Is Akpom really the answer to Arsenal’s striker dilemma?

He could hardly have got the latest phase of his career with Arsenal off to a better start, with a well taken hat-trick against the Singapore Select XI side to cap off an impressive performance, but is the young England international striker Chuba Akpom really the answer to our striker problem?

We do not even know for sure whether Arsene Wenger sees the striker situation at the club as a problem to be honest, but I am going to assume that the boss, like the Arsenal fans, would welcome some more firepower up front for the Gunners.

There were reports in the paper this week suggesting that the Frenchman was going to give the 19-year old a really good chance to impress during pre-season. Akpom certainly did that and will have enjoyed a good boost to his confidence levels at the same time. His all round game was good, highlighting his pace, power, movement and of course, finishing power.

So it was no surprise to hear the manager full of praise for him after the game, as reported by the Daily Mail. Wenger also backed up the reports that Akpom was due to be handed a chance to impress for the first team in the coming season, after spending the end of the last one on loan at Nottingham Forest.

Wenger said, “I won’t send him on loan. I sent him out on loan last year. I thought he needed that.

“This season no, I plan to keep him with us. It’s down to performance and attitude and he has enough of that way to be a big talent. And, after that, he has to be an efficient player week in, week out, that’s the target.

“It’s down to him. This will give him encouragement to do well and work even harder. He’s a young player and it can lift confidence. The confidence you sense in the dressing room from other players is important as well. That can help you.

“But let’s not forget it’s a friendly. He’s a good talent but he has to work and show that in every game.”

So the next few weeks are massive for young Akpom but if we get to the end of the Emirates cup and he is still looking like the real deal, could Wenger have found the answer to the striker dilemma? And with Alexis joining the Arsenal squad late, could Akpom be set for a start against Chelsea in the Community Shield?

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  1. Seetsuma says:

    As much as I love Akpom, he is not our answer, yet. He’s talented, and he’s athletic enough to play a big part in the Arsenal future. With that being said, Arsenal’s future is set. It’s the Arsenal NOW that we need to focus on. We don’t need a goal scorer that will score 20+ a season in 3 or 4 years. We need somebody that will score 20+ this season. Giroud is 29 this season, and Akpom will be the perfect replacement for him, at which point I am confident that he will be an upgrade and not just a replacement. We need a striker that we can throw in at Camp Nou or at Allianz Arena and expect a goal, not just hope for one. While Arsene has already said that he will not loan Akpom out, he should. Chuba needs a loan move to an EPL club, not just a lower tier. He needs to adjust to the pace of the game, and build experience. Bring in a striker that will net us 1 goal every 2 games, and we will challenge on multiple fronts until the very end.

    1. JStarrr says:

      Couldn’t agree with the part about Akpom any more…so no point writing the same thing. HOPEFULLY Wenger can pull a rabbit out the hat like he did with Ozil. No one saw that coming…

      1. Harshil says:

        I think that is going to happen. I have a feeling that something like that is going to happen. Really can not guess the name of any player. May be Lewandowski (if Bayern can sell Bastian then they might sell Lewa also), May be Benzema (in case he is not in Benitez’s plan), May be Aguero (If they are forced due to FFP). The transfer window time is always very exhausting.

    2. pdstrijders says:

      gnarby crowley iwobe
      zelalem bielik
      gibbs hayden chambers bellerin

      that could easily be our all homegrown xi in 5 years and I havent even included wilshere ramsey ox coq gabriel welbeck jenkinson martinez wellington silva who will all still be very young.
      And ofcourse we will have money in that period.

      Makes me proud to be a gooner

      1. invisible says:

        Iwobi, bielik – dunno about them but the rest, barring gibbs, will, in my opinion be great in 5 to 6 yrs.

    3. supertuur says:

      How old is Kane. Did he breakthrough last season. Enough said…..

      1. muda says:

        And add salt to the injury, we even released KANE at his young age and kept akpom. Enough said.

    4. jonnhirons says:

      You call out for a striker who scores 1 in 2.
      Giroud scored 19 in 37 last year, just over 1 in 2.
      What you ask for offers no improvement.

  2. davidnz says:

    No. Giroud Wellbeck
    Walcott Chamberlain
    Sanchez and Ramsey
    are the senior strike force.
    Akpom is a good bench option
    especially as injuries come.
    Another goal scorer would not go amiss.
    Lacazzette please.

  3. Greg says:

    Chuba akpom is a quality talent no doubt, and he will get his chance to shine! Coyg!

  4. Greg says:

    Chuba akpom is definitely an improving young striker for the future at arsenal fc!

  5. pdstrijders says:

    No he’s a 19y/o kid but I expect him to have some minutes this season and show his potential.
    We should still get a wc striker and my first choice is Lewandowski, apparantly his agent said that if u was to sign him u have to pay atleast 40m euros. Dont know if this true but that would be a bargain for a striker like him.

    Theres also of course Lacazette who could easily become the striker that we need
    I remember watching him at Lyon last season and I think his style would really fit arsenal because he plays as a striker but during the game u see him on the left wing and right wing which allows the wingers move into the central role, now imagine a front three of him, alexis and theo. We all seen how theo and alexis used this to create the opening goal in the fa cup final, if we add lacazette theres a front three of pace, dribbling and finishing with ozil proving the deadly assist.

    Hopefully we will sign one of them or even Benzema and we do it soon. COYG!!

  6. sylvainwiltord says:

    No not yet imo , but it wouldn’t shock me if Akpom has a breakout year similar to Harry Kane ! Now that would be sweet

  7. Jippii says:

    Not yet, but let´s see in couple season and a loan to prem or champoinship to cain regular playtime would give us and Wenger more perspective in which way he`s going. By the way Roman Abramovich will fly out to Russia to personally secure the transfer signing of Zenit St Petersburg midfielder DM Axel Witsel, their third in that position.

    Where is our NEW DM and please do not say Arteta or Flamini. Only one of them, for example Arturo Vidal or Lars/Sven Bender, Javi Marinez will do the job, I love Coquelin, but he can´t play all the 50+ games, ´cause Arteta&Flamini are not the solution, not even against AFC Bournemouth etc..

  8. Simon_MrMac says:

    I’m still hopeful for a new striker- here’s why-

    He bought Sonago for a reason. That reason is we need one. It’s the same reason he bought Wellbeck

    Sonago has been given good chances, but he wasn’t able to take them. Wellbeck has been ok – and for me is a perfect 3rd placed striker – at least until he improves

    We still need a 1st/2nd striker to fight it out with Giroud (Akpom might see cup action – but little more).

    Yes we have Walcot, and as his cf experience grows he adds versatility to his game. But he’s u replaceable on the right wing – so I’d keep him there

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