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Is Aaron Ramsey really world-class? Or an Arsenal substitute?

Poor old Aaron Ramsey came back from his summer break with some brilliant performances for Wales under his belt, but after being played (maybe a little too early?) in Arsenal’s very first game against Liverpool he suffered a hamstring injury, and has made just one start since then.

But he will definitely be starting for Wales tonight against Serbia, with his national manager Chris Coleman saying the Gunner’s midfielder is undoubtedly world class. “I’ve seen him up close in a tournament; I’ve seen the level he’s at,” Coleman said.

“In my personal opinion there’s not a team on the planet he couldn’t play for when he’s at his best. That’s not a biased opinion because I’m a Welshman and we all love ‘Rambo’. I’m looking at it clinically.

“Playing in a tournament, against the top teams, he was head and shoulders above.”

So despite worries about his fitness, Coleman assures Ramsey that he will be playing from the kickoff against the Serbs tonight. “Of course he’s going to start,” he said. “He looks great. However long he’ll last, physically, we don’t know, but we do know he’s generally probably one of the fittest players.”

Arsenal fans will be watching warily and hoping that Ramsey doesn’t suffer a relapse of his hamstring injury. Wenger had already said that he was going to be very careful with his comeback this time to give him a semblance of a new pre-season schedule. Let’s hope that he is ready this time. If Coleman is right it may be worth looking at the betting offers and having a bet on him to score the first goal at 15/2 tonight. I really hope he is fit enough to do himself justice.

If he is, will he really prove that he is world class? Is he really even good enough to be one of the first names on Arsenal’s team-sheet?


11 thoughts on “Is Aaron Ramsey really world-class? Or an Arsenal substitute?

  1. Kumagaya

    @Admin, What was the definition of World Class again, Maybe I smoked a lot of something stronger than aciggarette??

  2. Jansen

    Ramsey World Class??? Not even close. His best position is probably in the center and IMO at Arsenal alone both Santi and Ozil are superior there. That doesn’t fit my description of world clas.

    He is very versatile in that he can play a number of positions, but he doesn’t master any position enough to be called world class or close to it.

  3. Olivier's toe

    The fact is that he is World Class – When he plays For Wales!
    He had half a world class season with Arsenal and I was hoping that he was going to carry on his Welsh form when he came back this season.
    But then Arsene played him too early…..

  4. Break-on-through

    If you were to go by the international tournament football well then he has a point. The best of the best play for their countries, and Ramsey out performed most of them. This is probably why Wales hate Arsenal or Arsene, they believe he’s world class and everyone should know it, but it’s just that his Arsenal form is a bit too stop start for everyone’s liking. He has great ability along with a great engine, but he just cant get the balance right. He’s not the only Arsenal player ever to have balancing difficulties as many have gotten carried away with Arsenal’s attacking philosophy over the years.

  5. ThirdManJW

    People need to realise that Ramsey will never be good for Arsenal, regardless of how well he performs for Wales, because Arsenal and Wales play different systems. If one had Messi in a team that mainly played long balls, and lots of crosses, then even he wouldn’t look that good.

    I think overall, Ramsey is a good player, but he’s rubbish for Arsenal. He isn’t a team player for us, and we saw it yet again when he came on against Spurs. He isn’t a winger, and he hasn’t the discipline to play in central midfield within Wenger’s system. Not to mention his lack of technical quality, awareness, and passing ability, which are vital in midfield for Wenger’s system to operate.

  6. Ks-Gunner

    The time for him to shine has come now. Yet he is still not dellivering the way we want him to. Same goes with Wilshere. Arsenal is not past 10 years Arsenal. Nowdays if you dont take your chances, you will move out and try your luck some one else.

    Why having Ramsey on the wings, when we could use Campbell or Gnaby instead?

  7. Olivier's toe

    I think if Wenger had given him an extra week to recoover from the World Cup, he would have come back in a confident mood. The way we have seen Walcott and The Ox improve drastically this season. Perhaps Ramsey would have done the same?

  8. G-Rude

    In your dreams!
    If wishes were fishes we’d all swim in riches, so maybe Ramsey will turn into the Welsh Messi lol

  9. Charlie Nick

    Any team in the league would bite your hand off to have Aaron in their line up. Goal scoring midfielders are so sought after. Remember he’s come through after a horrendous injury, then having to play so often out of his favoured position. Remember Frank Lampard wasn’t always appreciated at Chelsea either.

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