Is Ajax the perfect place for Sanogo?

Arsene Wenger admits that it is only paperwork that is between Yaya Sanogo and joining Ajax on loan. He also thinks that it would be to the benefit of the forward. The presence of two former Arsenal legends at the Dutch club is a cause of optimism for Wenger. Marc Overmars is the director of football at Ajax while Dennis Bergkamp is the assistant to the manager Frank de Boer.

Wenger still has good relations with his two former pupils who starred in the double winning Gunners side of 1998. Le Prof also has high hopes on the talent of Sanogo and he thinks that with time he can mature into a better forward.
Staying at Arsenal may not have given much game time for Sanogo. Wenger is reportedly looking for another center forward in the market. Even in the case of not signing any one, it is not sure how often Sanogo will start for Arsenal. So, the best scenario is for him to go on loan to a club that can aid his development and also promise more game time.

Both the boxes can be ticked at Ajax. Also, the club is renowned for its academy and history of nurturing talent. So, it would be a huge opportunity for Sanogo to gain European experience too. Ajax qualified to the Champions League third qualifying group. There is every possibility that Sanogo will return with European experience of playing some of the best teams. Of course, he already played in Europe with Arsenal but he may play regularly with Ajax.
Wenger will hope that Bergkamp will be able to unlock the natural talent of Sanogo. The Dutch legend was a predator in front of the goal in his peak and Wenger will love if he can impart some of that to Sanogo.

‘He will go on loan. He is at that age where he needs to play.’ Wenger said. ‘He came to us injured and it took us a while to get him to top level.
‘I am sure it will be good for Ajax and he has an opportunity to play in the Champions League and that’s vital for his experience. ‘Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars work there and we have a good relationship with them.’

The 22-year-old has scored only once for Arsenal in his two year stint so far at the Emirates Stadium. The former Auxerre forward has scored the opener in the 2-0 win against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League last year.
Sanogo too has his eyes set on the loan deal. He hopes to emulate the former Ajax greats Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Nwankwo Kanu. Sanogo spent the second half of last season on loan at the Premier League side Crystal Palace. He says that a personal call from Ajax boss Frank de Boer told him that the Dutch giants want him to develop at the club.

Wenger will keep a keen eye on Sanogo throughout the season once the loan deal is completed. More of the supporters will also, because Sanogo is surely the one to watch out for the future, and hopefully Bergkamp can teach him th Arsenal way of doing things stylishly….


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  1. i honestly think that these guy might never make the grade at arsenal because of his similarities to olivier giroud…after what giroud has put us through ie the horrible misses(mainly) and lack of any exceptional qualities i don’t think anyone would want a similar kind of an attacker..but don’t worry sanogo…even if you play like a drunk and score gaols, then that solves everything coz a strikers job is to get goals…that is the only acceptable excuse if you have bad games or if your game is of questionable quality….

    NB/ never rely on any other thing except goals if u have no distinguishable xtics especially the infamous hold up play…not everybody buys that sanogo so be warned

    1. He is not similar to giroud because he can dribble, but I share the same feeling he might never make it at arsenal, he is actually not any better than campbell or apobe, the next big thing I think is AKPOM, I rate him higher than the rest, in higher the danny welbeck, just behind giroud and walcott.

      1. For the short time we were in the game, he dominated and bullied the Bayern defenders in a way Giroud has never been able to do to any defence I’ve seen. He also did it against Liverpool. Giroud’s one-touch passing is unbelievable at times but the “battling qualities” people associate him with are not generally all that effective in part because he can’t beat a man or sprint quickly over short distances like Sanogo can. He also wins a decent amount of headers that go nowhere (unlike Drogba for example who made much better use of his aerial ability) – I’m not sure how Sanogo compares in this regard however.

      2. What has Akpom ever done to be counted as a next big thing? Even Sanogo can score goals pre-season and for U21’s.

  2. as long as he gets game time at ajax then he will improve though i doubt he will ever become a world class finisher like drogba,Liverpool Torres and the zlatan..he will be a average finisher like oliver, benteke

  3. That is bye bye 4 sanogo i dnt thnk he wil eva come back and am happy about that jst bcoz wenger usd to mould young playrs into world class stars doesnt mean he is always right if we get another ambitious coach some of these playrz wont be seen even around emirates…lucky to him he is French…imagine sanogo was a chinese hehe!

  4. if Sanogo doesn’t score goals, yes I mean goals at Ajax, he deserve not to be called a Gooner again. One last chance.

  5. Here again I digress as always just because I want to play the devil’s advocate: why does Wenger make so much noise about the EPL not having enough black Managers whilst he consistently ignores those blacks within his playing ranks who have now retired but have not been given coaching responsibilities at The Arsenal; the likes of Paul Davis (Steve Bould was then given the youth job by Mr Wenger), more recently Sol Campbell, Patrick Vieira and the list goes on. He makes so much about not looking at a person’s passport before he signs them as players, I hope he can say the same for their colours when they come up for jobs within our club. This his double standards beggars the question; ‘Is Arsene Wenger a closet racist?’

    1. Considering Viera was our club captain and we had players like Campbell, Henry and so many others as the spine of our team, I think that is the weirdest conspiracy theory I have heard.

    2. I remember once Wenger put out an all black side (apart from Lehmann). Never seen that from another side in the PL. He has always picked players based on his assessment of their ability. I can’t imagine he would be any different in other aspects of his life, working life or otherwise.

  6. Never look down on anybody…Young Gareth Bale? Harry Kane? young Anelka? Morata? as long as he’s still young and is playing,don’t underestimate him

  7. Right now….. Anywhere might just be perfect………… We need a proper overhaul begining with Arteta ….BTW, fLamini’s stone headed…. Fenerbache’s interested and would be perfect for him

  8. So far wenger has succeded in sending sanogo,poldoski,diaby & others out, it is time for him making good signings to fill in their position.. Aubenyang & Benzima will help

  9. once upon a time at ajax they had marc overmars/ ibra/suarez/bergkamp/van basten/kanu/huntelaar/Patrick Kluivert

    and now thay have sanogoal anyway think that they will use him mainly as backup to Arkadiusz Milik & Viktor Fischer

  10. Juventus have contacted Mario Goetze he is open to the idea of joining Juventus. wanted him at arsenal + galatarsay are keen to sign flamini hope this happens
    Athletic Bilbao are closing in on a deal to sign Arsenal full-back Nacho Monreal. [Marca]

  11. pep guardiola is like cryptonite to German players. Kroos, shewini. He was fighting with muller and now Goetze. I loved the Bayern team before he went there.

    1. You are not the only one who has noticed this. My in-laws and friends in Bavaria are none too happy with the turmoil in Munich.

      I think Pep can make Bayern a great team but at the expense of many German players who are adored by the fans in Munich and who have been the heart of the team. So is that a good thing?? I think not. (If he loses Lahm’s confidence it is over).

  12. NO. The perfect place for Sanogo would more likely be a lower level team where he is sure to play – often.

  13. I have more optimism for Akpom’s future than Sanogo’s. Hopefully he can prove me wrong but wasn’t too impressed with his performance last season after an impressive summer last year. I think he scored a hattrick

    1. I think Sanogo has already shown he *can be a top player, albeit in small doses. Akpom has shown potential but never put in a 1st team performance where he’s looked that dominant. Not saying you’re wrong but Sanogo only has to show he can score goals and perform that way regularly, Akpom has prove he can score goals and be that effective generally, let alone do it regularly, so he’s a bit behind currently (he’s also a few years younger of course).

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