Is Alex Iwobi still important to Arsenal following new signings?

Alex Iwobi is one of those players that splits opinion among Arsenal fans, anyone reading the comments on this website would know that and that was before Dani Ceballos and Nicolas Pepe signed.

Now that Ceballos and Pepe are in the squad Iwobi’s detractors are even more convinced that he is surplus to requirements while his defenders are scrambling around to justify his remaining at the Emirates.

I am on the side of those that believe he still has a role to play and could even benefit from having the likes of Pepe around him.

It is going to be a long season, Arsenal are in four competitions and the squad is going to be stretched, tiredness definitely took hold last season for the teams battling it out for the final two top-four positions and it will be the squads with the best talent in depth that will hold the advantage.

If you lack quality back up you pay a price and Iwobi would, in my opinion, qualify as quality back up.

I know he can be frustrating but you have to remember the number of games he played for Arsenal last season, especially in the long unbeaten run. He was clearly useful in that period and does have the trust of Unai Emery.

I think the days of Iwobi being a starter will be very limited but as an impact sub and in the lesser competitions he will be very useful.

So, yes, I do believe that Iwobi has an important role to play but only as a squad player and not as a first-team starter.


  1. Barcelona want to offload Coutinho but prefer a permanent deal. He’s been offered around to several clubs. United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

    Any Arsenal deal for Coutinho could be dependent on losing Mkhitaryan, who the club have been open to selling permanently since the start of the window. With Pépé now a Gunner they’d be keen to offload. However, Catalan press are what pushing the Coutinho rumours.

    As brought to you days ago Rugani to Arsenal won’t happen and Khedira links have no substance.

    1. Zero chance Coutinho to Arsenal is happening. Most likely outcome is he stays at Barca or is involved with some deal with PSG to bring Neymar back.

      I expect Tierney to blow up with media tomorrow/Monday. They are very close to agreement.

      Umtiti to Arsenal is a possibility on a loan deal. Sanllehi is meeting with Barca officials during the game tomorrow to discuss this.

      1. He has only been offered to Arsenal and those others clubs.Nothing more atm.
        Yes, the Umtiti interest is true and so is Boubacar Kamara.

        1. Umtiti on a loan, with option to buy from Barcelona would mean Raul has really earnt his money!

      2. There was zero chance of Getting a Winger for over £70 million when the window opened. Everyone was talking about a £40 million budget. There is no such thing as zero chance anymore

    2. “Any Arsenal deal for Coutinho could be dependent on losing Mkhitaryan.” So that’s the end of this matter I suppose.

      1. Anybody remember if Sanchez to United for cash was ever a possibility? Or was a Miki swap required? I can’t imagine that we ever actually wanted Miki.

  2. Of course Iwobi still has a role at Arsenal Football Club-Who else is there to clean the changing rooms after the game.Please leave Alex alone and make sure he has a new broom for the season ahead.

    1. Lol.

      You’re too harsh on Iwobi. If Chelsea could have Olivier Giroud as a back up striker and it paid off, why can’t we have Iwobi as one ?
      Iwobi played his best game period when Cazorla, Sanchez and Özil were on fire.
      Let’s see how Ceballos and ‘Pepper’ complemy the guy before we throw baby out with bath water.

    2. Would that be a Trigger type(ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES) broom perhaps Phil, with 17 new handles and 11 new heads over the many years when he will still, hopefully, be restricted to changing rooms cleaning! Here’s hoping !

  3. Iwobi will be good as substitute for the Left wing, we still need him, Good to come from the bench, also competition for starting spots will just be so good for us

  4. Agree Martin. He provides good squad depth. He’s on low wages, and had the same amount of assists as Ozil and Miki combined, yet he gets abused by most people on this forum because his shirt sales aren’t as high. Iwobi will outlast Ozil at the club is what these people fail to realize. Ceballos is not there to limit Iwobi’s game time.

    1. So your reasoning is he gets abused because his shirt sales are not as high as others.I have heard some ridiculous excuses on Iwobi but you’ve taken the biscuit with that one PAL.The reason he gets the abuse he does is because he is not good enough to play for Arsenal Football Club.Thats plain and simple and obvious to most I would have thought

      1. Shirt sales was a joke about the Ozil defense for his high wages. Flew over your head it seems. And if you want to talk about players not good enough Iwobi would not be even in the top 5. Mustafi, Ozil, Miki, Jenkinson, Elneny are milking this club for money and have close to zero contributions, yet the mere mention of Iwobi’s name drives many of you crazy. You can’t handle the fact his season was vastly superior to fan favorites like the waste of space that is Ozil.

        1. I can handle the facts PAL.And the clear fact is the Management realised that Iwobi is not good enough to play for Arsenal.Why do you believe they targeted Peps,Martinnelli and Celallos?To play back up to Iwobi?Why make great efforts to bring on Nelson Saka and Willock?
          The player has had more than enough chances and continues to be nothing more than a back up at best.Not good enough with the promise we have coming up through from the youth teams

          1. This is quite desperate from you Phil. “Great efforts” to bring on Nelson, Saka, Willock???Quite the hyperbole. Willock does not even play Iwobi’s posiiton, Saka and Nelson is not a “great effort” to bring on, they are our youth academy players, and they went on tour with us. That is nothing new to what any club has ever done. Ceballos will threaten Ozil’s position more than Iwobi’s. Pepe is a RW, and Martinelli is a prospect who we hope turns out well. He was not brought in to immediately replace Iwobi. No player signed this summer has been brought in to replace him. You just completely made this up.

          2. If you want to talk facts, Ozil was not liked by Emery first half of the season. When Emery does start playing Ozil more, it is because of Ramsey’s injury, and coincides with our form falling apart. And let’s not even get started on UEL final. Those are facts.

          1. RSH-Willock plays CM.Some idiots believe Iwobi should be tried there.Nelson and Saka have been widely tipped as being given game time this season.Ceballos signing as a CM further strengthens the fact Iwobi will not be given opportunities in any central position.Auba Laca and Pepe will all start in front of Iwobi.Martinelli has shown enough early promise to suggest he can offer far more threat than Iwobi.
            Rather puts your pathetic response to bed PAL.If you had the sense to understand what I wrote instead of attempting to justify this Third Rate player then maybe you would not have made such a fool of yourself

          2. Let’s be clear that the early part of the season Ozil’s availability was disrupted by injury. How could Emery select him?

      2. Anyone who is unbiased knows Ozil must be sold.We are not a charity organisation to be giving players who gave failed here chance after chance to continue failing us.
        Iwobi is not good enough to start for us but is good as an impact sub.This a fact if you watch him.His time may come to leave but it is not this window.Unless it’s for a significant amount then it’s naive business from Arsenal

        1. I still feel to this day that if he didnt have that horrendous injury he could have been world class.
          That injury really slowed down his development and even though he is good today I still feel he isn’t as good as he should have been

      3. I’m with you Phil on Iwobi, If we could bring anybody in and use Iwobi in any type of swap situation I’d be happy. RSH, the reason his shirt sales are so low is because nobody rates him and you obviously prefer him to Ozil, mind boggling. All you Ozil haters are going to eat your words this season

        1. I’ll come back to this comment at the end of the season to remind you of this comment.Since 15/16 he has done nothing bar a decent period in 17/18 before his contract signing.I don’t get the obsession with Ozil.He played with far better player in the German national team and still did nothing.Arsenal reward mediocrity well.Arsenal has become a charity home where past it players are relaxing and earning huge salaries.One of Wenger’s biggest mistakes was offering Ozil that contract.If only I could turn back the hands of time

      4. I totally agree with you on Iwobi; but what has Ozil, Mhiky, and Elneny done in this team since their arrival. The trio haven’t done more than half Iwobi has contributed to the team. So personally, I would equally want them out since based on performance, they haven’t performed more than Iwobi

      5. Iwobi contributes more than miki, elneny, jenkison and ozil recently to our team yet gets more stick than any of them.

      6. iwobi performed better and had better stat than both Ozil and mhiki last season. if he is not good enough for Arsenal then like half of the squad isn’t good enough to be at the club.

    2. Iwobi should not be sold.He will be a good option from the bench to give tired defenders something to think as seen against Liverpool,Everton and Chelsea in the UEL final.He does well coming off the bench.
      At their current wages demand for Ozil and Mkhitaryan is almost zero.The standards of the club has reduced so much.Its made to look like players are rather doing us a favour such that we can’t even bench underperforming players.I can tell you next season we will be having this conversation again

      1. Spot on kev. It’s all about contributions to the team. Iwobi contributes, has had great games like you’ve mentioned, and cares about the club. The fact so many people are against somebody who has gone through our academy since he was a schoolboy, and defends certain lazy merchants instead is incomprehensible.

        1. It’s the biased views which get to me.I had friends last season who were asking me why Iwobi was on the bench because anytime they saw him come off the bench last season he performed very well.In those matches where he did very well off the bench Arsenal were on the losing end.My favourite player in this team is Lacazette so I’m not defending Iwobi because of anything like that but because the truth is there for all to see

          1. Iwobi isn’t even one of my favorites either, lol. Really just against unwarranted criticism. Best period of our season last season, Iwobi was in the side also, which many people forget. He had a good season. Rough patches like all the rest of our squad, but he’s a member of the team that adds value to our performance and comes up with big moments. He’ll have to compete with Nelson, but Iwobi is versatile enough to play in several positions, and as you said, he’s a great player to come off the bench and make a driving run that changes the game. He’s done it before. Why so many people focus on getting rid of him is just bias for whatever reason. Ramsey suffered similar abuse and the moment he says he is leaving people start to miss him. And this is the guy that gave us two winners for silverware and still got questioned.

        2. I’d use a substitute goalkeeper before bringing Iwobi on, at least he wouldn’t get in the way. Back in the early sixties we were beating West Ham at Upton Park 3-0 at half time when Lawrie Leslie, the West Ham Scottish International keeper was taken off with a broken arm. With no substitutions in those days Lawrie Leslie appeared after the break with his arm in a sling to play on the right wing. West Ham came back to draw 3-3 and Lawrie Leslie made all three goals.

    3. Well stated. It’s a team and like Emery always said it’s a team. With or without any more signings I do believe in this team. Arsenal will make top four. We do need to promote from within. Medley should be promoted to first team.

  5. I wonder if one of Orban, Konate or Upamecano is available for transfer. They are all good defenders but I can’t see Leipzig playing all of them.

    Read that Tierney is facing 2 months out. We can’t handle that,especially paying +25m for someone who won’t be fit until October.

    Better move on to Grimaldo, Gaya or even R Rodriguez.

  6. Iwobi should stay on the bench where if we had proper and quality wingers he would have been last season.
    He isn’t the one we should be focusing on.Those stealing a living are the ones who should be sold.At Arsenal you can be average for hundred seasons and you’d still be given another chance to prove how average you are.Just look at Mustafi who should have been sold last window as an example.It will be a day of rejoicing for me when the players milking this club are sold

  7. 1. Good backup who could still improve by about 5 – 10 percent.
    2. Salary not high
    3. He’s within the homegrown quota, so useful under current rules.

    Unless a good offer comes, keep him. And like RSH said, Ceballos will not play in Iwobi’s position, not now that we also have Reiss Nelson in the first team, especially.

  8. Iwobi may still get game time but I will be disappointed if he does as things stand. Unless some of them get sent out on loan I would rather see the youngsters get those substitute and cup/early europa fixtures instead.

    Saka, Nelson and Martinelli all seem to be better potential on the wings than him whilst Willock and ESR seem to be better options in the middle. Iwobi has the edge on them all for experience but if they are staying at the club then he takes away their opportunities to gain said experience.

    Sadly I don’t think Iwobi will ever get much above squad level whilst all those I mention could well be something special imo.

  9. As I said in a previous post, eight players out so far, only three in who can play this coming season.

    As far as I know, nobody has shown the slightest interest in Iwobi.
    Based on the flawed logic of those who want to see the back of other players in the same situation i.e. “he’s useless, lazy, bleeding the club dry, is mentally frail and has only had one decent season etc etc”…
    we are going to just bite the bullet until his contract runs out.

    Meanwhile, we can blame Iwobi for every poor performance the team makes, even when he’s not playing…Ozil is really hoping he stays!!!

  10. One of the few less appreciated players in the squad. It breaks my heart to see the level of condemnation he receives in a team where senior players are putting in worse performances. To consider he went through our academy, the latest to do so makes it worse.

    1. The reason his not appreciated is because he’s not good enough, nothing else, just a shame some people can’t see it.

      1. Iwobi may not be the best out there but believe me he puts in more than a lot of other first team members.

        1. YES HE WORKS HARD. Not much use but he works hard. But isn’t that what ALL players should do all the time? Perhaps I would be better addressing this question though to Ozil and Mkhi, rather than you! But you need hard work AND talent so none of OZIL, MKHI OR IWOBI are much use, though for different reasons. I would have more respect for a lesser player thoiug who give shis all, limited though that be , than a more naturally talented player who coasts regualrly. I HAD thought we had got rid of our lazy players when Walcott finally left(a full decade too late!). But I WAS WRONG!

          1. Football’s not all about hard work Jon. If you’re extremely talented you can still be exceptional. Look at Jimmy Greaves, never got up a sweat but regularly scored 30-40 goals a season throughout his career.

  11. Please spare me the Nelson part,I haven’t seen him play in any other position but if you are talking about Nelson playing as a winger, then iwobi is better and like kev said iwobi is the least of our problem, last season iwobi played better than mustafi ozil kolasinac Socratis elneny xhaka myki so I don’t understand the hate on iwobi and for someone as old as Phil saying “Who else is there to clean the changing rooms after the game” your children must be real proud of you.

    1. Get yourself a life PAL-it was a throw away comment.You obviously take yourself far too seriously.

  12. Ken1945, I always respect your comments on here, I want to ask you 2 questions. 1: Do you really think ozil can take arsenal back to the top and 2: Do you really believe iwobi who started his career as a CM and was promoted to the first team by one of the greatest coach in the world Arsene wenger could have done better as a winger than he did last season.(Note he was only used as a winger because he has good ball control and can go past players because he’s quick and has some good dribbling skills) I will be waiting for your reply.

    1. Ok you are doing with Ozil what you blame others do with Iwobi. These players are not the problems we are. We don’t support enough and keep looking for fault in their jobs, their lives etc. we are constantly negative. Asking if Ozil is going to be better again, how do you know he isn’t. Let support these players and the team they are part of. Peace

    2. Lenohappy, firstly how could I ignore the post of someone who has the intelligence and insight to see Arsene Wenger as the greatest coach in the world? My respect sir!!!

      1. Ozil is an enigma…the most talented player on our books (including our new signings) who was offered an obscene amount of money by gazidis and kronkie and which has been used as a battering ram by his detractors ever since.
      He will, I believe,be an important part of the squad UE is now building, but that is the key word a “part”.
      All the nonsense after every game we lose about it being all his fault is so blinkered, it makes those of us who admire his talents, become as staunch in our backing of him as those who belittle him….which leads me nicely into your second question:

      Iwobi…for some strange reason, the same fans who belittle Ozil seem to champion Iwobi and visa versa.
      Why I have no idea, but that is most certainly the case.

      I very rarely get into individuals (except Ozil and mustafi for different reasons), because I always look for positives rather than negatives.
      However I join in the banter regarding Iwobi, simply becuase of those “fans” who try to denegrate Ozil.

      My honest opinion of the player is this:
      A really hard working player, with limited skills in the wing position he is forced to play at The Arsenal.
      Due to the managers reluctance to play him in the midfield ( maybe because of his exploits recently for his country?) I can only judge him on his performances to date, just as all players should be of course.
      He doesn’t seem to possess a thinknig footballing brain, in much the same way that Walcott presented himself.

      However,I believe there are other players we should be looking to let go before him, such as Jenks, Elneny, mustafi and xhaka, but this season might be his swansong, especially with the signings being touted that we are still ot make.

      Hope this explains my thinking to you on both players, probably 99% will disagree of course, but that’s our fanbase for you!!!

  13. He is a useful player to have on the bench

    We need our Squad players hopefully include:
    Smith Rowe

    We need players to come off the bench in PL matches and players to play early rounds of FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League

  14. Iwobi is currently the best left winger Arsenal have. Aubameyang is a striker and offers little when shifted to that left wing, Nicolas Pepe is a right winger, to balance our team Aubameyang or Lacazette should be on the bench unless we want to go for a 4-4-2 formation. Let’s be fair on Iwobi the Lad didn’t have enough game time and was played out of position most times.

    1. Are you F***ing kidding me or what PAL.”NOT ENOUGH GAME TIME”.He was started most games by Emery up until Xmas until the manager realised what a mistake he had made and it was very likely to cost him his job.
      And it says everything about how the Manager would never trustvhim ad a CDM

      1. I’m with Phil on this one Iwobi had enough time and I will reiterate what I have said about Iwobi before he has some good skills but self proclaimed by him he needs to work on his composure and his end product. For a left forward he doesn’t produce enough numbers. He certainly is no Pires!

        He still has a place in the squad. We are not Man City unfortunately we can’t have the likes of De Bryune on the bench.

      2. The way some guys go on this site, they need to put in their application the next time Arsenal needs a new manager. Simply because they sound like they know better than those at the helm of affairs at the club at this time.

        Iwobi is on the pay-roll of Arsenal the last time I checked, and they (Arsenal) are the only competent people to tell if and when he no longer deserves to be at the club.

        Aaron Ramsey was never many people’s favourite Arsenal player. All kinds of rubbish were said about him and Arsene Wenger who played him everytime. That he gets signed for mega bucks by Juventus, to rub shoulders with the Ronaldos of this world, is testament to the fact that people like Wenger know a thing or two that some here who talk like they are oracles have no clue about.

        That Iwobi has not yet been sold or shifted out on loan is a decision of the club. We will do well as fans to trust the decision they make. Do we have a choice?

      3. And it was that period Arsenal had the best run. Immediately Ozil came back to the team, our season fell apart.
        Think Phil, dont let old age sets in too deeply to rob you off…

        1. So it was Ozil who was at fault was it?The humiliating capitulation at Anfield was down to Ozil?Well PAL he wasn’t even in the squad that day but hey..let’s blame him anyway.I am struggling to recall when Ozil was used as a defender in those games where we lost…but again let’s just call Ozil out again.
          The one thing about age and still having all my marbles in place is that I can more often than not apply some rationale to my reasoning.When you grow up and get a brain you should try using it PAL-it helps to prevent you looking stupid with smart arsed posts like you just wrote

      4. Iwobi was a core part of the team that went 22 games unbeaten. Where was your favorite (Ozil) during that period? And when Ozil returned to the team in the 2nd part of the season, how did the team fare?

  15. Iwobi is bad
    Iwobi should be sold
    Iwobi should be bench
    Iwobi is not good enough to start.
    Well, everyone have internet these days and everyone can condemn even though they fail at their respective job with the thought they’re doing the best.
    Iwobi is 23 years old for crying out loud. Agreed he should step up his game, every player needs that boost but no one can accept condemnation! During Arsenal finest moment, he played and to make the matter worst when we struggle to score in the final against Chelsea he was introduced, provided 3 assist that was wasted and score a goal. Don’t deceive yourself, if he’s as bad as you described him he won’t be doing what he’s doing! If you can be honest and confess why you hate him, that will be fair but with all the comments there is nothing to talk about.

    1. Ok-so let’s take his performance against West Ham at home.He started.He was hooked of at half time.He was lucky it wasn’t before then.For every good performance I saw a dozen dreadful ones.
      He is a trier.That is all.He works hard.But so does a Bus Driver.Now there’s a thought……………

  16. With all your useless and senseless talks may God forgive the haters.why is it that some people just want to stress themselves,it,s good first to examine yourself than hating .

    1. Ok-I take your point.I will cancel my 18 holes on the golf course tomorrow and pop into the local church.That should put me right.

  17. Though I’m not an iwobi fan and more of Ozil and I’m always happy the way Phil and Ken defends Ozil cos I believe we are the only guys who knows he’s the most talented player in our team.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that most people attacking Iwobi are doing so because of people attacking Ozil
    More like WOB and his supporters.

    But my question is for Phil…

    You kept saying Emery realized in the 2nd part of last season that Iwobi is not good enough and he benched him.

    Please, I need you to remind me of that period cos if my memory serves me right, it was around that time we lose our form and lost matches we suppose to win.

    Are you by any means saying Emery is brain dead for benching the only dribbler in our team?

    And people who think Iwobi can improve, I think you have to wait long for that cos getting results in the final third is not an easy task and that’s why Ozil is far superior to Iwobi.
    Yes Iwobi is the better player last year but watch out for this season with better set-up.


    1. @bobs-Emery started the season with Ozil and Ramsey playing either together then intermittently.He stated quite clearly when he arrived he wanted Ramsey as a No10 and would be Building his team around him.Then he ends up dropping Ramsey to the bench,playyhim only Carabao and Europa Cup games and having his contract offer removed.Pretty indecisive from a new Manager don’t you believe?
      Ozil had early injury issues,but when he was fit Emery kept him away from the team.A clear sign he didn’t want him.During this time Iwobi was playing in most games as was selected in front of both Ozil and Ramsey.
      The 22 game unbeaten run fooled nobody.zThese games included Carabao and Europa Cup games that were all easy Winn’s. It the league games allowed the performances to paper over the same old cracks.Desperately poor performances.Very fortunate results.But the fact we were not losing kept Emery in a job.I don’t believe too many fans were satisfied with the level of the performances despite the results.There was no clear signs of improvement from previous seasons and in fact if anything some performances were clearly a level below even the dark times in Wengers later years.And trust me when I say there was more than enough of these.
      In the NewYear Emery seemed keen to play both Ozil and Ramsey in the same team.When they were played together in FIVE games with both Lacazette and Aubamayang the Club won FIVE games.Thats what you get when your four best players are played in the same team.
      Iwobinstarted fewer games and in my opinion we were are far more balanced team.When Ramsey was injured and ruled out for the remainder of 5he season it was only then Iwobi got more regular games.But even then Emery did not rate him enough to start in the bigger and more important games unless he was forced to.This is proven by the team that started in Baku.No Mkhitaryan and no Ramsey yet still Iwobi did not start.Why?Because his performances proved to the Manager that he was simply not good enough.These are facts.They are undeniable.
      If Emery had not got his team selections so badly wrong for so long into the season then Arsenal would have Champions League football back at the Club this coming season.
      Most fans recognise the limited abilities that Iwobi has.Some will say his statistics show him as a better performer than Ozil and Mkhitaryan.Yet there is not a single statistic that comes close to answering the most obvious and telling one which is -FIVE wins out of FIVE when our four best players played together.Iwobi lovers-I eagerly await your responses

      1. @phil
        You might be right
        But I still believe Iwobi is useful coming off the bench and can still do a job or two,just that I don’t want him near the team if he refuse to improve his shooting(Arrg, so frustrating).

        I just hope Ozil proves himself this season cos there is no more excuse for him after this season.

        And for Iwobi, I think Emery should just train him how to shoot and stop passing the ball to the keeper while shooting.

        1. Ozil has no excuse, because he claims to now be injury free and has something to prove.
          Anyway let’s stop bagging our players; some on here believe to know that the cheapest and easiest solution to Arsenal’s problems is to not extend Emery’s contract at the end of the season. Yet players such as Dani Ceballos stated working with Emery was a prime reason he was happy to come to Arsenal.

        2. @bob-as an Ozil fan I too hope he is able to find consistent form this season.He needs to-that is not in doubt.I fully understand why many want him replaced.He just did not perform last season when we needed big performances from him.This really is a make or break season for Ozil and I’m optimistic for him.But I accept the player has nowhere to hide.
          As far as Iwobi and his final product is concerned-it will not happen.We have all seen (and endured) enough to know that he has no football brain and is totally incapable of delivering in the final third.As the season goes on and Martinelli and Nelson are brought on gradually, he will find himself out of the squad.He simply is not good enough and never will be.

          1. Ozil to find consistency? Your answer. Optimistic, when we know how he vanish in big games. But for a player who’s far younger and performed better than than Ozil “in his final product.”. “has no football brain.”,”and is totally incapable of delivering.” pessimistic. your love for Iwobi is so great keep it up Phil.

      2. Guy,the reason iwobi did not play some of those games including d final was down to tactics. Whenever Unai opts to play lacazette and Aubameyang together especially when he’s going for a back three, someone has to b replaced. There’s something we got to know about Unai, he treats games differently.there are some matches especially in the away matches where u won’t expect him to play Aubameyang on the left. Remember, he’s reverting to his preferred 4 at the back this season..
        Iwobi will get lots of matches at his belt…

        1. Tactics had nothing to do with it PAL-it was a Final.Yiu put your best players out to win the game.If Ramsey,Mykitarian and Wellbeck were all fit Iwobi would have played very few games last season

  18. The 21 games unbeaten did not fool anyone. Ur a joker. Iwobi played better than most of our older and bigger players last season. He created so many pretty assists last season especially to kola. Ur only as good as ur last season. He’s place in the team is guaranteed even b4 dat of ozil cause he fights for the team. Ozil still has to prove himself to emery this new season to guarantee a spot.

    1. Honestly PAL-try removing those Iwobi Tinted Spectacles And Watch the game.He Just is not very good.

  19. I think some people don’t like iwobi because of his hair style and confused that with his performance

  20. a sincere note, Em not Unai buh I can assure u guys that Unai will not always play lacazette and Aubameyang together in all the matches. Expect Unai to opt to play either lacazette or Aubameyang at the center, play a true winger like pepe or Nelson on the right and play a play maker winger like iwobi on the left. Remember, iwobi has the ability to carry the ball alot.. this quality of ball carriage is also essential in the way Unai wants to play… Iwobi only needs to b confident in himself..
    Please, U guys should not bash the coach when he opts not to play both lacazette and Aubameyang together..
    Different matches entail different tactics and Unai is too tactical..
    Wish us the best ahead of the new season….

  21. I can think of at least six Arsenal players I would get rid of before Iwobi who is well regarded by the man who really matters,Mr Emery.

  22. @ phil, when using words to describe a human do it with modesty,”iwobi is not good is not good enough and he will never be”,dude you ain’t his God and you can’t make such a pronounce on him like that. There is room for everyone to improve ,and I believe he will even without playing for arsenal. Arsenal has lost it rhythm, it will take time to build the club to it competitive level. Iwobi isn’t arsenal. The management should wake up.

    1. When I need English lessons I won’t be coming to you.I deliberately tone down my feelings over Iwobi so as not to cause upset and to prevent posts being deleted.When you are put in charge of running the site you are able to dictate what is printed.Until then I will write as I wish and hope not to deliberately offend.However,as I have said a million times to fans of Iwobi-the truth hurts.Your just getting some tough love.

  23. Phil. Iwobi may turn out to make you swallow your words. The young players bought and the ones promoted are coming up and you can’t tell how their season would be. Last season, Iwobi was the wide attacker that gave us hope and was a threat to defenders. Well! All your views will be of use when he’s not being used by Emery, but if not? …….

  24. iwobi will silent this @phil and co, mark my words. and if he do, i will be here to know what you will said. but don’t change ur name.

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