Alexis Sanchez injury a blessing in disguise?

Earlier in the week it was discussed amongst Arsenal fans just how Alexis Sanchez was at risk of burning out ahead of the upcoming season or even worse picking up an injury. After winning the Copa America for the second time in succession, our fears were proved to be true, with Alexis’ ending up with what looks to be a swollen ankle.

Alexis Sanchez won the Golden Ball for being the player of the tournament and put in an impressive final performance against Argentina to win the cup, but it came with a cost, as Alexis posted a picture to the world showing off a nasty looking ankle.

It was feared that Alexis may end up ‘burning out’ and what that could mean to Arsenal next season. Last year we saw how Alexis suffered from fatigue and it ultimately meant a big drop in form for one of Arsenal’s biggest stars. It was a costly period which surely had some effect on Arsenal’s season, as we would’ve surely performed to a higher standard with a player of Sanchez’s quality in the side.

Even though his current injury from last night seems to be a swollen ankle, it cannot be taken lightly. Alexis is in danger of suffering from fatigue again during the course of next season and so although we all recognise his passion and commitment to constantly training to be the best he can be, it’s vital that he now spends some time away from football resting, and this minor injury may just force him to actually give his body some well-earned recovery time. I’m sure that Wenger will give him some extended time off this summer anyway, before what is going to be another busy campaign, but at least this injury will keep Alexis away from training, for a little while at least!



  1. Ice and a months rest and he`ll be fine. You can`t keep a champion down. It`s been suggested Wenger should look to south America for a striker and forget Europe and I couldn`t agree more. When I was a kid ( a million years ago) in the industrial north of England we didn`t have the luxury of many footballs and all the kids, myself included practiced with anything that was kickable.
    Every piece of coal or a stone was there to be kicked and kicked on target. Then there was street football with an old tennis ball.
    In South America it`s the same today and in Wenger`s own words it`s that beginning that produces the best.

    1. Anything to stop Juventus or any other team coming after our star player in the eleventh hour, IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE!!!

      Our man , making a full recovery before the start of the season, will be a Bonus….

  2. I remember the older days when footballers would always try to play on through injury. It’s been a long time since I seen an Arsenal player playing on, and seeing the effects visibly. With us you see them drop like flies, then we hear something about a cartilage or something or other.

    I had to laugh a little when Juventus let it be known that they believe Alexis would be ideal in replacing Morata. One of their legends came out and said it too, said they have avwinning mentality so should come. Celtic have a winning mentality, that alone is no good if only one team has a monopoly on the league. Anyway I laughed because Alexis they tried to bring in before Morata. It was Morata who tried to take the sting out of Alexis opting for us. And now they believe he’d be a good replacement for the Spaniard ..ha! ha! s**t. Id say this would be exactly what they’d choose if given the option. Lose seven goal Morata, and gain Copa America’s tornado Alexis Sanchez. So you’s think he could replace Morata, big surprise. Welbeck could replace Morata if you ask me.

    1. Playing through an injury was the expected response, probably in the days before substitutions were allowed, although injured players could be replaced. It was seen as wimpish to come off injured.

      No doubt it meant increased recovery time and shortened careers.

    2. I remember the days of players playing with injuries as well.

      How they managed to do it was they were given cortisone injections to completely numb the pain, this has caused them all sorts of trouble as they head into middle age and beyond, hip and knee replacements are common, ankles and backs also took a beating.

      As someone who has a bad back, knees and a dodgy ankle all caused through sport, I don’t blame them not playing with an injury.

      Also, the pitches were a lot softer in those days, so impact injuries weren’t as common

  3. Looking at the Welsh teams reaction to the embarrassing English/spuds teams, Ramsey seems to have a lot of anti-English sentiment.

  4. I don’t like it when we say an injury to our star player is a blessing… Especially Sanchez…

    His leg is only swollen and am sure he would be fine before the season starts proper!
    Get well soon bro!

  5. would absolutely LOVE to see Vargas (Chilean #9) join us at Arsenal. In my opinion, he is exactly what we need. He is a hungry finisher, 26 years old, he has played in the EPL with QPR, and he is an extremely mercurial attacker with skill to combine with other players. Not only this, but he shares the same passion as Alexis to win and never give up. Vargas becoming the Arsenal #9 would be a dream come true for me, but he only just signed for Hoffenheim in Germany for 5 million last year…

  6. @stubill..You obviously never played on cinders my friend especially when they were frozen in midwinter. Try celebrating a goal by sliding on your knees on that surface. It was either that or ankle deep in mud. It was only at representative level there were pitches you could really play on.
    I played on a few third division pitches which were heaven when compared with the club pitch and a couple of times got a run on a division one pitch. I never wanted to play club football again after that.

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