior to Wenger. I strongly suspect you were not even born when Wenger took over or were a very litle child. Care to let us know? I will reward you with a sweetie if you do!

      1. jon fox says:

        Actually you are lying. I do not belittle “anyone I disagree with”. It is easy to lie on here as you do but you cannot get away with that GROSS LIE. I DO, however, take to task silly overreacting posts without any thought as yours was. There is a crucial difference, though you either choose not to see or simply cannot see the difference

        1. Admin says:

          Now now Boys! This is the season of goodwill!

          1. jon fox says:

            I have no goodwill to those who lie about me, Mr Admin.

  8. Me says:

    This was taken from Sky Sports.
    Makes interesting reading:
    “The hope was that Emery would introduce some defensive discipline to a back line which looked lost under Wenger, but instead the situation has worsened. If they continue at their current rate, Arsenal will concede 57 goals this season – six more than under Wenger last season and their highest total in any campaign since 1983/84.”
    Emery is incompetent.
    A terrible appointment…

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Me, if Unai Emery is incompetent, what does that say about the rest of the current managers in the EPL, whose teams currently sit below Arsenal in the table.
      If Emery, whom you rate as “incompetent”, but whom peers rate as a top dedicated and professional manager, is forced out by lack of support from Kroenke, who do you think would be prepared, from a list of highly credentialed managers you do rate, to take on Arsenal under the current conditions?

  9. GB says:

    Is Rambo on his way to Juventus?
    No, he’s on his way to Sainsbury’s, I’ve just seen him in London Colney, shopping.

    1. Sue says:

      Did you get a selfie? ?

  10. jon fox says:

    My general view on Ramsey and our short term future in general is this: I THINK WE ARE BOUND TO FINISH EITHER 5TH OR 6TH, with only a tiny chance, almost invisible, of making top four. We are five points behind fourth place , Chelsea, with easily the worst defence of any above us and also to even United, now just below. THAT IS JUST RECOGNISING AND FACING UP TO THE SIMPLE TRUTH. SOME WILL ARGUE ABOUT THE DEFENCE BUT THEY CAN BE DISCOUNTED AS SELF FOOLERS. I do not see us finishing lower than 6th and that should be enough to retain at least next years Europa qualification, IF I understand correctly. It is clear that the vast improvement needed to seriously challenge at the top is way off and will take several windows and REAL funds from Scrooge. We have both the Ozil and Ramsey problems to resolve, as well as there being no defence at all and no width and no reliable fullbacks either. That amounts to a chasm. What is in our favour, IN MY OPINION, and others are free to disagree, as some will, is that we now have (the appalling owner apart) a fully professional non playing set up of real football men. Emery, Huss, Raul and Sven are all proper professionals and with backing from Scrooge could make a huge improvement . But WITHOUT that backing , they are hamstrung. THAT IS SHEER REALITY AND I REALISE SOME DO NOT LIKE THE WORD “REALITY” AND WOULD RATHER CONTINUE FOOLING THEMELVES, which adds to our problems IMO, and is WHY I keep slating those “fantasisers” as harmful to our club. UNLESS YOU PROPERLY IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM , IN FOOTBALL AS IN LIFE GENERALLY, YOU HAVE NOT A HOPE IN HELL OF FIXING IT. There is fan disagreement on what IS the MAIN problem. To me , it is clearly KROENKE. I also realise some do not approve of my using capitals. I use them to emphasise , just as one can in spoken words but not otherwise, the written word. I mention this just to explain why I am so forceful in how and what I write. I do so ONLY because I care, as we ALL do, so passionately for our club and its future progress and wish to prevent the things that harm Arsenal from continuing. After a poor three or four matches and patchy or poor results, many fans who previously were lauding the 22 unbeaten run, have suddenly turned against Emery and are blaming him, unfairly in my view, for things over which he has no or little control. It is NOT his fault that the defence left to inherit was a joke and that he was allowed so little to spend and first HAD to fix(which he did with Torreira) the decade long gaping hole at DM, There seems to be near universal agreement that he fixed that hole very well. I agree that the buys of Lich and Sokratis were short term and temporary. Licht, against my original hopes and expectations has been shown to be past his best. His attitude is good but his legs have gone, frankly. Sokratis is more suited to wrestling and is surely just a stop gap forced on us because we had no funds to shop at Harrods, ONLY at Poundland.
    Now, of course Emery has made selection and shape and substitution mistakes. No sane person will pretend differently and being sane( quite often during the average week, in fact!) I of course see this as well as anyone. But he HAS instilled passion, fervour and will to win, which has been sadly lacking for many years previously and once the tsunami of an injury crisis lessens , which it WILL, we should get back to the pre December form and percentage of good results. But the damage to our league position is already done and our injury crisis has some way to run yet. I wish to see both Ramsey and Ozil sold as soon as possible as neither is the answer to our problems. Ozil is almost alone, perhaps with Mkhi, in not working with PASSION and that is damning to any club at any time. Emery will IMO, try his best to rid our club ASAP of all who do not and will not give 100%. Personally, I am convinced that neither Ramsey nor Ozil will wear our shirt after this season and will be pleased to see that happen. To sum up, our OVERRIDING PROBLEM IS REMOVING KROENKE AS OWNER. Before that has a ghost of a chance of happening though, we need near universal agreement that HE is the main problem and then we can start tackling HOW we do it. Of course I WELCOME YOUR THOUGHTS MY FELLOW GOONERS AND WISH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

    1. Me says:

      Do premiership statistics means anything to you?
      Quoted by Sky Sports:
      “The hope was that Emery would introduce some defensive discipline to a back line which looked lost under Wenger, but instead the situation has worsened. If they continue at their current rate, Arsenal will concede 57 goals this season – six more than under Wenger last season and their highest total in any campaign since 1983/84.”
      The only “self fooler” here is you.
      Oh, and by the way your level of literacy is comical.
      Happy New Year to you….

      1. jon fox says:

        FYI, stats DO mean something to me but they do not mean EVERYTHING to me. But what is your point? I said our defence was hopeless and you say the same, so why argue, when in fact you are merely jealous of my writing ability, as your lie about my literacy shows full well . Your actual words did not gainsay my post in the slightest. You agreed! ! Care to explain then? Unless you have misconstrued my line, by ignoring both commas and thought I was saying Chelsea have the worst defence. I was not saying that of course and suggest you re -read my post.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          jon, an excellent post although I may not necessarily agree with every thing you said.
          The one common denominator is Steve Bould, a great CB in his own right but obviously a poor coach. I believed he was retained to provide continuity between Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery, and once released from Wenger’s umbrella would be able to coach the hard nosed, no nonsense, tactically aware approach to defending he showed as a player. I have been greatly disappointed.

  11. I am not a Ramsey fan but I liked his professionalism, I liked the way he defended his team against Tottenham, the way he was fighting against the SPUDS.
    Just a pity you are not good enough to play for arsenal.

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