Is Aaron Ramsey worth 10 million GBP a year?

There doesn’t seem to be much Arsenal-related stuff to talk about during this boring international break so the media are filling lots of space with rumours about Aaron Ramsey’s destination when he leaves the Emirates. Today’s offering from TalkSport is saying that the Welshman is set to be offered a mega-contract by Juventus of 10 million GBP a year if he signs a pre-contract in January.

They reported……

If Aaron Ramsey joins Juventus, he will pick up £10.4million-a-year.

The outgoing Arsenal midfielder is likely to leave the club at the end of the season when his contract expires and he has already been the subject of interest from high profile clubs.

Bayern Munich and Roma are said to be keeping an eye on the 27-year-old and The Sun say Italian champions Juve are now putting together a proposal.

As he will be a free agent, he can command a higher wage and it is being reported Juventus’ deal will be worth the equivalent of £200,000 a week.

So could Ramsey really be the subject of a massive bidding war in the summer between some of the biggest clubs in the World? If this is true then that just reinforces my belief we should have cashed in on him in the last transfer window.

But I’m just not so sure that all these rumours are true… What do you think?



  1. Rkw says:

    Here we go again … Next story please

    1. john hodges says:

      is özil his wages worth,i think not.

  2. kev says:

    Shame that out of the bad bunch he has to leave first due to salary.His leaving neither makes me happy or sad though I would rejoice within me at the departure of some of our players.Hes not worth £10.4million-a-year but is asking for this money due to him becoming a free agent.However,I think he must leave Arsenal and find himself a new challenge if he wants to better than he is.The mentality he has shown here is not good enough and he’s had many injuries.I would like to see how he’d do in another club.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    It’s just rumours at this stage but some of the clubs being touted are a bit surprising all the same. Bayern, PSG, Barcelona, Juventus, Roma, Liverpool, Manu, Chelsea. Roma not too surprising, and PSG is because of Wenger recommending him, supposedly. But this didn’t happen for Ozil it seemed, when he ran his down I remember people thinking that he had very few admirers, some even reckoned none. I believe most of this is possibly nonsense, though I could see Juventus possibly showing an interest. If I were in his shoes, I’d choose Juve over all the others. They’re very tactically orientated, as in they’re good at it, and I believe they could improve him. Great country/culture to immerse yourself into, pick up a new language and all. It’d be a fresh start in many ways, if I were him you wouldn’t need to ask me twice.

  4. Phi says:

    I honestly don’t care where he goes and how much he earns.He will be the player remembered for trying to hold the Club to ransom and losing.He is just not good enough for him to have believed he was indispensable and that is why he had his contract offer withdrawn.
    What has he done this season?Proved he was NOT the No10 playmaker he thought he was.Proved that he again shows he is unreliable defensively as he has been all his career at Arsenal.proved that for all his workrate there is very little end product.Of Ramsey really believes he will not be found out when he finally moves to another Club then he is in for a very big wake up call.Big Clubs in Europe have big expectations from their buys,most especially their imported players.Can you seriously see Ramsey getting into the starting 11of any of Bayern,PSG,Juventus?Of course he won’t.Look at their squads and tell me how Ramsey will get a look in.
    We have cover this season in Central Midfield.Torreira,Xhaka and Guendouzi seem first choice.AMN is now back from injury.We have Elneney and Willock for Cup Games And Back-up if needed.Just try and get something for him in January.If not let him stay on the bench at best.
    Has anyone noticed that when Ramsey was interviewed he seemed quite subdued and a little shocked.Serves the greedy B*****d right

  5. veldanie says:

    It’s probably true. He’ll join for free. Great business for Ramsey Juventus.

  6. Durand says:

    Not worth it to Arsenal thats clear. His 10 years have been underwhelming, showed little improvement in technique or discipline, and somehow seeks apparently double his current wages.

    Glad he’s being phased out; he had his chances and clearly time he moves on. AMN will be a better fit in Emery’s system and hopefully see more of this young man under Emery.

    Torreria, AMN, Guendouzi, and Smith-Rowe look to be a solid midfield for us in the coming years, and if Nelson can return to our club with his current goal scoring prowess, we’re sitting pretty.

    Much more excited to see promising youngsters improving than wringing hands over a 27 yr old that failed to develop over 10 years.

    Glad to finally be moving on

  7. jon fox says:


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