Is Aaron Ramsey really worth £250,000 a week?

Here we go again with another one of Arsenal’s boring long-drawn out contract negotiations as it now looks extremely unlikely that Aaron Ramsey is going to re-sign with the Gunners unless his massive wage demands are met. I am certainly glad that the EPL transfer window closed early or we would be subject to endless rumours about Man United and Chelsea waiting in the wings to snatch the Welshman on deadline day, so we only have totally unrealistic mentions of European teams like Barcelona and the latest one is Lazio, according to a report in the Mirror.

But the RedTop do still think that Arsenal will convince him to stay, despite listing all the possible clubs he could go to. They reported

Arsenal are confident Aaron Ramsey will sign a new contract despite big-money offers from abroad.

Chinese Super League clubs are keen on the 27-year-old midfielder, who is in the final year of his contract.

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That comes on top of interest from Chelsea and Manchester United, with Lazio and Barcelona also linked with the Arsenal star.

But Gunners cannot afford to lose one of their prize midfield assets and are desperate to tie him down.

The Londoners gave German international Mesut Ozil a new deal worth £350,000 a week in January and the Welsh star also wants a big increase.

Ramsey knows he could comfortably command in excess of £250,000 a week if he bides his time and becomes a free agent.

I’m not sure why he thinks he could earn that much unless he goes to United, Chelsea or City, as not many other clubs could afford wages like that, especially a club like Lazio who is just another Europa League side (like us!).

But if he does believe that, then I can only see the outcome of Ramsey running down his contract and taking his chances as a free agent. I refuse to believe that Arsenal will pay him that to get him to stay beyond next season. Do you?



  1. Naija Gunner says:

    We do not need to convince him to stay. For 10 odd years, He has failed to convince us that he is the real deal. I say we take the Chinese offer seriously. The Chinese guys can at least pay ridiculous amounts for the services of average to good players in the European leagues.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?Snatch their hand off and pay his ticket to Beijing.

  2. Patrick_G says:

    Not worth that amount.

    Good bye Ramsey.

    1. Things are changing says:

      not even worth half that to me.

  3. Phil says:

    The way to look at this is to believe who we could get in on those type of wages to replace him.Is he worth that type of investment?Not in my opinion he isn’t but if he goes abroad in this window will he seriously get that type of wage on top of a fee?Again I believe not.Ramsey is totally replaceable for a younger and more consistent performer.But will we have the transfer budget to buy a replacement either in January or next summer.And with AMN out at the moment can we realistically let him go without weakening the squad?

    1. Xxnofx says:

      He weakens the squad by being picked week in week out ,not sure what these managers see in him tbh ,same goes for xhaka elneny iwobi ,and they too have been given new contracts .
      Baffling to say the least

  4. Fred N says:

    We are not ready for this again. Ramsey is easily replaceable as he is very average and for the last 10 years he has been with us he given us nothing special save for odd matches here and there to warrant such amounts. In AMN and the young boy ESR there are ready replacements to take over.

  5. Attractive Football. says:


  6. Andrew E says:

    I don’t know what is true anymore, if he’s really holding out for £250k a week then sell him in January. If he still holds out for a free, make him train and play in the reserves for the rest of the season as we can’t afford an uncommitted player causing disruption e.g. Sanchez. In this scenario he will struggle to get anyone to pay him £150k a week.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ? £100,000 per week more likely.

  7. Grandad says:

    Suggest we pull out of contract negotiations and sell him in January.Ramsay can be very good when he is fit but how many consecutive matches has he started for Arsenal?There are plenty more fish in the pond and AMN will be fit to take his place.I only wish Mustafi and Xhaka would follow him in January next.

  8. Durand says:

    He is a perfect fit for the Chinese super league; we should take that offer and run. Otherwise, send him to U-23’s for remainder of year to send message that this behavior will not be tolerated. Imagine if our club had a pair, wouldn’t that be a good start?

  9. Will says:

    Nope – I really would not be sad to see him go.

  10. barryglik says:

    Apparently his wife is expecting twins
    so I doubt Ramsey would
    want to move any time soon.
    250k per week equates to a 13 mill salary.
    Now you might say a person on the minimum wage would need
    812 years to earn what Ramsey will get paid for one year
    or 4,060 years for the proposed 5 year contract.
    But that person is not in the public spotlight Aaron is.
    The pressures of being a famous sports star are immense.
    Aaron clearly deserves a huge upgrade because
    he is the best player in the squad in fact the world.
    I say give Ramsey a Sanchezeske salary of 500k p/w and make that
    person on the minimum wage work for 9,000 years
    to earn the equivalent of Aarons 5 year salary.
    Fairs fair I say.

    1. khitb77 says:

      Call me crazy, but do I detect a note of sarcasm in your post?

      1. barryglik says:


  11. Sell the ungrateful dud and if he refuses put him in the reserves and make an example of him. No sign no play and that’s the way.

    1. Patrick_G says:

      I agree, we need to be tougher on these players. Its about commitment not only about money.

  12. Charles osa. omokaro says:

    Aaron Ramsey is NOT worth the £250,000 a week he is requesting for at Arsenal. Has he proved it in an Arsenal Shirt I would say partially. We can replace him, but I still think it is a bit late, and if we must do that it should be in the January window which also means the selling price will drop considering the number of months left on his contract. Have promised him one of the captain and other ad ons, he should settle for the £180,000 a week Arsenal is prepare to offer him.

    1. Go ask Alice... says:

      Not ironic, meant hypocritical.

      1. Go ask Alice... says:

        This was to, Gifted, replied to the wrong link.

  13. Gifted says:

    I am really gutted we lost AMN to injury. He is way better than Ramsey in every aspect. Going forward, I think a midfield trio of Torreira, Guendouzi and AMN will be our future. Ramsey can take his overrated flicks to China or Barcelona’ s bench

    1. Go ask Alice... says:

      That’s your imagination that has Niles is better. They both played last season and if you can’t see how Ramsey performed better then you’re only lying to yourself. You may look at abilities of both players, and say well I prefer this that or the other. If you look at their team performances last season then you should see that there is only one clear winner. People are talking about potential when talking about Niles, and they sound ironic when they say Ramsey is over-hyped before stating that Niles is ahead of him.

  14. msty says:

    noway sell him now bring in marchisio for free as a quick fix cover for torerra ad geundozi use the fee in jan to get a winger…

  15. Dan Loftus says:

    Imagine he is Arsenals best midfielder we have sunk so low from the good days. Not worth 25000 never mind 250,000. From a gunners fan i think personally he is the most overrated player to ever grace the premier league. Sir Aron Jammy Goals Ramsey, youll never see Aron Ramsey have a 12-15 goals a season, not even have 10 assists in a season……. his stats are horrible to look at, 235 games and 36 goals and 40 assists, so realistically he only has a 1 in 3 chance of either scoring a goal or making an assist. Brutal stats for a BOX to BOX midfielder as they call him. Sell him quick while you can get money for him and if not let him sign a new deal and then sell him for more money ASAP to whoever believes he is that good and it wont be any of the other top teams in England. When we sell him to we should throw xhaka in as a bonus. Let them off to destroy another team.

  16. Leon says:

    No one is worth £250k a week.
    The prize money you receive from winning big trophies comes nowhere near to justifying this ridiculous salary.
    And finally, Ramsey is a good player but not a great player.
    And great players are not worth that…

  17. Sean Williams says:

    The money Ozil, Ramsey and Mkhitaryan are earning is more than their abilities warrant. Is Ramsey worth £250,000 a week. No..No..No..In fact the three of them could not make a midfield in a top side. How do I know. It’s our attacking midfield and I watch them every week.

  18. Ks-gunner says:

    Ramsey is the same as Walcott was. If not for them being british fans would have turned on them a long time ago. Him getting even 100k+ alone is criminal enough.

    A player who was hyped up to be the next Gerrard the next Lampard when in truth he is a poors man Dirk Kuyt. He cant do anything besides running around a lot and doing this has nothing to do with talent.

  19. rkw says:

    have to say what worries me is that emery made silly statements about this guy as he was telling wilshire he would be better off leaving … take it to be part of his learning process but if we pay Ramsey anything more than his current salary we will be locked in with this donkey for a long time to come … best to sell in january or better sooner though i dont see that happening

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Unfortunately, I think that Emery thought by praising Ramsey up it would induce him to resign, not to go to his head and have him ask for an outlandish salary.

  20. Grandad says:

    Spot on Gifted

  21. JustJoy says:

    selling Rambo now is a worry because of the silly injuries nd we dont who is next.

    his salary should be £150 000/week or sell him so we concentrate.

    who is even negotiating this contract? too slow.

  22. stubill says:

    What offer is it from China, I haven’t seen anything about it, please enlighten me.

    1. Sue says:

      Christ knows… but surely a chicken chow mein has to be involved!! And Barca are linked too?? Oh come on ?

      1. Go ask Alice... says:

        I have chow-mein for dinner later on, bought it last night stuck it in the fridge and will eat it today. Special chow-mein with thin noodle and black bean sauce.

        1. Sue says:

          I’m hungry now!!

  23. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Where’s the Ramsey fans gone, you know who you are, the ones who were telling us what a great player he is. Wengers little pet, where are you? It used to be 50/50 on this site. Where have you all gone?

  24. Go ask Alice... says:

    There’s not many players worth the money they receive in my opinion. Unless a player is bringing in more money to a club than what he is getting each week, or without titles, I don’t think any of them are worth their wages. Football is such a great game, the joy of playing is not as strong as it once was, you have people who’re into all sorts of sports but then choose one based on their chances of succeeding ie. pay. You often hear players say how they used to be into tennis or played some other sport and football sounding like a sort of fall back option.

    Ramsey always loved football, I can tell that from his game. I knew kids like Aaron who used to run all day and they were usually one of your most difficult opponents. I knew Mesut Ozil types too but without the delicate touch and without the vision, they used to be what we called hatchers, today’s equivalent of a box striker. Only they had different reasons for waiting in a box than a Lacazette had. I never knew many great CB types though, I liked playing there at times but mostly people all wanted to be attacking players even when in defence they’d be running up the field at every opportunity.

  25. Jay says:

    Arsene wenger predicted this Era, that more players would be waiting to run their contracts down for more money , and a lot of people criticized him that he was making excuses for his weakness in negotiating the contracts. Now we all know better, I hope

    1. JJPawn says:

      Wenger is correct. Fans are wrong.

      Ramsay. No.

      I have always said, Wenger first tried to help British football with an England win in a World Cup, when he fostered an English core, like he did for the French teams.

      I have also said that eventually he realized the Brits were not up to it, and tried to get them going, but finally gave and began to sell.

      For the Welsh, Ramsay is a star. Ramsay is good on his day, but not worth 250. Time to sell him now. Yesterday.

      But, Emery made a mistake. Emery should have consulted Wenger, and listened. Wenger’s sales last season was a major break from the past, and that should have been a clue.

  26. JADON SPIRIT says:

    I’ve thought and thought and……. thought. I still can’t understand how Ramsey himself as a footballer and some Fan’s think he’s a good player, I can’t just understand how. That guy should be playing somewhere in the division 2.

  27. jon fox says:

    Virtual unanimous oppposition on here to Ramsey holding us to ransom. We have had more than enough of these lowlife types like Sanchez, Cole, Adebayor and many others who conned Wenger into awarding them ridiculous money. Why do we allow this amateurish way of financial running our club? Players who want only more and more money and who are already well overpaid, are poison and just harm us. Without hungry types who want to play for the shirt , we might as well take up bowls instead. To award the in and out of form Ozil- mostly out – his current wage is now harming us and will do for some time to come, unless we can replace him soon. He is just not worth that wage and this overpaying stops us using thr money for better players. I want Ramsey gone at the earliest opportunity. He is a lowlife mercenary and cares little for the club who were too loyal to him all through his many injuries and constant loss of form.

  28. gearoid de burca. says:

    no sports man or woman is worth one million pounds a month. that is outrageous and immoral.where will it all end up . tis no wonder that, the arsenal, one of the richest clubs in the world, allegedly , can only have a small transfer kitty , compared to a lot of other can players accept such money, you could not spend that much if you tried.the mind boggles.

  29. Things are changing says:

    Clearly, no attractive offers came in for him. Not surprising. Remember when Barce wanted him??? Hahahaha!! I think they should stick him with the reserves. We have to set an example. Players who want to run their contract down at Arsenal will not be able to showcase their talent to solicit higher salaries from other clubs whilst being paid by Arsenal.

    Not to many clubs will offer him a huge salary if he hasn’t played for a year.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      The biggest football joke of the year, Ramsey going to Barca to replace Iniesta

  30. india says:

    I think ramsy derseved more than 250. If lazy ozil pockets 350

  31. Zaidy says:

    How does Ozil get 350k a week?????????????????????? V

  32. ruelando says:

    Ridiculous some of the salaries these players get, if this is true sell him to China they tend to pay high salaries and seems to have money to burn.

    I have said it several times before i could look in the championship and find better British talent than Ramsey. Ramsey should be kissing the feet of the past manager for safe guarding his position his position in our midfield for so long. He is not a terrible player because he has done more for Arsenal than Ozil (another ridiculous salary), but we can find better, who just need the experience to surpass him.

    I think one thing that might have let this become more of a problem to arsenal, was when Emery announced Ramsey’s importance to his plans for the club, i think at that time Ramsey’s agent rub his hands in glee and saw images of LARGE DOLLAR SIGNS.

  33. Maks says:

    Me, as one of the ramsey non-fans can say that I am very satisfied with a tide of realisation on this forum… what overated ramsey really is, and how good he is (if you ask me I would pay him to get rid of him), after his daddy wenger left him alone among all those strange new good players.
    Notty daddy

  34. Abiola says:

    I am also disappointed at Ramsey. Arsenal stood by this player in his challenging times, but now he thinks he is a star. Arsenal please sell him, he must not be another Sanchez

  35. Aussie Jack says:

    Aaron Ramsey needs cutting down to size, he`s not all that good, only he believes it. There was a time a couple of seasons ago you could have traded him in for a couple of pounds worth of sausages, now he wants the super market.

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