Is Aaron Ramsey right to try and squeeze more money out of Arsenal?

There was an article earlier on JustArsenal saying that Aaron Ramsey was a mercenary for refusing to sign his new contract and holding the club to ransom by entering the last year of his current deal, especially as the Gunners have stuck by the Welshman during all his injury problems over the last ten years.

But the Arsenal legend Ray Parlour believes that Ramsey will sign, but he is quite within his rights to try and get the best deal possible for him and his family. Parlour said: “It’s happened on a lot of occasions with a lot of players,”

“The new structure is totally different this is the first season where the manager is not the manager, he’s a head coach.

“Above them you’ve got the people who deal with contracts, people buying players so the club has changed and all the representatives are doing is trying to get the best deal for their client.

“It’s like any walk of life. If you’re working for someone you’re trying to get them the best deal.

“It’s like the transfer window. When you say, ‘We want £50m for this player’ and they’re going to offer £30m but it ends up £40m.

“Unless Aaron says, ‘Look I’m going to go elsewhere’. This is his last big contract and his representative knows that. This is his last big pay day.

“When you get to 28, 29 you’re signing a three-year contract and when you’re 32 you’re not getting this sort of contract.

“He knows this has got to be right for him. Good luck to him with whatever he wants to do but I hope he stays because he’s a very important player.

“He’s been there a long time, he does love the club, he does his best he can for the club and he scores some vital goals in cup competitions.

“Let’s hope they can get an agreement and I’m sure Arsenal don’t want to lose Aaron so I’m sure there will be an agreement along the way.”

We have been through this before, with Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil, to name two that did finally sign, but there have been others that had no intention of signing, like Mathieu Flamini and Alexis Sanchez, but how will we know which camp Ramsey is in until January?



  1. Innit says:

    We shouldn’t over pay players especially players that are not world class.
    Sell him. Even to our rivals if we have to. He won’t increase their quality by a lot. We can use the money to sign a better player.
    No player is bigger than the club
    No player should hold us up for ransom

  2. ks-gunner says:

    Bec of Wenger some players today think that they are better than they truly are. Just who would pay the money for Ramsey today? Which club is it? No club is stupid enough to pay him what he currently earns let alone double it.

    He is bluffing big time as his goal is to stay at Arsenal. The comfort zone. I wish the club would go hard on him and put him in his place and tell him what to do instead of the other way around.

    He is a nothing and easy replaceable like almost every player currently playing at Arsenal.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?ks-gunner, spot on. It’s about time Ramsey went out in the real world.

    2. Angus says:

      Liverpool/Chelsea will take Ramsey on a free with a good contract for sure. Wouldn’t rule out United or City either.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        To sit on the bench.

        1. Hackinubee says:

          I wouldn’t put it pass Angus to think Ramsey would bench Keita,Jorginho,Pogba or KDB….

          Lol… Its quite funny tho,our best player last season wouldn’t be able to get into any top6 starting XI

      2. funkyrith says:

        Chelsea’s mid-field is stacked, they wont take him. Barkley is glued to bench there. Pool – may be if they need squad, they have a strong bench too, and Ox is yet to be back. They dont need players with tongue in cheek while running

  3. ACE says:

    This Ramsey soap opera saga just continues
    to drag on and on with no resolution in sight.
    It boggles my mind that Gadizis and the rest
    of the corporate brass seem to view the loss
    of an average at best EPL midfielder as
    potentially catastrophic to the short term
    future of the club. Of the current top 4 teams
    in the EPL which one of these players would
    make way if the Welshman decided to
    pursue greener futbol pastures?
    MCity…Debruyne/D Silva/B Silva/Gundogan

    The answer is fairly obvious and it would be
    an act of criminal negligence by the club if
    Arsenal offered the lad more than $150K a
    week to stay on as a Gunner. I personally
    wouldnt even offer him that, for I rate Ramsey
    as a D Drinkwater type of player that simply
    isnt good enough to feature at any of the
    current top 4 clubs.

    Other than the unfortunate business side($$$)
    of his potential departure I really dont see this
    as a significant futboling loss to the club.
    OVER THE FUTBOL PLANET that still dream
    of playing for THE ARSENAL.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ACE, Ramsy might make the bench.

  4. GanjaMan says:

    I’m really disappointed that Arsenal Football Club still allows this to even happen and Wenger isn’t here anymore to scapegoat. We literally just went through this with Alexis and Özil with the latter getting an undeserved King’s ransom. Most great to world class players with 1 year left on their contracts would have better clubs queuing up for them even if they already have someone in that position, unless I’m missing something here there weren’t any this past transfer window not to mention other leagues can still buy until the 31st. Honestly though Ramsey is just 1 of the many average players still on our books and that is even more scarier to me.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Well said Innit, ks-Gunner, ACE and GanjaMan.
      I think Ramsey believes he’s on a par with some of our previous EXCELLENT midfield players and perhaps some who played for other clubs such as Stevie Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, Bryan Robson etc.
      As he is plainly not in the same league as these the only question is ‘Where does he get this strange idea from?’ Does he really live on cloud cuckoo land?
      Ramsey, a legend in his own lunchtime.

  5. gotanidea says:

    Parlour is right, Ramsey is just trying to get the best deal for his family, just like any want-away employee at any office. If Ramsey is trying to squeeze more money out of Arsenal, what do we call Ozil then?

    At least Sanchez gave us Mkhitaryan and Chamberlain gave Arsenal 35M in return. But Ozil has been draining Arsenal’s wage funds every week without any real contribution since his mega salary raise

    I believe Arsenal would not be that stupid to give similar raise to Ramsey in January

    1. Welbeck says:

      To be fair, Ozil has been the best player in his position for a while, we don’t have anyone else like him on our team. Ramsey doesn’t look like he’s trying to force a move or use the interest from a rival club to negotiate a better deal so I think he wants to stay. He’s never going to get the same wages as Ozil and he knows it, but he should get an increase (think of it as a customer loyalty bonus to keep him at the club.

      1. Hackinubee says:

        “Ramsey doesn’t look like he’s trying to force a move or use the interest from a rival club to negotiate a better deal”

        Because there’s no interest,last season there was an official bid for Alexis,has there been any for Ramsey?even from the free spending West Ham, Everton or Fulham?

        1. Welbeck says:

          You might have a point there actually because nobody “officially” came in for him, but if no club is interested can’t he wait until January, speak to other potential suitors and get a bigger pay day/massive signing on bonus? I think he wants to stay because he has the body language of someone who wants to play for the team. Compare Ramsey’s behaviour to Sanchez, RvP, Adebayor or even Fabregas….. Look how they behaved towards the end of their Arsenal careers. That’s why I agree with Parlour and Gotanidea, this is Ramsey’s last hurrah and he’s trying to get the best deal.

    2. GunnerJack says:

      So, gotnoidea, Ramsey is a want-away employee? That would sum up his attitude perfectly. Strange how some on here actually want him to stay.
      Perhaps we could off-load him to a second division Italian club if we paid them enough money – at least the MONEY would come in useful for them.

  6. ozziegunner says:

    Welbeck, what about Arsenal’s loyalty shown to Ramsey supporting him through his injury plagued seasons? Other top clubs would have sold him.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      You got that right OZ

  7. Welbeck says:

    OzzieGunner, Arsenal (or Arsene Wenger) has been very loyal to some injury plagued players in the past. Diaby and Carzorla never made it back but Ramsey and Rosicky did. When you compare Arsenal to “top clubs” which clubs do you mean? If you mean the Premier League top 4, we can’t afford to offload these players like other top clubs do because we don’t have unlimited funds to buy and sell the most expensive. Once a player is contracted, it isn’t that easy to offload them, especially when their wages don’t match their performances. (I’m thinking of those that criticise Ozil for his obscene wages, to be fair he does need to turn up a little bit more to justify his salary)

    At least our Ramsey tries and he brings something to the team.

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